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  1. Thanks! I added a few more things; rules for supernatural characters and NPC writeups I have posted in various places. I'm hoping to get all of my stuff on there, pulp and WWII material as well.
  2. A collection of D6 material. More on the way as I find time to post it. http://theosrlibrary.blogspot.com/p/d6-modern.html
  3. that helps a lot I was thinking a long similar lines. I want to gradually wear their armor down.
  4. Doesn't Grimace have some? Any one got any ideas? I'd like some for a Fantasy game. Any links to threads I missed or suggestions appreciated.
  5. If you use Bp instead of wounds, what is your formula for your NPC's? I go from 2 to 5 per Str/Phy/Con/Whatever vs the PC and Primnary Bad Guys getting 20 plus a roll. Considering using static numbers such as with Mini6.
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