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  1. Interesting. You've gone a lot further than what I was suggesting in my recent post on Expanding the Task Difficulty Progression, but we seem to be trying to solve the same issues with high-powered games. I must admit that my natural inclination is to expand the progression slightly, but place tighter restrictions on the size of the dice pools used by PCs. Back in the day, I remember seeing a couple of high-powered D6 Star Wars campaigns where participants considered 10D -12D as the normal range for very experienced characters!
  2. And don't forget that a lot of people know the D6 System only through the old Star Wars RPG - a game that brings back that 'feel' might encourage some of them to get involved in the community again!
  3. Excellent news - I'm looking forward to seeing the results of your work!
  4. Interesting...the idea that Eric might be willing to release parts of the classic Star Wars ruleset under the OGL minus the Lucasfilm IP hadn't occurred to me. It certainly opens up some possibilities - there's some awesome material there waiting to be adapted for third-party use. Maybe it would be worth kicking off a project to strip some the Lucasfilm IP out of some of the books and submit them to Eric for consideration as generic space opera material?
  5. I think that the concept behind the advantages and disadvantages system introduced into D6 Space was great, but the implementation is way too fiddly. The D6 system is meant to be a fast-moving cinematic system - it shouldn't turn into GURPS or the Hero System. Personally, I favor a simpler system similar to the one used by Savage Worlds or the new Doctor Who RPG... The Scaling rules in D6 Space are definitely superior to those in the old Star Wars RPG though.
  6. In the interview with Bill Smith found in the inaugural issue of d6 Magazine, Bill mentions that he wishes that he had opened up the difficulty levels a bit more when working on the Star Wars Second Edition Revised Rulebook. I've been thinking about introducing an expanded difficulty level chart for my own game that increases the difficulty of heroic tasks slightly in order to accomodate a greater range of high-powered play. I thought that I'd post the draft here and see what people think: Routine - 0 Very Easy - 1-5 Easy - 6-10 Moderate - 11-15 Challenging - 16-20 Difficult - 21-25 Very Difficult - 26-30 Formidable - 31-35 Heroic - 36-40 Epic - 40+ I realize that this table breaks backwards compatibility with existing D6 products, but I feel that it makes high-powered games more viable. With the normal difficulty chart, characters with 8D - 9D have a decent chance of performing Heroic tasks (especially if they spend a character point or roll a 6 on the Wild Die). This chart increases the level at which characters can casually perform Heroic and / or Legendary actions on a regular basis to 10D - 12D. Coincidentally, 12D is the absolute upper limit that humans can achieve in skills in my game (at least without augmentations such as genetic engineering or cybernetics). The revised Difficulty Chart also allows me to be a bit more generous with equiptment modifiers - typically items that give the user +1D to a specific task.
  7. This is a very nice adaptation of the original pamphlet. I'm really digging the artwork - it has just the right feel. In fact, it looks like it might have escaped from some of the 1st Edition Star Wars books! The layout is also reminiscent of RPG books from the late 1980's and early 1990's. :cool: A couple of general observations: It might be worth taking a look at the 'Player Handout' section at the front of the Star Wars 2nd Ed Revised Rulebook. It updates a few sections of this pamphlet and reorganizes the content for better readability. It also incorporates a very brief list of important skills for a space opera setting - something that might be useful in this case. Although the document reads like a generic introduction to the Open D6 System, all of the artwork and examples are drawn from the SF genre. I'm not quite sure whether this is a good thing or not. It might be worth adding a table that shows what the skill dice codes mean in real world terms (eg: 1D= Beginner, 2D = Apprentice, 3D = Competent, 4D = Professional, et al.) I seem to recall that the Star Wars GM Guide contained a table like this.
