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  1. Give me product...or give me publishing death! Eh, the big thing is to get out some interest in the products most likely to see the light of day in my opinion - opinion driven by a decade of experience web advertising. In today's netscape, you have to generate a lot of buzz with advertising to keep the attention of online people for more than a few weeks. I think the burden is on authors to create good (and new) product in order to drive the open D6 brand more than anything at the moment.
  2. Interesting... I can see placing the Static Damage Reduction bit into play on a forum game without slowing it down as most of the work rests with the GM. Anywho, sorry for the slow reply.
  3. So, this is directly related to my Thriller topic. I'm just starting to write out the character backgrounds and detail the adventure. I am not sure how close to Thriller I can get at this point. Wounds and Body Points will determine a lot of the mechanical feel of the game, right? -Thriller vs. Action If the game is mostly Thriller when I am done, I plan on using the Wounds system due to the high chance of NPCs acting out brief roles. I don't believe that Body Points would allow for rapid enough injury development to the non player characters without overwhelming the player characters over the long term. If the game is mostly Action, I plan on using Body Points to allow for "ultra" type heroes that are stronger than the ordinary NPCs. -Tabletop vs. Forum Net Game Table Top gamers for my area are not Wound system friendly. I plan on using Body Points if my game ever goes table top in order to avoid losing players that just hate the system - d20 modern grudge thing. Forum Gamers might enjoy the concept of the Body Points if they come from a DND/d20 genre, but the fast pace of forum games as a general rule requires limits to the combat rolling in my personal experience. Overall, I'm just starting to put everything together. Chances are, I will be forum gaming. I see myself drifting towards the wound system as I will likely be doing a forum game with the adventure. Anywho, the point of the topic - I would love to hear any thoughts on choosing between the two systems.
  4. At this point, it is all general theory. The overall reward of points will be linked to the MacGuffin bit, though. Lee, I will dig into those links tonight. Thanks... I can see myself doing a lot more script writing than actual mechanic work for this game. But, this is my general introduction for the setting I plan to use... I used it for an old d20 incantations game.
  5. I might just use the haunted house as the MacGuffin...ish part of the game itself. The switch would be to the mystery itself. I think Grimace has the right of it on maintaining the feel of the campaign. So, I will just focus on the shift from the actual house interaction to the main theme. But, I will continue to chase the MacGuffin theory. Thanks for the input...
  6. Specifically, the vintage haunted house type thriller - I am thinking about a game using WEG rules for a Hell house style forum game. So far, I honestly like the feel of adventure rules for it. It contains all the mechanical plot elements. And, the rules are in line with the classic rules for horror movies. However, I am chasing the MacGuffin of the Thriller theme itself in relation to the D6 rules. Basically, I ask... Should the MacGuffin involve the rules of the D6 system at all? I know a lot of systems include horror mechanics into the rules itself. But, the initial draw of the players into the story arc is as much an art as it is a part of a campaign as I see it. The point where horror becomes "thriller" in arch type is a fine line. So, any thoughts and ideas on the concept is welcome at this point.
  7. Call me Joe Or Adder... Anywho, I was born in 1977, and I grew up gaming in many systems. I spent a lot of time in the d20 world, and I played 4e DND. That's the short short version. Yeah, I am a long time WEG fan. The Open D6 brought me back with the space theme. I plan on a Bolo theme game. And, I know WEG can handle it without making it a nightmare for players in regards to the stats.
  8. XML format for Open Content as data would go a long way towards supporting third party software under the OGL if nothing else.
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