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  1. Wow, this is an awesome setting. I'm looking forward to supplements, and I already have ideas for how to incorporate the Pugh back into it. But not as a whole race, just one or two characters who saved themselves in order to build a new empire. This has so much juiciness, and incorporates quite a few of my favorite genres. Good job.
  2. LOL... my recomendation would be to buy a Mac or switch to a flavor of Linux. Probably, switching to a flavor of Linux would be the cheapest, since all you have to do is download it from the internet, burn it to a cd/dvd, and load it. But then again, if you're totally stuck on Windows, then I've heard Avast is really good.
  3. There's a thread here somewhere where someone came up with a system where you have a set amount of points to use before you are "depleted" or something like that. It was more based on the elemental magic system, but it can probably be adapted to any magic system you care to use. I'm a Mini Six advocate (no, they don't pay me to do it.. I just love the game), and I think they're magic system is good. Simplified, yet expandable.
  4. LOL... I love the twist at the end of "The Temple Of Vashti Nimarita". Great ideas in these two dungeons (and the others I found there).
  5. In my heyday back in college, we used to have groups of between 5 and 7. Once I was out of college, we had a gaming group that met a couple times a month, and there were usually between 5 and 10 people playing. The group I have now hasn't actually played since back in the summer, and we usually have between 4 and 6 players, depending on who can show up. I have also done one on one with a game I developed on my own back in the 90's with this one guy who was addicted to roleplaying. Occasionally, we would add another of our friends in the sessions, but for the most part it was just the two of us. It was a lot of fun while it lasted. I think a group of 3 with a GM would be ideal for some settings. The steampunk setting I have and the pulp/retro scifi setting could all be run with a group of 2 players and a GM.
  6. Yeah, Italy during that time would be a great setting. It was full of warring city-states. And then there was Rome. It kind of cries for a traipse through Borgia Rome.
  7. Yeah, I saw your other thread about the 3 Musketeers. Its pretty much all the same era. 17th and 18th centuries. And France was one of the most perverse societies at the time. You had noblemen in make-up acting all feminine, but who could run you through with a sword with very high skill. Honor was everything, and to slight a man was to invite a duel. Courtly love turned into real affairs between the nobles, with the lower classes looking on in amusement. For a dungeon crawl, it would probably work better for lower class people, because they don't have so much to loose. You would have to ask yourself, why would someone from high society want to do it? What would be his motivation? If the motivation is not there, then the character wouldn't be there, and the adventure would be moot. However, the era was filled with wars, and rumors of wars, so you would have all of that to play off of. France was pretty much ruled by Richelieu for years, but even he was killed in a battle. England, too, was ruled by a power behind the throne, and Royalty was more of a figurehead to be controlled and manipulated. In France, the Musketeers were the elite unit tasked with protecting the King. But each noble house in France had a unit like the Musketeers, which could make for some interesting adventures. You would just have to research out some of those less famous units and choose one. I guess it all depends on where in France you want to be from.
  8. LOL... I asked this question about retro/pulp science fiction. I was told that there was a fan project in the works. Well, they just released that. I'm sure there's probably a project in the works based loosely on Pirates of the Caribbean. You could go quite a few ways with this. You could rip off Pirates of the Caribbean, or you could go with something a little more obscure, like Yellow Beard. Or, you could look up a few history books and go with something based on the real thing. As for the rules and MiniSix, I think pirates are covered. All you would have to do is come up with a few ship varieties (eg. galleon, pinnace, sloop, etc.), throw in a Spanish Governor or Pirate Hunter, throw Port Royal into the mix as a starting point, and go with it.
  9. I love it!!! Thanks again to the boys (and girls if there are any) at AntiPaladin Games. You guys are my heroes.
  10. I had put up a draft of my introduction, but thought I might better re-write it first.
  11. Sumerologist. Cool. I minored in Religion in college, my major being history. I've studied quite a few mythologies, as well as Gnostic Christianity. I'm ordained, so a lot of that comes in handy for me. I'll be sending you a PM on my project very soon. I want to run a few things past you.

  12. Mostly rival gang members and homosexual predators. Its not as out of control as you think it is. In fact, there are a lot of street gangs run from prisons just for that very reason. Prison gangs are more organized.
  13. I have an idea for you. If you know anything about Los Angeles, you could probably re-tool this to the rise of the gangs there. You could even take it back as far as the 60's and the race riots that were the catalyst for the creation of the original LA gang, the Crips. I'm a Correctional Officer, so I have to be kind of up on some of the gang stuff. But it seems like this setting could be tweaked that way and turn into a unique title for you to develop independent of Dog Town.
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