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  1. It may go up again...I'm just at a goofy crossroads. If I take of the OGL, I'm not giving credit for the stuff that is directly taken from D6 Adventure. If I leave it on, then your point about IP is there. Honestly, I doubt if either party will care about this document, as it could only promote their product...but I don't want to be one of those internet guys, who is the constant focus of moral or legal questions, if you know what I mean.
  2. I understand what you are saying...although someone would be pretty stupid to include any of the (limited) actual "Supernatural" references in the text in a product for sale, knowing that it isn't open content. But in the interest of being safe, I'll just take the document down and keep it for personal use.
  3. Well, fan work has always been a gray area. I only included the OGL in case someone wants to use my rules changes in thier own game, and to cover the bits that are copied directly from D6 Adventure. I probably won't have it up long anyway, and if the CW wants me to take it down before I do I'd gladly do so. I considered writing it as Superntural with the seriel numbers filed off, but in the end figured there are so many fan games out there I might as well just make it what it is and stop worrying about things no one else seems too. I figure it's free, it's for fun, and all it does is promote the show.
  4. Hey folks, I got a chance to edit the file today. I think I fixed most of the typos and changed a number of small discrepancies. There where a few things I changed or deleted as I went and then didn’t go back and fix in previous parts of the text. I also added a number of small shaded sidebars that summarize some of the game mechanics for quick reference during play. The now file is here, the old one has been deleted: http://greyarea.webs.com/6-S%20Supernatural.pdf
  5. I did actually include the "preparing" rule on page 21, as well as the "rushing" one. I just hadn;'t really thought of the implications to untrained skills at the time of the writing. Thanks . I did actually initially include some psionic rules, but in the end I edited out the whole thing. Yes, some characters have these types of abilities on the show, but I figured they were few and far inbetween, and not the sort of thing every group of hunters should have. If I included them EVERY character would want them, so I figured it was better that nobody had them at all and rather included the simple "Supernatural Gift" Advantage for those wierd little abilities the GM wants to create to further the story (like Sam's premonitions).
  6. Oh, forgot this bit. You are probably right from a game design point of view, but since the concept of the game is a group of hunters from the "Supernatural universe" we can probably assume that all characters are going to have some training in weapons as a given...I mean what hunter didn't have a rack full of weapons?
  7. I hadn't even though of that, but it does make a lot os sense (and now I can use it to argue my case better :thanks:).
  8. Thanks for the input. I did put a lot of thought into this and did it for a couple reasons. Primarily I didn't care for the Untrained Skill Use as described in the rule book (on page 48) which suggests increasing the difficulty of tasks by 5. If you noticed, the GM never modifies the difficulty in 6-S other than his initial decision on what to set it as, only the characters rolls are modified (it's a subtle change, but I thought it makes things a lot easier). I figured -1D (average -3 to -4) actually gives the characters a slightly better chance. The second reason is that I wanted a bigger difference in characters when it comes to what skills they are good in and what ones they aren't. With the standard system two characters with the same attribute are usually very similar in all the skills under it. This system makes trained skills much more noticeable and untrained ones as well (although in a bad way). It might suck for one character or another in certain situations, but the way I figure, there are always 2 or 3 or 4 other characters to pick up the slack, and shine in areas that another character sucks...again, making each trained skill more important and each characters specialties or niche areas more dramatic. Oh, and you can always use Story Points when it's really important. That was my though process anyway. We'll see how it works in actual play
  9. I like the Body Point system (but I'm a bit old school when it comes to this). Chances are you can only take one or two (maybe 3) damaging attacks before going down, which means 1 or 2 before being scared of dying. It fits with the feel of the show and it gives the players a warning when their characters are in trouble. One of the reasons I started thinking about using this system instead of Savage Worlds was that one good roll in that game can mean a painfull instant death (as it did for one of my bad guys). Realistic and dramatic, yes, but a real game killer at the wrong time. Healing is also pretty fast so you can get beat down in once scene and be ready to go for the next one. Again, pretty true to the show IMHO. Thanks for the comments, if you notice anything else please let me know. I'm putting the final polish on it before putting it into effect for next weeks session.
  10. So I’ve been running a Supernatural (the TV show) based campaign for a while now and having a great time. One of the things I noticed during play is that you don’t need a lot of “rules” to run this kind of game. Most of the action is based on role playing and things that require game mechanics (like skill rolls and combat) are very brief. I had been using Savage Worlds, but being the goofy kind of guy I am I started thinking that the game might be even better with something even simpler, and a little more “predictable” when it comes to the results of the dice. I have liked several elements of the D6 system for some time…unfortunately I’ve hated just as many elements. It was always one of those games where you say, “I’d love it if only this worked like this instead…” So what stared off about a month ago as one of those projects I never expected to go anywhere has morphed into a finished game for running supernatural using the D6 system (and the new open D6 OGL). I’d love to get any opinions or feedback before I actually change my campaign over. http://greyarea.webs.com/6-Sided%20Supernatural.pdf Before you delve into it be warned, I’ve made a LOT of changes to the core D6 system. -Concise: I cut out a LOT of stuff I didn’t think was necessary and would slow the game down. I tried to (extremely) streamline the game to the simplest form possible and dropped all the overly complex stuff I didn’t’ think I needed. -I dropped the wild die. Topped out skills at 10D+2. And any untrained skill defaults to its linked attribute -1D. -Body Points are used and wounds dropped. -Character and Fate points are gone (well, CP are still there for character advancement) and instead I implement Story Points. -Advantages and Disadvantages are totally changed. I know not everyone will agree with some (or all) of these things (especially my treatment of firearms), but different strokes for different folks. I’d love to hear what people think and maybe this document will be useful to someone else looking to run a Supernatural based game.
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