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  1. The previews for the Living Land have revealed that the book will include a section on Merretika/The Land Below. This has me thinking, might there be a related realm/cosm section in each realm book? (Note: I am assuming the books will include sections on the home cosm - Takta Ker, Aysle, Magna Verita, Khem, Tharkold, [Gokuraku? Marketplace? whatever the new name will be], Gaea.) My theories: Cyberpapacy - The GodNet. This seems almost certain to me, since it is a needed section in any event. Nile Empire - Terra. In the realm preview video, it was promised that Rocket Rangers would be returning. Orrorsh - Tz'Ravok. There were other possibilities that occurred to me, but Ravagons are going to be around, and their home cosm would be a useful detail. Total wild guesses: Aysle - Star Sphere (If you know what it is, you know why), Tharkold - Kadandra (or maybe just the Grid). No Clue: Pan-Pacifica - the replacement for Nippon-Tech is so different, I'm not sure what the plan is for it. (Though I suspect the Miracle of Sacramento is still coming.)
  2. A friend was building a character recently, and was looking at Cyberhands (Tharkold list). The hands, like all cyberlimbs offer a Strength bonus. It occurs to me, wouldn't cyberhands make more sense to be Dexterity bonus? Or is it required that a STR+3 arm have a STR+3 hand in order to have a STR+3 grip?
  3. The three alignments of the Space Gods were confusing and contradictory. Example: According to the Clerics SB greed is an aspect of Coar, as it is of the Nameless One and a passion. But according to the Space Gods Realmbook it is a selfish trait and an aspect of Aka - as evidenced by the fact that servants of the Kanawa Corporation, compelled by the Law of Profit, are Aka. I am seeking to revise Aka and Coar (Zinatt as the middle ground seems all right as is) for my Star Sphere Cosmbook. I want to define Aka is self over all, with it's exemplars being masters of mental pursuits, while baser Aka are driven merely by selfishness. Coar in its lowest form is about destruction; but it is also about the group. Exemplars guide the group to use each member to the fullest and best achieve the goals of the group. Pure Communism is a form of Coar. Thoughts or suggestions appreciated.
  4. Edit: On further consideration, perhaps only ignore 5 adds of armor. I considered the consequences of Simple Spear plus Heightened Strength. Also, the weapon might need to qualify as Blessed, granting benefits versus certain supernatural creatures.
  5. The GodNet SB states that magic can be used in the GodNet. But each skill counts as one 'tool' from the limit imposed by your Mind value on the Push Table. And the Effect Values are limited to the relevant skill's base attribute (+5 because the book forgot to take into account the Law of Heretical Magic). Miracles are not limited. And in Tharkold, it specifies that Pain Weapons (which exist physically not virtually) can also be used in the Grid at full effect. But no rules for magic or miracles in Tharkold SB. Now I was looking at the Gatekeeper program, which hurls bolts of Lightning (Net Attack:Fire - I'm assuming that means Fire Combat). And I had a thought. Technomancers gain an option, rather than the normal skills when computing their Net Values, they may use their Magic skills. Net Attack - Apportation for ranges, Alteration of Conjuration for melee. The attack is a Fireball, Lightning Bolt, or other known or Spellchipped spell. Net Defense - most likely Alt. Their Defense is a Earth Shield or other protective spell. Net Find and Track - Divination Net Stealth and Manipulation - most probably Alt. The technomancer may use a number of spell chips equal to their tools limit, which must be jacked into themselves or the deck (extra jack slots cost $100 each). They must use chips, to bring the spell components into VX reality. Each spell constitutes a 'program', and its benefit is determined by the data size occupied. i.e. a Conjured Fireball might be Onslaught 5(4) or a Mystic Shield as Armor 3(2). The spells still function mechanically like a normal program, but the technomancer looks different from a standard decker, and has the option of using their best skills instead of melee weapons, dodge, or stealth.
  6. I was contemplating the Jakatt spears and clubs. These are Axiom 22 (or thereabouts) prayers. For that, they do not require Focus, and are very easy. But, they are pass/fail. And spears and clubs aren't much use against medieval or modern+ armor. Of course, the rules limit the effectiveness of contradictory armor. But, spend 1P or have a talisman and you can ignore that. So, my proposal is, on a Good or better success, the weapon gains the Armor Defeating Attack property (as the Horror power, i.e. ignore up to 10 adds armor). I'd considered a qualifier about living armor (i.e. anything created by Jakatt prayers). But that would also mean Monitor Kinetic Armor would be exempt.
