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  1. Let's see. In no particular order, my 10 favorites are: Green Latern (Hal Jordan), Dr. Strange, Iron Man, Spider Man, Flash, Moon Knight (first and third series), X-men, Batman (post Frank Miller), The Fly (Image Comics), and New Gods. That makes my score: Marvel 5, DC 4, Image 1.
  2. Seems to be working now. At least, it opened for me. I like the revised damage rules. I'm also a big Alternity fan and had tried to integrate the systems myself without much luck, kudos.
  3. Hmmm... I was toying with a d6 conversion of the old Tom Moldvay game, Lords of Creation. (Basically an evolving, cross-genre, supers campaign). d6 Powers seemed to be the way to emulate the Powers and abilities of LoC.
  4. Jinkies. That is very nice! Thanks for posting it.
  5. I was wondering if there was a table out there with something like: Glass resistance=1* Light wood resistance=3 etc... This is for materials of a 1 inch thickness; for each doubling of thickness, add 3 to resistance. Result points: 1-3 Light damage (Cracks, small holes, chips) 4-8 Heavy damage (Large cracks or holes) 9+ Object is destroyed/shattered *=damage over 1 result point shatters glass objects (The above was just off the top of my head for an example ) Cheers, Otto
  6. What do you use for material resistances? I've looked 'em up in my SW2ed. book but, as I recall, they only listed different types of doors. I guess that is what gets the most beating on in RPGs;)
  7. What does the little title under the user names mean (Rank 2 (40%), etc...) and how does one go about changing it? This seemed like a good thread to post in as it was semi-relevant and more or less done.
  8. Lee's post above inspired me to come up with this...(Current world record lift is 263.5kg set in 2004) PHYSIQUE/LIFTING DIFFICULTY The amount a PC can lift is equal to 10 times the result of his lifting skill check in kilograms. There is no +5 difficulty modifier for being unskilled if PC has no training. (Ex. PC is trying to lift a 180lb. stone <82kg>, he needs a 9 on his lifting check). 1kg is equal to 2.205lbs. Weights on rollers or wheels are divided by 100 for purposes of determining their lifting difficulty number if being pushed along a level, flat surface. Rolling a Serious Failure on a lifting check means the PC has possibly hurt himself. Roll a Physique total vs. the weight’s difficulty number to determine the extent of injury with a maximum result of Wounded. If the PC was trying to hold up a massive object and failed his roll the object falls on him and may result in further consequences! On a Critical Failure the same procedure is followed as above but there is a +4 modifier to the weight’s difficulty number. In my games, a serious failure is one of 1-5 point and a 1 on the Wild die or a miss of 6+ without a 1 on the wild die. A critical failure is a miss of 6+ AND a 1 on the wild die. I'm sure everyone has theirown take on this. This just happens to be mine.
  9. Wow, thanks for the discussion.:thanks: It's good to get input from multiple people. My gut was along the lines of not allowing the specialization unless it too had the +5 difficulty for not being trained but then something about that didn't sit right.
  10. I was wondering what everyone thought about this: A character who wants to spend Specializing dice in a skill without putting any pips or dice to the root skill. Ex.: Agility is 3d, so base melee attack skill would be 3d. PC takes melee attack (knife) 3d (4d)
  11. ditto. I completely agree with all of theDevil's points ("Sympathy for the Devil" by the Rolling Stones?) d6 is one of the best RPGs of all time in my book. -Otto
  12. Hi, I'm Jeff and have been a gamer since March of '81 when I was introduced to AD&D. In '88, I discovered the joys of WEG's Star Wars. Over the years I've played just about every majorly produced RPG out there. From mid 2000- late 2007, I played in Gary Gygax's personal weekly campaign until I moved to Texas for a year. While in Texas, I discovered the d6 books (Fantasy, Adventure, and Space) which I immediately bought. I wrote an expansion book ( The Gaming District) for Gary's "Yggsburgh" project but it is now lost to the ether following his passing nearly two years ago and I'm doubting it (along with most of the as yet unpublished books in that line) will ever see the shelf. I'm married, have three daughters and live in Mundelein, Illinois. P.S. I'm also a member of Mensa, and a Freemason (*spooky conspiracy music begins to play*)
  13. Kudos on the list! That's way cool. +1 to Lee!
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