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  1. A couple questions. With taldec being a Wookiee I assume he will need a translator. I assume that Jez has been around me enough to understand Wookiee. So when Taldec says something do I need to PM Jedigamer and get him to translate or can I just post Taldec's comments and it is just understood that Jez is translating? A rules question: if Taldec wants to punch someone then I roll the strength-based brawling skill for attack and the strength code for damage. If Taldec attackes with a knife (for example) the the attack roll is with the dexerity-based melee combat skill. Is this correct?
  2. Character Name: Taldec Type: Wookiee Gender: Male Species: Wookiee Dexterity 2D+2 Blaster 4D+2 Dodge 4D+2 Perception 2D Strength 5D Brawling 7D Knowledge 2D Mechanical 3D Astrogation 4D Starship shields 4D Technical 3D+1 Droid programming 3D+2 Droid repair 4D Starship gunnery 5D+1 repair 4D+1 Special Abilities Berserker Rage Climbing Claws Move 11 Force Sensitive? No Force Points 0 Dark Side Points 0 Character Points 10 Equipment: Blaster Rifle 250 Credits
  3. I like that. How about Jez's parents knew Taldec's parents when they served on a starship crew together and Jez's parents survived when Taldec's parents were killed? So Jez's parents unoffically adopted Taldec. So Taldec and Jez are like brothers.
  4. My name is Frank if you want to just use that. I will incorporate th extra 5D tonight.
  5. Character Name: Taldec Type: Wookiee Gender: Male Species: Wookiee Dexterity 2D+2 Blaster 4D+2 Perception 2D Bargain Strength 5D Brawling 7D Knowledge 2D Mechanical 3D Astrogation 4D Technical 3D+1 Starship gunnery 5D+1 Special Abilities Berserker Rage Climbing Claws Move 11 Force Sensitive? No Force Points 0 Dark Side Points 0 Character Points 10 Equipment: Blaster Rifle 250 credits Taldec's parents were smugglers/pirates on the fringes of the Empire. They were killed in a raid when Taldec was a barely teenager (or the Wookiee equivalent). He learned some useful skills from his parents (such as astrogation and starship gunnery). Taldec now looks to join the crew of a starship to earn the glory and wealth that always eluded his parents. He is what I have so far (I am going to flesh out the backstory some more). I took the Wookiee template from the book. The only change was swapping the bowcaster for a blaster rifle. Let me know how it looks.
  6. I am not concerned about being new to d6. Just pointing it out. Do you have a link for the game site? Does everyone get on and play at the same time? If so, when?
  7. I may be interested. How does PbP work? I am also new to d6.
  8. Yes, thanks for clearing up the multiple actions thing. I guess I was one that misread the 1st edition rules.
  9. Of course they can still sell them if they want to (and WEG agrees), but I thought they may want to remove product that was available from the publisher for free.I simply gave them the info and let them make the call. I wasn't upset with anyone, but it never hurts to ask for a refund. They did seem appreciative that I brought it to their attention.
  10. Hmm . . . I don't know who RPGnow.com talked to then.
  11. Maybe they are illegally linked. They looked like legitimate links to me too.
  12. I contacted the RPGnow.com customer service to ask about this. They contacted WEG and WEG told them that these links are not authorized by WEG and are illegal.
  13. I have been having this issue converting pdfs to my Kindle. It can be really annoying.
  14. Hi, I was born in 1970. In 1982 I got into playing D&D (basic first but quickly moving to AD&D). I played mostly AD&D for the rest of the 80s (with a little Sta Frontiers and Palladium FRPG). In 1988 I graduate from high school and joined the Army. This took me away from my gaming friends and effectively ended my gaming days. I dd try to keep it alive while in the Army, but it just didn't work. However, while in the Army I discovered WEG products at the local game store I frequented (hey if I couldn't play RPGs I could at least still read the books). This was when I picked up two games that I never played but thought they were great: d6 Star Wars and Torg. The mechanics of the d6 system intrigued me and the story of Torg did the same. Then I left the Army, started college, and got really busy. Between classes and working RPGs kind of dropped out of my life (and my collect of stuff disappeared). Fast forward to about 4 years ago. I found a game called Heroscape (a cross genre miniatures game). My oldest kid (I have 4 now) was just turning 4 and I decided to pick the game up for us to play. We loved it. That lead to us starting to collect miniatures from other games -- mostly D&D and SW miniatures. This lead to me eventually getting back into D&D and introducing it to my son when we was 6. Now that I am back into RPGs I started looking to my past excperience and started looking for stuff that I liked in my youth. As I started looking for a copy of the old d6 SW game I heard about WEG's d6 Fanatasy and d6 Space games. When I came exploring these titles I saw and instantly remembered Torg. I have now purchased several pdfs of d6 and Torg stuff and I am looking foward to rediscovering the details.
  15. That is the way I remember it. For those that played the 1st edition were there problems with the iterative approach?
  16. I thought that you had to declare all the actions you were going to take until your next turn and if you didn't leave any actions to dodge or parry then you were just out of luck.
  17. I know d6 Space isn't exactly like d6 Star Wars, but I have a particular question about the difference. I never played the old WEG SW RPG, but I did have a copy of the rules and I read them about 18-20 years ago. I seem to remember the way actions worked was that the first action in a round was at full dice, the second actions was at -1d6, the third action was at -2d6, etc. This is a little different then how d6 Space works (i.e. all actions in a particular round are reduced the same). Am I remembering the old SW rules correctly? If so, was this change made in the 2nd SW rules or not until d6 Space came out?
  18. So the rules as written don't work so well? I probably will just take the idea of Torg (with some reality supplements) and try to come up with a way to mae it work with d20 and maybe eventually with d6.
  19. Ah, yes I meant the boxed set came with the world stuff (its been a long time so i really don't remember whether everything was in one book or not). Thanks for the clarification. I guess I will pick up the source books since the world stuff is there.
  20. Dang. I just bought d6 Fantasy ad Space from RPGnow.com. Oh well. At least they weren't that expensive.
  21. Thanks for the input. I was thinking of running a campaign with Torg fluff and d20 mechanics. I downloaded the Torg 1.5 rules and was disappointed that there was very little world info in it (I remember the original rules having quite a bit of stuff from the different realities).
  22. Thanks. So I assume a typical group has characters from a variety of realities and each character has weapons from each reality? Or are there campaigns that just focus on one or two realities?
  23. Okay, I remember Torg back whne it fisr came out. That was when I was just getting out of gaming (I had moved away from my gaming friends). I did buy the boxed set back then (it has since been long lost). I was always intrigued by the story-line and the mix of genres. I remember the basic story-line and the different realities, but I don't remember anything about the rules mechanics. So my question is how are the PCs effected by the realm axioms? Do the PCs need to re-equip themselves to adventure in each realm or is there some way to take tech and magic from one realm to another?
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