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  1. Just want to poke my head in here and say "hi." I know I have been out of contact for a long while in large part because I'm so busy with school and other nonsense. Though West End Games is, for all real intents and purposes, in indefinite hiatus and I've no immediate intent change that, or come back to the game publishing industry in a regular, active capacity, I just wanted to remind folks that I am still here -- if that indeed means anything to anyone. The above said, I've been toying with the idea of producing D6 material again too, but to be clear, in a casual and independent capacity. NOT under WEG. Of course, since it is totally independent and basically for/as a hobby, I'm NOT going to make any announcements about what that material will be or when (if, for that matter) if will be out. I'm posting this only to mention that I remain a potential contributor to the "cause," but only potentially so. Some people might ask why not as WEG as it has some name recognition? True, but that name recognition has baggage, not the least of which is the consumer expectation that the material produced will have more resources (time and money) behind it than your average micro-publisher. It also allows me a bit more freedom to be experimental with the game mechanics, without people thinking that those mechanics are cannon (any more than any other variant mechanics for OpenD6). For now, I'm just Eric Gibson, not a face to WEG. *Mods -- please move if this better belongs elsewhere.
  2. In respect to the marketing plans of the new owners, I'll not be announcing who the buyers are unless and until I am asked to do so by them, or until I've heard of them going public on the matter themselves.
  3. To be clear, per the "letter of the law" the text "D6 System" is trademarked and not open under the OGL, but I'll allow its use in refence to OpenD6 in order to promote brand coherency and because to do otherwise is silly and pointless. It is like disallowing people from use "D20" or "d20" in a system's text, especially when a publisher might simply call it "System 3.5" or "OGL 3.5" or whatever. Doing so doesn't really protect the sysem in any way, especially since virtually every gamer knows what "System 3.5," "Fantasy 3.5," etc., really means. It's pointless obfuscation. Disallow the use of the D20 logo, fine. Disallow the use of D20 on the cover or other prominent places, ok. But to disallow it and force them to use a ubiquitous but unprotected name in the products text is just stupid.
  4. Though it is not specifically stated, text references to OpenD6 as the D6 System if fine in my book. It is primarily the old D6 logos that should not be used, using the OpenD6 logo instead. Of course, it would be silly of me to never allow or expect anyone to ever reference OpenD6 material as D6 System.
  5. A quick note on a few things: 1. "D6" doesn't have copyright protection, nor have I even claimed it did. D6 DOES have trademark protection, which is a different thing entirely. To show trademark violation, one would need to show that you used "D6" or a derivation thereof to obfuscate or deceive the consumer, to promote your own game through implicit connection with the D6 System or OpenD6. The fact that this thread exist and there is DOCUMENTED confusion on the matter is a whole heep of Prima Facia evidence. Moreover, it takes very little effort to see that C6 in system function is clearly derivative of D6, and it is also clear the your naming of the system and taglines (C6, Cinama6, D6 Unleased) are obviously derivative of, and intentionally leeching off WEG trademarks. 2. Adopting an equally open but different license than the OGL when you must use the OGL just makes no sense. Trying to keep the system closed is shady and illegal, but based in some realm of logic. Opening the system while still being in direct violation of the terms of the OGL is, well, mind-boggling. 3. Your open license is NOT compatible with the OGL. The point of the OGL is that all OGL material (D6, D203.5, Fate/Fudge, etc.) can be used freely and intermingled with no conflict or disruption of license. Without some majorly creative publishing and extremely precis material labeling, a prospective publisher could not use both your Open License and the OGL, for which OGL has for more support and available information.
  6. Compliments of Bill, the full PDF for Septimus is available at RPGnow for free. http://www.rpgnow.com/product_info.php?products_id=63991
  7. I will email Bill and ask him is he would like me to make Septimus available through RPGnow and DriveThroughRPG for free.
  8. I just sent Ken the original high res logo (vector). Likewise, anyone is feel to email me to get a copy and it may be freely hosted and shared.
  9. Thank you. School is out after the Spring term, but I start a Summer term on May 24th, so I'm using this next week to try and start catching up on work. Here's to good intentions. :rolleyes:
  10. By the way. I'm working on about 35 hours without any sleep, so if you notice any errors that need to be addressed, please drop my an email: hellsreach@gmail.com Please put "OpenD6 OGL ERROR" (or something similar) in the topic so Im less likely to miss it in my mass of daily emails.
  11. I am an uncurable slow-poke. I know and apologize. Still, I have finally modified and uploaded (to RPGnow) a copy of D6 Adventure. This modification adds an OpenD6 logo to the front cover as well as alters the OGL to permit the full use of the OpenD6 brand (trademarks/logo) without the need for an STL or any other ancillary license. In fact, not such license will ever be forecoming as it is specifically no longer needed. Though I indend to alter the other books to the newer Product Identification information, to be clear, this is not a requirement. D6 Adventure is sufficient for releasing the OpenD6 brand. since all other information was already Open Game Content, you have full rights to use both the OpenD6 brand as well as any other Open Game Content freely, without any restrictions. Have full, all.
