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  1. Dave.B

    D6 Modern

    Thanks! I added a few more things; rules for supernatural characters and NPC writeups I have posted in various places. I'm hoping to get all of my stuff on there, pulp and WWII material as well.
  2. A collection of D6 material. More on the way as I find time to post it. http://theosrlibrary.blogspot.com/p/d6-modern.html
  3. that helps a lot I was thinking a long similar lines. I want to gradually wear their armor down.
  4. Doesn't Grimace have some? Any one got any ideas? I'd like some for a Fantasy game. Any links to threads I missed or suggestions appreciated.
  5. If you use Bp instead of wounds, what is your formula for your NPC's? I go from 2 to 5 per Str/Phy/Con/Whatever vs the PC and Primnary Bad Guys getting 20 plus a roll. Considering using static numbers such as with Mini6.
  6. I've got a couple done now. I'll throw them up right now. Setting Rules and Vampyres and Werewolves. Take the Flaw dice, plus your free 7 Edge Dice, and buy Edges and up Attributes. It seems like a lot, but it really goes fast when you're buying things. http://osrlibrary.blogspot.com/2011/02/nightlife-d6-kin-races-vampyre-and.html More on the way soon. I'll try to get a couple up every few days. Right now we're getting ready for a Con in Minneapolis next week, job interviewing, and working on Savage Worlds horror adventures for the company. My partner's going to kill me if I don't stop giving away free stuff we can't license and don't get in gear this week and make stuff we can sell. Working on Ghost Rider and Werewolf by Night the next few days.
  7. Got nothing. Sorry man. I own the Masterbook Indy, the D6 Indy base book, and had a chance to grab this one ten years ago but didn't.
  8. I'm basing it off my D6 Modern stripped down from Space. It's all for a campaign of my own. We did have plenty of neat tech in the seventies,especially stuff we were getting from Vietnam and the Space Program. It's easy enough to convert to Adventure, that's why I pulled the skills down away from Attribute stats, simply swap out the stats and leave the skills as it. Nice easy conversion.
  9. Updated the Supernatural Edges and Powers. http://osrlibrary.blogspot.com/2011/02/updated-supernatural-edges-and-skills.html The Vampire Hunters from Marvel Comic's 1970's classic horror comic Tomb of Dracula.(Including Blade in all his original '70's badassery. ) http://osrlibrary.blogspot.com/2011/02/marvel-seventies-horror-characters.html And Karl Kolchak for more 1920's fun. http://osrlibrary.blogspot.com/2011/02/supernatural-d6-karl-kolchak.html
  10. I'm going both routes. The Supernatural Edges and Flaws will be the basics for powers. GM's tack on whatever magic system they like: and go! For Nightlife, there will be setting rules, racial packages, Humanity rules (modded for a bit easier D6 use, mainly as a bonus or penalty to Willpower Edge rolls, damage taken by Flaws, etc.) and a few other Nightlifey bits. I've got the first racial templates started and will have them on my blog this coming week. I've finished the Edges and are reposting the update on my blog later today.
  11. Brad K. McDevitt, the primary creator, put it up for free on a yahoo group a few years ago. It's in the files section in word docs. http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/NightLife_The_RPG_of_Urban_Horror/ The game really was quite fun, but it was a percentile skills system and not as elegant as CoC/BRP. The history of the game is interesting as well as Stellar Games disintegrated. There were legal issues with Brad and his partners for years over the property, and he finally got sick of it and threw it on the group.
  12. It was in interesting game. Came out a year before Vampire back in the early '90's. It was splatterpunk street 'horror'. You had a humanity tracker to see how naughty or nice you were being, and the naughtier you were the more flaws such as holy items or silver bullets affected you. It was great violent fun. No angst at all.
  13. Hello again fellows, it's been a while. School load has lightened, time to game again. I dug through my old files and posted the mostly complete conversion on my blog here: http://osrlibrary.blogspot.com/2011/02/nightlife-for-d6-slightly-unfinished.html I love Nightlife, but I love D6's system much more. So I began converting it over almost ten years ago. It has set idle for a few years. Now I'm going to finish it. Why? I love Nightlife, as I've already stated, it's fun, and I like playing supernatural characters without angst. I don't like the Powers as presented in the D6 core books. They are nice and generic but some of the costs are a turn off, and quite honestly, I want simpler "Powers" rules for my Nightlife game. Thus the conversion of both Edges and Flaws. I'll be making some racial packages based on these conversions as well. I feel it's nice simple and streamlined. The Edges and Flaws can be slipped into pretty much any version of D6 as is, allowing Monster PC's for each genre if desired. A caveat: None of this is play-tested, but it looks like it would play out pretty well since the characters should be all starting out at the same power level in skills and Edge Dice, and balanced out by the Flaws system. I'll be finishing the conversions this weekend and this week. Here's some sample characters, from a Marvel's 1970's Horror game I want to run: http://osrlibrary.blogspot.com/2011/02/d6-nightlife-marvel-monsters.html Our base D6 system will be my D6 Modern, stripped down from Space, and gear from various sources. Have fun. Hope some on can use this stuff somewhere.
  14. It's been a while, but we have used it for Star Wars (duh), modern games, and a horror game. Worked out well every time. What I would Like to See: Star Wars (obviously ) Call of Cthulhu I want an honest to God conversion of this one, not just "Cthulhuy like creatures." Creatures, spells, the whole enchilada. I'll have to homebrew this one myself someday. Sigh. Elric/Stormbringer I saw a homebrew page on this years ago but it was taken down a long time ago and I can't find anything on it. I think this would be a great fit. I need to work a homebrew for this. Too. Sigh. Nightlife System would work great with this old gem, and I have started a homebrew on this one, a while back. Sigh. James Bond G.I. Joe I think I'm going to work on the James Bond and other conversions with my D6 Modern this summer. Just to dust it off and maybe work out some kinks. Hell, maybe publish some adventures through Silver Gryphon as well. I've got a Western lying around somewhere too.
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