  8. This sounds awesome! The Astral Empires setting is interesting. But how well will the RPG integrate with the existing wargame products? For example, will it be possible for characters to influence the outcome of massive fleet engagements simulated with the Battleshift rules? I'm particularly excited about the prospect of seeing a D6 adaptation of the Christian Conkle's Lightspeed Universe - I've always admired the generic space opera setting that he created, but was never that keen on the Fuzion game system. I like the cover art that you've put together; it has a nice 'old school' feel. Personally, it reminds me of the artwork of Gene Day and Jeff Dee for the original Space Opera game from FGU. (Incidentally, it would be fantastic to see some new black & white illustrations from Jeff Dee in future releases, but I'm not sure that this would be a realistic possibility given his freelance rates these days). It also reminds me a bit of Battlelords of the 23rd Century. Because the game uses the D6 system and seems to have an 'old school' feel, I recommend that submitting a review copy to James Maliszewski over at Grognardia - he's got a strong interest in space opera settings and might give the game some positive buzz amongst the 'old school' crowd. You mention that you have based the game system on the D6 Space rules. Have you made any significant changes to the basic rules or are you using them more or less as written? Personally, I wonder if the D6 Space rules might be a bit too heavy if you are aiming to capture the feel of the old D6 Star Wars RPG. Although the Star Wars RPG had some flaws, it was a slightly lighter system than the current incanation of D6 Space. Finally, I'd like to ask you a slightly selfish question. I am working on a homebrew D6 Space setting and was wondering if this new product line will add any new Open Game Content that I can cannibalize for my own purposes? I've already adapted a heap of stuff from other OGL sources (including d20 Future, the Mongoose Traveller SRD, et al) but it sounds like this work is much closer to what I am looking for...
  9. I remember Nightlife! It was a nice little horror RPG that was unfortunately overshadowed by the White Wolf juggernaut back in the early 1990s. Your conversion is decent from what I remember of the game, although I'd love to see a conversion of the racial templates and the skill list. (Heh...I loved Wyghts; they remind me of Lovecraftian Ghouls) I agree that the list of Edges and Flaws that you have compiled could be turned into a generic list of powers for any urban horror game. Rather than doing a straight conversion of Nightlife, why not build a ngeneric D6 splatterpunk horror variant?
  10. It's a very nice cover indeed! One quick question - will the book be branded with the OpenD6 logo?
  11. Oh...I didn't realize that there was another Sydney-based D6 fan on these boards. Welcome!
  12. As a resource for anybody working on OpenD6 projects, I have converted the D6 System book from 1996 into a number of useful formats. The documents still need a bit of work, but I thought that I'd post them here so that they are available to the entire community. I know that a few things such as the Creature Template Form are still missing as I'm not sure yet how to convert them into a portable format. If you find any major errors in the files, please let me know and I'll see what I can do to fix them. Anyway, for what they are worth, you can download the current versions at the links below: d6 System Book (51005OGL).doc d6 System Book (51005OGL).odt d6 System Book (51005OGL).rtf I'm still working on a conversion of D6 Space Aliens, but that book is a nightmare! Have you got any idea how hard it is to run a spellchecker over a manuscript containing dozens of alien race names...lol
  13. Basically, you can use any of the material that has been designated as "Open Game Content" in the various D6 products covered by the license for free. As the previous posters have indicated, this is pretty much all of the text from the specified books, with the exception of a couple of trademarked names (e.g. Masterbook) and the setting-related content from Septimus. However, you must comply fully with the terms of the license if you wish to do use any of the Open Game Content (OGC). If you read the Open Game License carefully, the ground rules are pretty clear - you have to credit the original D6 books that you take material from, you can't use anybody else's intellectual property unless you have the right to do so, you can't pass other people's work off as your own, etc. There are plenty of resources on the Internet that explain how to comply with the OGL when releasing your own stuff. It's pretty straightforward, despite the legal language used in the license itself.
  14. Wizards of the Coast designed the Open Game License and still hold the copyright on the legal text used in the license itself, but have no special rights to the OpenD6 game system. The terms of the OGL were specifically designed to ensure that anybody can use the legal text contained within it, and this right cannot be revoked by WoTC in the future. However, you can't change the wording of the license or pass it off as your own work without violating their copyright. Basically, you have to acknowledge WoTC as the creators of the OGL and abide by the terms of the license as it is written. WoTC covered many of these points in their old Open Gaming License FAQ. For your convenience, the most relevant bits are reproduced below: Even if you don't like WoTC, you have to admit that designing the OGL for the benefit of the community was a fairly generous move on their part.
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