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  1. Been waiting for anyone to post
  2. Kadir continues to fire with quick popup shots, caring less about hitting than about avoiding being hit in return. He comments to Drake, "I wonder who these guys are and what we did to annoy them?" Attack 4+6=10
  3. Kadir quickly pops around a corner and fires a blast at one of their enemies, ducking quickly back behind cover. Attack (Blaster) 2+9=11 (will worry about damage if it happens to hit)
  4. Kadir finishes taking cover in the door and then speeds a blaster shot at the first person whose shot he sees speeding towards the party. Blaster Attack: 4+10=14 (note: I list the Wild Die first separately)
  5. Kadir pulls out his blaster and tries to look around for the assailants, diving behind what he thinks is cover.
  6. Kadir tries to spot any good places to take cover, if the area is deserted there is a good chance it is because something bad is about to happen...
  7. Kadir looks about, a bit less oblivious than before (5+3+1=9 on perception).
  8. Kadir is mildly offended, "There are no servants here madam, only crewmen and officers."
  9. OOC: was having the same problem with one of the other gaming sites saturday, wonder why?
  10. Kadir keeps an eye on Drake, he has heard this kind of place can easily become violent.
  11. Kadir replies, "Greetings Gilea. That is, I suppose, why working in groups is better than working alone, since no single person can know everything that might be needed."
  12. Kadir comments, "It is a good thing, while I am a fair shot with starfighter and transport weapons, with personal weapons I am no better than average."
  13. Kadir keeps from nodding, the feline has roughly the most common skills for those of his general type, though there are some felinoids who can surprise you No race can really be typecast, though some tend to follow more closely the stereotypes than others. He himself is somewhat typical for a Duros, being a spacer by trade.
  14. Kadir thinks to himself that the corporate sector is anything but classless, given that 95% of the people live in relative poverty while the remaining 5% prevent anyone else from rising to their ranks by any means at their disposal, including assassination, theft of intellectual property, and blackmail. It is clear this lady is from one of the upper levels, but has not been forced to survive in among the sharks. If she ever returns home after being out in the galaxy, she will find the blinders removed from her eyes and realize the idealized vision she was taught is nothing but a dream. In the meantime, he will not disillusion her. Instead, Kadir comments, "It is fairly certain a person with your companion's evident physical abilities will not have those abilities wasted in exploring the unknown regions."
  15. Kadir says to Drake, "Either that female is an old flame of yours trying to renew acquaintance, or those two are the potential crew members we came to interview."
  16. Kadir is not much use on the ground, he is a good transport pilot and a decent starfighter pilot, as well as a fair mechanic for either type of ship. In capital ships, he can handle the shields or sensors...and the smaller weapons, and can repair the weapons, but not much else yet. Still, he keeps his eyes open, hoping to spot any danger before it materializes. Perception roll (Botched, did not see anything)
  17. We could use someone able to repair capital ships and use the weapons of the same. For some reason the GM went along when the pirate asked to have one, even though none of the rest of the party has any experience with them.
  18. Well, at least I can run shields, sensors, and Astrogation, plus the smaller guns and help repair any guns. I will just have to learn the rest as I go.
  19. Excuse me? Drakes droid our sole Engineer? I happen to have repair skills for Starfighters and Transports and weapons, and the ability to handle shields or weapons in a fight. The only engineering I can not help is Capital ships...which is why it is better if we have a transport...
  20. I ordered it already, and glanced at the PDF (which it included with the order from the specific site). Looks pretty good, I already revised one main character to the new system (Superia: she was "my" NPC in a game I was running).
  21. [D6] Iron Kingdoms?

    Loved the Gunmage class...
  22. I would say no, because probably nobody else here has the skills to handle a Capital ship. I certainly do not. Stick with a tramp freighter, I gave up much of my Starfighter stuff for the good of the party, you can give up on the Capital ship. Addendum, Eric and I were talking, and it brings up a question, if he gets a Capital Scale transport, liker the Gallofree Medium Transport, does it take Space Transport or Capital Ship to pilot, repair, and man the guns?
  23. Into the Unknown: Characters

    Kadir Teebo Type: Duros Trader Race: Duros Age: 20 Height: 1.8 m Weight: 70 KG Skin: Grey Eyes: Red Hair: None Physical Description: Typical of his breed, so much so that most humans could not pick him out of a lineup of other Duros. Those who know Duros well can identify him by a pattern of slightly greenish "freckles" on his hands. Dexterity: 2d+2 Blaster 3d Dodge 3d Perception: 2d+1 Bargain 2d+2 Knowledge: 2d+1 Value 2d+2 Strength: 2d+1 Mechanical: 4d+2 Astrogation 6d+2 Sensors 6d+2 Space Transports 6d+2 Starfighter Piloting 5d Starship Gunnery 6d+2 Starship Shields 6d+2 Technical: 3d+2 Security 4d Space Transport Engineering (A) 1d Space Transport Repairs 5d Starfighter Repairs 4d Starship Weapon Repairs 5d Move: 10 meters Force Sensitive: No Force Points: 1 Dark Side Points: None Character Points: 5 Equipment: Blaster Pistol (4d), Datapad, Vacuum Suit, 1000 credits Background: I grew up on Duros, which if you know much tells you how poor my family was, most of the richer members of my species live in orbital cities away from the polluted surface. My father took to smuggling to try to raise the family out of this poverty. Eventualy he was captured by a pirate, Raylla Vorskai, who liked the way he handled a ship and recruited him for her crew. He did fairly well, he was not much of a fighter but he would do most of the flying and help keep the freighter in repair. Some of my better memories of childhood were when they would bring the Cobalt Blue to Duros for repairs and upgrades. I was there at my father's side, helping with anything from patching the hull to upgrading the hyperdrive. Well my father scraped together enough money to send me off to a merchant marine training academy. I was there studying engineering when I got word he had died, some kind of dockside altercation with Imperials. I had to start taking jobs working on short run freighters to make ends meet, but I finished my studies. I took a delivery run and was pleased to see the old ship in the port when I landed. I went over to see Raylla, but found her not there, a younger male human was working with the robot partner she picked up after dad died, I met her once or twice on the runs I was doing. I asked K4-I-D to introduce us, hoping his memory had not been wiped. That was how I met Drake. Personality: Calm, cool, and collected, especially when on a ship. Does tend to like to brag about past exploits (mostly his father's at this point). Connection with other characters: My father was Drake's mother's partner, we are practically family.
  24. I did have an idea about a connection to Drake, both our parents were smugglers, perhaps they were partners once. After my father died and I decided to go into "the family business", I could have looked her up and met Drake there.