  7. Thanks. I will definitely use at least one of those suggestions.
  8. Spell Shield and Ward Arcana increase the difficulty of using a spell against the cleric and his allies. But what about spells that were already cast before the miracle is invoked? example 1) Mage has an Impressed Conjured Fireball. The spell was already successfully cast at the time it was impressed. So Even on a Spectacular success (DN+9 for SS, DN+20 for WA) neither of these miracles will affect the spell when it is released. example 2) Mage casts Lightning (which produces 4 bolts usable over 4 rounds). The next round the Cleric puts up the defense. Too late, does nothing, because the spell was already cast. Suggested fix) When Spell Shield or Ward Arcana is activated, any such spells are affected thusly: the DN modifier is subtracted from the bonus number generated when releasing the spell. If this results in a negative number, the spell fails, with the usual results. Side note: I notice that these both only affect the Difficulty. So these prayers would not affect a Mathematics/Astronomy total, or Backlash for standard spells.
  9. I just uploaded maps for North and South America, Aysle and Marketplace. https://greendragontorg.wordpress.com/
  10. While the site was down, Apeiros suggested I start a blog to post these. I'm not sure if they are any easier to read, but I have several up there. http://ww.greendragontorg.wordpress.com/
  11. So I made a decision on my own - for those interested: Sorcerers - Alchemists (practitioners of Sith Alchemy) and Tyrant (excel at deception and mental manipulation - Palpatine) Warriors - Marauders (finesse fighters - Dooku) and Juggernauts (physical powerhouses - Vader) Inquisitors - Assassin/Hand (name says it - Mara Jade) and Shadow/Eye (excel at stealth and observation)
  12. Many sources divide the Jedi into three branches, which I have linked to the three force skills. Consulars (Diplomats, Healers, Scholars) - Alter Guardians (Weapon Masters, Aces, Lightsaber Instructors) - Control Sentinels (Detectives, Scouts, Spies) - Sense But according to the Old Republic game and Wookieepedia, the Sith are only divided into Warriors (Juggernauts and Marauders) and Inquisitors (Sorcerers and Assassins). I had previously set up the Sith to parallel the Jedi Consulars = Sorcerers Guardians = Warriors Sentinels = Inquisitors I need to come up with specialties within the branches. FWIW I'd consider Palpatine to be a Sorcerer (analogous to a Consular Diplomat), Vader, Maul, and Dooku to be Warriors, And The Emperor's Hands (Mara Jade for instance) either Warriors or Inquisitors. Alchemists is probably a Sorcerer Branch, reflecting the Sith who make "magic" weapons or Armor, create Rakghouls, etc. Darth Maladi would be one of these. Official texts give Assassin as a Inquisitor branch (and Hand could fit in as an alternate form of that branch). So I need a Sith analogue to the Jedi Sage/Scholar/Lore Keeper and/or Diplomat/Ambassador and a Investigator/Watchman analogue. Can anyone suggest something that might fit within the pre-existing material?
  13. Ah, thanks. Heading over there for a look see now. Update: I compared it to Thunder Kick (also costs 1P, and does STR+6, Knockdown, Knockback, and Normal Surprise). And combined your modification with a slightly changed Weakness Probe: Judge: this maneuver allows a martial artist to determine just how skilled his opponent is in combat. As in the weakness probe, the martial artist must spend a round studying her opponent (no actions other than dodge are allowed in this round). At the end of the round, the martial artist generates a Perception plus Martial Arts adds total against a difficulty number equal to the target's unarmed combat or martial arts skill values (if the target has neither of those skills, use his Agility instead). If the attempt to judge is successful, on a minimal success the martial artist learns the relevant skill value of his opponent, and – if the target possesses Martial Arts, which style (if the style is one he could be aware of – one from an alien cosm would not be recognizable by name). For each additional level of success the martial artist knows one maneuver the target knows. On a Superior or better, this includes the highest maneuver. The martial artist may make a Scholar:Martial Arts check to recall the full details of the style (as a separate action). Additionally, the martial artist gains the benefits of Weakness Probe (+1 to action value and +1 to damage value (+3 for a Strike), but this bonus lasts for one round per level of success. Each use of judge costs one Possibility. I also made some changes to the Tokyo Martial Arts Styles, making them Marketplace Styles that were imported. This explains a Aikuchi being named after a type of scabbard, but being a Bow Style - the names don't have to make sense to Core Earthers, since they evolved on Marketplace. Also included are a few alternate corporate ninja styles. Aikuchi A combat style that favors ranged combat, and keen eyesight, as well as brutal close combat. 