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  1. well i can't say much yet, but it was inspired by the concept behind the anime and manga franchise, Hyper Police. But when i found out that was just an ordinary coip story with nekojin, kitsune and werewolves...well! something just had to be done. it all was initially gonna take place in 2255 but let's face it. the 80's are and have always been cooler. and the horror? when is that ever a bad thing in an RPG?
  2. it's been a long time since i've been here, heck the books weren't all even available yet. Anyway, i finally cracked the d6 system and have a couple projects i'm itching to put out using it. The first is a horror game about a secret branch of the government charged with protecting the population at large from monsters from myth and folklore in the year 1985. the idea's been done many time before, but i haven't heard of anything like this as of yet. Strange portals have been opening all across the globe and letting in creatures from myth and legend, some pure evil, and some quite benevolent If anything, think of it as some sort of screwy Men in black type thing only with monsters instead of aliens, and precious little comedy, unless that's your play style. The second project evolved out of a simple story i had been developing for some time now. the plot was simple, a revenge story with survivors of four scattered shinobi clans going up against a race of alien invaders. It was a fun idea to be sure, but the scope wasn't quite long enough to turn into a full fledged roleplaying game. I Set to work expanding it and now it's quickly shaping up to be the story of humanity's battle against two alien races, one in it for conquest, the other in it for revenge. these are presently my most promising offerings, and i hope to have at least one of them ready sometime soon. gonna take a ton of work to get them there though.
  3. well, i've decided to cut my teeth on a very slightly, more familiar system. i've spent far more time making games than actually playing them, and i want to spend some more time actually playing. i've just recently discovered what i want out of RPGs in a somewhat philosophical matter, spent some time over at the forge, and i just feel like i'm jumping in and trying to write on a subject i have little experience with. Hopefully this period of play will provide some much needed insight into just how i like my games, and in a year or so i expect to return to my role as a game designer. To this end, Everfrost is on hold, and i'll resume work as soon as i feel more confident in my ability to actually do it justice. i'm not Jack Vance, after all.
  4. thanks for all the kind words of encouragement, and just for the record, i care little for what science has to say about doomsday anyway. Tried making a setting from a scientific perspective and it was the most mind-numbingly boring afternoon of my life. Part of the reason i build settings is for entertainment, and as far as science goes, beyond the sun, moon, stars and gravity, it's all fair game. besides...i doubt the earth has even another 100 years given the way the world is being run. so this is a pure fantasy to me. And i'm a big Thundaar the Barbarian fan, and a tiny bit of inspiration came from that.
  5. i cooked up a little synopsis for the game. Enjoy! "The year is one million A.D. and the earth is a shell of it's former self. Society has crumbled into decadence and the sun has begun to fade, ushering in a new ice age. Foul creatures stalk the barren wastelands, hunting anyone brave enough to enter their territory, and Sorcerors rule all! It is a world of high adventure at the end of time, a world of magic and super science. Brave the barren wastelands of the frozen frozen earth in your quest for glory, power and riches! It is an earth we'll never see, it is the end...it is Everfrost!" This is still all pretty new to me but i think i may be on to something here.
  6. Noted, thanks! Researched the book as well. Dougal Dixon was either brutally insane or posessor of the most unique imagination i'v e ever seen. Penguins taking the place of whales? genius.
  7. An interesting idea indeed! Unfortunately the book in question was published four years before i was born, so i've never heard of it, or it's author until now. It's an interesting idea, and i think i'll tackle it using a variant of some sort in The White Star. It's another project i just conceptualized today, and i think you may have inadvertently given me a premise for it in the future. It's not so much a dying earth premise, but slightly modified that could work out quite well. Wouldn't want to just steal your idea, though, hence the variation.
  8. For a few days now i've been excited about the prospect of making my own game using D6 under the OGL, and i've finally decided out of four possible choices, which one to start with. For the past couple days i've been reading up on various genres, most notably post apocalyptic and dying earth, named after Jack Vance's series of the same name. It's still in the conceptual stage, But i see it as a world thousands of years into the future, where much of civilization has collapsed, and strange and horrifying creatures now stalk the night. The sun is nearing the end of it's life, and slowly continues to burn as the remaining humans seek fame, fortune and ultimate power in the grips of a second ice age. It's not intended to break hardly any new grounds, and is mostly an experiment in my ability to create works that are not primarily heroic fantasy. I Was mostly inspired by reading about The Dying Earth series and a twilight zone episode from the original series. Thoughts and comments are welcome, but bear in mind this is currently just a conept.
  9. Due to the nature of the benefit, i'd set it somewhat high, like 4D-5D for rank 1. If anyone has a better suggestion, let us know. That simply feels about right to me, but i typically run games with mostly natural characters.
  10. i'm still flipping through my initial reading of D6 Space, but i believe it works in a way that gives you temporary skills based on which chip is inserted into the slot. As for organic cyborgs and how it'd affect them, that's a little bit out of my league.
  11. thanks for the tip, but i think a custom system would be more my speed. i think i'll just build them as characters, with a dice pool of around 30-70 dice. i guess the closest thing i could compare it to is the system used in Big Eyes, Small Mouth by Guardians Of Order. The only difference is that hopefully, it'll be manageable. The main trouble is i want a system capable of creating not just spacecraft, but Mechs as well. i feel it's pretty clear all the standard method is capable of generating is space ships. Nothing else. As you can see, this poses a problem for my plans. I ultimately want to create a workable system for designing any sort of mecha, not just one or two types.
  12. I want to see what my nephews think or D6 Space pretty badly, but most ships run in the millions at least. I Figure as an alternative i'd let them build one at the start, but still this doesn't seem like it'd work due to how the rules are presented. I Must admit i'm not a big sci fi fan, but something about this incarnation of D6 grabbed my attention, and i can see thousands of possibilities. My question, however, is this: Has anyone come up with a simpler way? I have an idea myself, mostly freeform drawing on a rather large dice pool, but i'm not sure how well it'd work in person. And as for cost? maybe i should just ignore that and use a less severe restriction. Any thoughts?
  13. oh it's all good. My big goals right now are adapting the core books to legends, as my group has been dying to play legends since i ran a totally freeform version of it, just using the core mechanic and four dice each. The session was a freeform abomination, but we had a blast! And as for similarities, so much the better for my reference work. Can't wait to write that subject of enhanced DNA for the space version. It's the drug of the future, you know.
  14. Well i'm woking on several settings, but i can safely bet "solid" will be clearly in the eye of the beholder, and i'll be lucky if they even make it into the ball park. I design worlds as a simple hobby, but i have faith in D6 and even more in legends. whether or not that system becomes OGL or not remains to be seen, but from what i see, this system's about due for a ressurection. Either way though, i plan on supporting it until i simply don't care about roleplaying anymore; and i can assure you that won't be for a very, VERY long time.
  15. That's more or less the sentiment i keep running into. I'm not too good with numbers, and my nephews can often come up with the total while i'm still counting. I Love the success mechanic, and design philosophy aside, i think that joking claim that it was for mathematically challenged players could have been it's biggest selling point, lol.
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