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  1. If the base damage value of an unarmed attack using martial arts is 1D, do I roll the wild die for that damage? (can't remember if the wild die is always used) Is the wild die always used in any skill roll, or are there exceptions?
  2. I was looking at the DC Universe game, and I had a question about close combat options. If a hero has 4D in Martial Arts, and has a "Arm Pin" option of +2D, does that mean attacks using this option are at 6D? In other words, does this stack onto the brawling/martial arts? Or would the attack be at 2D?
  3. Ah, OK. I do have the Department of Extranormal sourcebook, so I will check that out--thanks!
  4. For those of you who have played this game, or know more about it than I do, how exactly does speed manipulation work? Specifically: 1. What is the difference between superactions and supermovement? -I see these listed for Superman and Flash, but I can't find a definition in the rulebook. 2. At level 6, the book says the hero gets three times the die code in actions per round: there is another reference to this at level 9 I believe. So does this mean that a hero with 7D gets 21 actions?
  5. A setting should have 1. Familiarity: players should be able to immediately associate the setting with something they already know and have experienced. A fantasy setting may seem a lot like Hyperborea or Forgotten Realms. An adventure setting may be "pulpy" and conjure images of Indiana Jones, Tarzan, etc. 2. Detail, but not excessive detail 3. Some kind of "hook" to draw the player in 4. Ambiance and atmosphere: think of Call of Cthulhu, Ghostories, or Top Secret
  6. Ahhh.... So that is why there are two sections with the heading "Damage Resistance" in the d6 Space book, each of which says something slightly different.
  7. In the d6 Space book, it says your damage resistance is your Strength score (plus any armor, etc.) Does this mean if you have 4D strength, you roll 4d6, get a total, and subtract it from damage taken?
  8. These will help for sure! Thanks guys!
  9. Did WEG ever release star maps, tiles, deck plans, etc. for the d6 Star Wars game? I need to make some maps and deck plans for an adventure.
  10. For those of you who have played DC Universe ... I have run a couple campaigns, but one thing I found a bit strange: the martial arts. According to the rules, ever 2D in this skill gives you an extra attack. Heroes like Batman and Green Arrow have 13+ in Martial arts, so it seems like they should get 6-7 attacks per round! That seems like an awful lot of die rolling per round. Even Robin gets like 4 attacks a round. Are there any limitations to this? Am I mixed up?
  11. I see in the Masterbook rules that a weapon like a knife does STR+3 damage but then I see in the World of Aden book, weapons that do STR +3/24 what does the number after the / mean? Is that maximum damage?
  12. I have a ton of Masterbook stuff, and I'd like to run a couple games next year at conventions. I've never played it before, so I had a couple questions ... The game talks about wound damage and shock damage. Wound damage is pretty clear, but I am a little confused about shock damage. Looking at the success chart, I see a line like: 3Wnd Knockdown K3 Does this mean 3 wounds Knockdown 3 points of shock damage ? Likewise, I assume that a player can go unconscious by suffering shock damage even before he gets to a "KO" state yes?
  13. great, makes sense now! I think I am going to run a D6 Indiana Jones adventure next year at GaryCon once I master these rules (I have run DC Universe and Herc and Xena a few times).
  14. Coming from a D&D background, I am familiar with HP, life points, body points, etc., but I am a bit confused about the wound system that is used in D6. On page 70 of the D6 rulebook (WEG) it lists a chart at the bottom of the page: "Using the Wound Damage System" It says basically: Lower Limit Upper Limit Effect Damage Roll >Endurance Roll Damage Roll <2x Endurance Roll 1 wound What does "lower limit" and "upper limit" mean here exactly?
  15. Well I ran my epic-level DC Universe game at GenCon this year, featuring the JLA and the Queen of Fables. It was funny to see the player controlling Wonder Woman rolling 34 dice at once! I plan to run both an OpenD6 and a D6 Indiana Jones game at GaryCon next year, so stay tuned!
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