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  1. Sorry for not being on for a while but my computer has died. We burried it last week and I havent been able to look at another computer since. Not due to sentamentality, but because I physically didn't have the option. I have a new computer at work and hope to be able to pick up from there. As for the voting I would vote for option 3 as well since the theatre season will be winding down by then and it would be easier for me to resume regular posting after the summer. Red
  2. Thuag looks at the Cab driver curiously then speaks, "I unfortunately am not going to the canteen but if you do mind taking me to another location after you drop off the others I will ride along."
  3. Thuag looks around to see what lies in the area. As the Human approaches and two people from the skiff he had just departed approach him, He looks to see if another cab is sitting nearby.
  4. Thuag will get out of the skiff when it finally gets to its destination. Looking to the Captain he says "Thank you for transportation to this area, do you require assistance with unloading your cargo?"
  5. Noting the proximity of the Rodarians hand to his blaster, Thuag shifts his weight slightly and subtly to put more of it into the leg furthest from the Rodarian knowing that if the Rodarian goes to pull his weapon he will need the sudden spring to close the distance quickly. Thuag looks the Rodarian in the eye, which seems large enough to be plucked from his head on a moments notice and smiles to reassure him that Thuag will not harm him. He then looks forward in to the front of the skiff while keeping the Rodarian and his blaster hand in his peripheral view. He attempts to seem uninterested but keeps himself ready to strike. I can close the distance and use my left hand to pin his blaster in its holster, I can then easily move my right hand in a backhand motion to take out his left eye. Using this as the distraction I could then twist his left hand outward slipping the blaster out of his grip through the weak thumb and lock his wrist. With my hand back after removing his eye it would be efficient to simply continue to close and use my already upward thrusting right elbow to smash him in his wounded eye, this would be the perfect moment to move my right leg behind him and take him to the ground. My weight will be enough to pin him there while I slip my right hand to his blaster and shoot him in his left thigh, it is a superficial wound but it will prolong the amount of time I get to enjoy his death.Maybe my old instructor was right I do love to inflect more pain than is necessary on others. I guess after pinning his gun arm I will just rip out his throat instead. Thuags mood seems to brighten somehow with the thought of combat. It is sad the Imperials did not realize it is not the weapons but the man that is the deadliest thing in a fight.
  6. Thuag looks at the Rodarin for a second before he replies, "Accepted, maybe we Coynites are too quick to judge and often quicker to look for an excuse to enter into a confrontation. You meant no offense I believe you. I believe that smell you are seeking is coming from the cargo cases."
  7. Thuag looks at the Rodarian as he leans over to sniff in his direction. After his comment Thuag tightens visibly. "I too have smelled the odor, but what currently is on my mind more at this moment is what you are seemingly suggesting? If it is what I think then I hope this skiff comes to a rest soon so that I may teach you some manners"
  8. Thuag climbs onto the skiff in the back with the cargo and the droid, His mind wondering back and forth on how to find the arena. Obviously it will be public knowledge to the warriors of this planet and were you find shady bars you find warriors in the more fragile species. Thuag smiles to himself at the thought that it takes a couple of drinks to get the more fragile species to even think about fighting. As the skiff pulls away his smile fades as he sees a cab. Transportation, These races can not hold their liquor so they would need another to drive them to the games. Thuag relaxes a bit. Maybe this will be easier than I thought.
  9. ((The first thing that Thuag is going to do when he gets tot eh industrial sector is look for a bar that may be a place that would know were the arena is. This could just happen to be the same bar the rest of the party goes too. I don't mind splitting up but I think we as players may need to come up with a way for us to party up and still remain in our characters mindset. Thuag is a warrior through and through he has been sent here on a mission to find out about the arena. He is a straight forward type of character and doesn't believe in guile or deceit. So that is a weakness that the party could make up for. Unfortunately he does not also feel that he needs it. He offers a combat character for anyone willing to approach him and try to gain his help. He would be willing to help and move in a group as long as it benefits him and the mission he is trying to complete. he needs to find out about the arena and not just a little about it but all of its dirty secrets and the frontal approach is probably not going to work, at which time he will actively seek help.))
  10. Thuag carefully puts his weaponry in the cases provided and waiting for the others to finish looks to the captain and replies, "I would be honored to gain a ride from you to the industrial sector. your hospitality is most appreciated." With that Thuag will turn to the imperials a bow slightly and then start to help the captain with loading his cargo.
  11. If you are looking for something that will be appealing to new players and may have an attractive IP that I don't think has been in a card game before. I would choose Zombie apocalypse. In my store two things alway sold no matter what it was and that was zombie stuff and cuthulhu stuff. there was always buyers for these two things. Even if you are planning on just producing it for online distribution you will have a wider player base if you go with something that is new fresh and captures a part of the market that is popular and that sells. If your mechanics are good I would even look at selling it through IPR or something of that nature. Contacting IPR might not be a bad thing but make sure you get the product finished sans art and it has been playtested first. Also I would stay away from collectible strategy as this moves people away from newer games and though it is better on books as a profit maker the number of games that have failed in this track is staggering. Another thing to note spend time on the card design themselves as the only thing of true value in this industry is the production value of the finished product. Red
  12. Wow! It's like your in my brain!!! J/K it's perfect thanks allot. Red
  13. hello and welcome Obidancer. Thanks for the portraits they look really nice. I was wondering however if you could make Thuag more samurai like in his hair style bald on top with longer black hair. Not the weird flip of hair to cover the bald patch that the samurai did but just shaved on the crown. I feel bad for asking so if you don't want to that is fine this portrait is just way beyond my own meager skills. And I would also like an avatar. I was also wondering as a hopeful artist one day what program did you use for the digital renderings? Red
  14. Sorry Fridays are seeming to be a bit harder than I thought to actually make I was at a tournament in Philly this weekend and couldn't make it. I am still really excited about this and will try to make it this weekend. Red
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