1. Felling The Oak 2. Palm Strike 3. Stone Fist 4. Hip Toss 5. Spring Attack 6. Whirling Attack 7. Bow Master 8. Eye Of The Hawk Requirements: Practitioners must learn acrobatics, find and meditation. Kongorikishi (Ombestu Kickboxing) Practiced by the native peoples of Ombetsu for centuries prior to the rise of the megacorps, Kongorikishi is a combat style focused on leaps and kicks. 1. Spinning Kick 2. Leaping Kick 3. Sacrifice Kick 4. Kick Disarm 5. Sweeping Kick 6. Knife Hand 7. Jump 8. Cyclone Attack Requirements: practitioners must learn acrobatics and long jumping. Mikami A style that originated on Sebat, Mikami is said to have been taught to the first masters by the spirits themselves. 1. Entangle 2. Ki Punch 3. Missile Dodge 4. Stunning Attack 5. Dagger Dance 6. Missile Master 7. Healing 8. Power Shout Requirements: Originally, this style was only taught to the faithful, today it only requires practitioners to learn meditation. Ninjitsu There are as many styles of “Ninjitsu” as there are Ninja Clans. The style depicted in the Nippon-Tech Realmbook is an amalgam of various Core Earth clans styles. What follows are the five major styles employed by the Corporate Ninja of Marketplace. Asuga Ninjitsu A slight variation on Earth Ninjitsu, with more emphasis on offense over deception. 1. Block/Strike 2. Lightning Fist 3. Sacrifice Kick 4. Fade 5. Stone Fist 6. Invisibility 7. Weapon Master 8. Power Shout Requirements: as Ninjitsu Kubaicho Ninjitsu As an entertainment and news megacorp, Kubaicho relies on agents who can get information, pictures, etc. that no one else has. This allows them to remain number one in the industry – and provides useful blackmail. Their style is little changed, but focuses more on observation than combat. 1. Block/Strike 2. Lightning Fist 3. Stunning Attack 4. Weakness Probe 5. Felling the Oak 6. Invisibility 7. Bow Master 8. Eye of the Hawk Requirements: as Ninjitsu, plus Find. Many Kubaicho ninja master the use of the Compound Bow, and employ armor-piercing, or HEAP (High-Explosive Armor-Piercing) arrows. Improved Compound Bow T24 STR+7/25 R3-10/100/250 Laser Sight (TH+1) 30cr/Y8350 /$250 HEAP Arrows +9/27, Armor -3, Cost +2 Misaki Ninjitsu Misaki ninja rely less on offensive ability and more on subtlety and misdirection. Some assume identities close to a target for months before making their move. Like Kubaicho, Misaki also uses corporate ninja for espionage over assassination. 1. Block/Strike 2. Spring Attack 3. Stunning Attack 4. Feint 5. Felling the Oak 6. Detect Lie 7. Weapon Master 8. True Invisibility Requirements: as Ninjitsu, plus Disguise. Shori Ninjitsu Shori ninja strike hard and strike fast, concerning themselves with stealth only as a last resort. 1. Block/Strike 2. Instant Up 3. Stunning Attack 4. Heart Punch 5. Felling the Oak 6. Whirlwind Attack 7. Weapon Master 8. True Invisibility Requirements: as Ninjitsu Ursan Ninjitsu One of the oldest styles still in use on Marketplace, Ursan Style was originally known as Mikoto during the ancient wars. Arguably Ursan has the deadliest ninja in the cosm – one more reason for their rise to the top. 1. Block/Strike 2. Weakness Probe 3. Lightning Fist 4. Drop Kick 5. Dragon Flight 6. Sword Master 7. Invisibility 8. Death Touch Requirements: As Ninjitsu. Sokanto Popular among Ronin, Sokanto is another good CQB style. 1. Shoulder Throw 2. Ki Punch 3. Serpent's Coils 4. Fade 5. Heart Punch 6. Resist Damage 7. Spirit Shout 8. Judge Requirements: practitioners must learn deduction and meditation.
  14. By the book: Spend 1P, roll as per Weakness Probe (Minor Maneuver) Learn: The Difficulty of the skill check he just rolled - i.e. the target's skill value. Really? For a Possibility, they don't get anything else? Not even the benefits of Weakness Probe? At best - if using House Rules, such as mine, where the character has 1 Maneuver per Add, AND Initiative is based on AGI (DEX in standard) not the cards, the user can determine Skill Adds, and thus know how many maneuvers the target has. I would suggest that either the P cost be removed. Or the Maneuver give an Improved version of Weakness Probe in addition to the Target's skill (bonus to attack or defense - either a fixed value for the duration of this combat, or a single use level of success bonus). Or that the check act as a sort of Scholar:Martial Arts, and reveal what Maneuvers the target knows. Or some combination thereof. Has anyone else made a modification to Judge? Side note: I looked at the Tokyo MA Styles again. None of them exist real world, and all the names are nonsensical. They should all have prerequisites/requirements (at least one, most two, and some 3). And none have any setting context. They exist to contain at least one maneuver from the new maneuvers in that book. Has anyone done anything to change this? I'm thinking the nonsense names could suggest Marketplace origins, but haven't looked closely enough to supply Requirements.
  15. Still don't feel like this really did Bloodshadows justice. But I think the cast of characters was an improvement. I gotta admit, Noir is not my strong suit. I'd love to know what others think.
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