  12. Within the OpenD6 OGL itself, this is no restriction against establishing an add-on branding such as D6 Dramatics, nor would there be any problem with providing additional B2B value adds for a fee, but that is with OpenD6 and if you published a rebrand of OpenD6 as D6 Dramatics (using the structure you mentioned), that doesn't change or override the fact that it is still OpenD6 and OGL. If you republished OpenD6 as D6 Dramatics, you label your whole suite of material and value adds as Product Identity under which you create the D6 Dramatic rebrand, and issue a wholly separate license for D6 Dramatics for a fee. This is fine as well (and example of doing just that is the way Green Ronin created a separate fee-based license for True20). The only consideration is, that you should really make certain yuo are adding sort sort of value that will motivate publishers to pay for what they could not get freely (from OpenD6). All these allowances are provided for by the nature of the OGL which (for all it past issues and wording ambiguity) is a really powerful and meaty license. This, which I mention previously, is not provided for under the commercial license. As an aside, I am uploading a REVISED copy to D6 Adventure to RPGnow. This revision includes the OpenD6 Logo on the front cover and the OGL has been modified to remove any need for an STL to use the OpenD6 trademark and logo. I'll be modifying the other files in turn as I have time. So officially, as of now, Open D6 logo is usable without any additional license. Technically, I don't really HAVE to modify the other books. the OpenD6 trademarks are on in the OGL (via D6 Adventure) and all the copyrights have already been in the OGL, the trademarks are fair game for all.
  13. A good deal for work was done on the OpenD6 web utility, and good deal of money was spent on it, but it still requires more work (and thus more money) and I just have little desire to continue putting money into the site, though I'd still love to see it completed, I have not idea how long that would take or how much it would cost. I talk with the developer regularly (of separate matters) but never does our conversation go to the OpenD6 subject.
  14. I appreciate your concerns. Truly I do. With regards to the OpenD6 OGL devaluing something you (and Jerry) paid money for, please let me make a couple statements. Though I acknowledge that publicizing business details is a faux pas, it is appropriate to level a formal defense for such a (mild) accusation and to address your "licensing plan." First -- To be clear, Scott signed a license to produce D6 material for Final Sword Productions. Ad Astra, specifically, has never had a formal license as such. I have allowed, do to the close relationship between Final Sword and Ad Astra for Al Astra to claim licensure, but there is no legal provision for it. Second, I (personally) have never collected a single cent of royalties. The advance was paid to Humanoids prior to my purchasing it. In proceeding years, I've never made a single claim to additional royalties (based on yearly sales minimums). Third, Failure to publish game material for years means you (and Jerry) are both in full violation of your respective licenses, and I would be within my full and complete rights to revoke the D6 System license from every single previous signor. The fact that I have not done so is out of courtesy -- though I have been strongly tempted since I strongly desire all new material published for D6 to be published under the OpenD6 license. Again, I have not done so out of kindness and consideration. Jerry did pay a royalty advance directly to Purgatory Publishing several years ago, but again, I've made no claims to additional royalties since that time or requested an audit of sales records -- what would be the point since my entire purpose to to get new D6 material out to the fans and NOT use the license as a revenue stream? Moreover, all monies paid by Jerry for the D6 license was reimbursed after Jerry paid equal sums for advertising HIS OWN products. So, while Jerry paid a grand total of $500 for the D6 license for the last 5ish years, I have, essentially, provided Khepera Publishing with $500 worth of third party advertising for his own products. So, my net proceeds for Jerry's license was $0 and my net proceeds for the Final Sword Productions/Ad Astra Games D6 license was another $0. To be clear, the OpenD6 license will be to ONLY new D6 License going forward. Final Sword/Ad Astra Games does NOT have the legal right to sub-license D6. Any attempts to do so (ESPECIALLY for a fee structure of any kind will result in the revocation for Final Sword Productions license. Please, do not have doubts of my resolve. As for the criticisms of the OGL as being a source of dilution of the brand, I understand and will acknowledge the concerns as valid. However, It is my opinion that for "glut" to become a problem, you need a quantity of game material published akin to that of D&D. In people's most optimistic fantasies, I doubt any rational person thinks that OpenD6 will have close to as much material published as did D20 v3.5. Moreover, as D&D was a bit more rigid a system than D6, there is a technical limit to the amount of new material that can be produced and still be relatively novel. As a result, after a period, most new material produced was redundant and often very bad. D6 is more open than D20 -- more adaptable. Additionally, there is far LESS material available for that more adaptable system currently, meaning there is still TREMENDOUS opportunities for new, novel material for D6. Remember -- before there was a D20 glut, a LOT of publishers made a good deal of money filling the needs of the D20 market. I'm not suggesting that OpenD6 will be as close to a profit maker as the early days of D20 had been, but with a proper amount of support and backing, as I know the fans and publishers are capable of, I would not discount the impact that OpenD6 could yet have. Lastly, regarding the STL, I already noted that there will no longer be a need for it. I know I have dragged my feet on revising the OGL, but I trust with the help of the fans, we can correct that shortly.
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