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  1. In case anyone hasn't been following Ulisses' news posts, the Kickstarter for Torg Eternity launched yesterday (5/31). It has already well exceeded its start goal and most of the original stretch goals. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1216685848/torg-eternity They have also set up a Twitter account for the New Now News Service, which is chronicling the first days of the invasion: https://twitter.com/NearNowNews
  2. Kansas Jim

    Spell Shield vs Impressed Spells

    There are a couple of possible approaches. The easiest one would apply to spells like Lightning which state that the caster must make an attack roll to hit a target with a lightning bolt, simply add the spell's modifier to the Difficulty Number of hitting the target. That description of Ward Arcana even supports this since it says that the modifier is applied to "the difficulty number of using magic to harm a character", it doesn't specifically mention increasing the DN of casting a spell. (Spell Shield is a bit different since it does specify "spells cast" at the protected individual(s). It's also odd that it requires a higher Spirit axiom but is a weaker miracle in the amount of protection is provides. I might avoid this particular problem by simply getting rid of one of the miracles!) Another possible approach would be to stretch the definition of "difficulty number" to affect a target in cases like the impressed Conjured Fireball which has already been cast and doesn't specify that the mage has to roll again to hit a target. One could say that damaging the target goes against a difficulty number of the target's Toughness, so the miracle's bonus could be applied to his defense that way. This would be similar to what you suggest, only with the modifier being added to Toughness instead of subtracted from the rolled bonus number. I might even be willing to stretch the definition further and say that since Conjured Fireball can be disbelieved as an illusion the miracle would boost the target's chance of successfully disbelieving it. But I'd probably only allow one or the other, not both.
  3. Kansas Jim

    contacting admins about problems

    I tried sending a message through the "Contact Us" link that's at the bottom of every page almost a month ago and have not received any kind of response. Does it even work?
  4. Kansas Jim

    Judge Master Maneuver (Martial Arts)

    In the martial arts rewrite on my website I changed Judge to where each success level would reveal a discipline that the target knows. ("Ah! From his footwork and arm movements I can tell that my opponent knows the Southern Tall Crane style up to the third minor discipline!") I also redid a lot of the Tokyo book's material because you're right, a lot of reworking was needed.
  5. Kansas Jim

    Redesigning Tharkold

    I could see maybe an inversion of that idea, that the demons develop Occultech as a way to get around the LoHM, in essence tricking the WL into thinking what you're doing is technology, not magic.
  6. Kansas Jim

    Redesigning Tharkold

    It was rumored way back that there had been a plan for the blasted remains of Tharkold to be absorbed into the GodNet and form the basis of its Hell region, but obviously that idea didn't go anywhere. I had toyed with using variations on that idea over the years but never got very far developing any of them.
  7. Kansas Jim

    Some new Torg news coming?

    Ulisses has created a website for the game: http://www.torgeternity.com/
  8. A friend who's in a Google+ Torg group passed along a cryptic message that was posted there yesterday, it said "The Storm Has a Name...Find out more on Tuesday, July 21st...or at GenCon 2015!" and was accompanied by a picture of two red and blue d20s. Maybe it's only going to be some Torg dice being made, maybe Ulisses Spiele is finally doing something with the property. I've been hoping that the game's 25th anniversary wouldn't pass without something happening, so perhaps tomorrow will have some interesting news.
  9. Kansas Jim

    Some new Torg news coming?

    I dunno, compared to the original Mobius art he's holding the gun in the wrong hand, he's practicing better trigger discipline, there's no infinity sign on the hood...I'm not sure that it's actually Mobius.
  10. Kansas Jim

    Some new Torg news coming?

    Not terribly surprised to see Shane is involved, he tried to buy Torg himself back when it was up for sale. Glad to hear that Gordon is involved in some way, though I suspect he's not deeply involved in it.
  11. Kansas Jim

    Some new Torg news coming?

    I never thought to read it as 2016, I automatically saw that as a 20 with a 16 on the reroll for a die result of 36.
  12. Took me a moment to figure out the smiley face was a colon followed by a capital d. I'm pretty sure all of the effects in question are constant; every roll at night is an Up, every roll in the day is Stymied, and every attack by normal weapons has the first five wounds turned into shock points. They are pretty powerful, which is why you don't go after a vampyre at night with normal weapons!
  13. Kansas Jim

    Law of Heretical Magic and Demons

    It becomes one big demon party! I'd say no, demons don't run the risk of being attacked/possessed by more demons. They would still suffer the other affects of the WL for using magic.
  14. Kansas Jim

    Performing Miracles in a Very Low Spirit Axiom

    Generally the person(s) providing the Faith which powers the miracle is also subject to contradiction checks. (If the priest is providing both it's just one contradiction check, not two.) I thought that was mentioned in the R&E but can't remember for certain.
  15. Kansas Jim

    Performing Miracles in a Very Low Spirit Axiom

    As long as it is only a dominant zone, the CE priest can still attempt his miracles as per the regular contradiction rules. Self and Touch range miracles are one-cases, others would be LRCs. Just because all miracles are contradictions does not make them bigger contradictions than normal. As long as the CE priest hasn't disconnected he is still connected to his mythos through his connection to his home reality. In a pure zone the miracle, as a contradiction, is of course automatically foiled by the Everlaw of One, however you choose to handle that (I know there are people who disagree with the R&E's explanation for how it's handled.) A reality bubble would stop Self miracles from being a contradiction but Touch and ranged miracles would not receive any benefit from that. A talisman, depending on the size of the field it projects, might allow even ranged miracles to be performed without contradiction though if the miracle has a duration a target that leaves the talisman's area of effect would then have to deal with it becoming a contradiction. (Sorry for not answering earlier, first opportunity that I've had in weeks to read my forums.)
  16. Interesting. I wonder if that was being considered for the R&E or if there was another product it might have been used with. Similarly, about a month ago I was pointed to an alternate wraparound cover idea for the R&E by the same artist who did the cover that WEG did use. Unfortunately WEG at the time thought a wraparound cover would be too expensive so they didn't go with it, I think it would have looked really good. http://everwho.deviantart.com/art/TORG-R-E-Original-Cover-mockup-329336224
  17. Kansas Jim

    Spells for Nile?

    I wasn't able to find a published reference to converting non-Nile spells into Mathematics spells. The Clerics SB does convert miracles with a chart of the planets that are associated with each miracle, perhaps you're remembering that? The last Torg campaign I ran (so long ago) I had a player running a Nile Mathematician and I know that we were playtesting new rules and an expanded list of spells that I'd adapted from the other books but the only remnants I can find are some printouts, the computer files are missing. Nothing in the printouts suggest how I was determining the planets for the new spells though.
  18. Kansas Jim

    I have you now

    Ok, managed to find a scanner and did the back cover. It's pretty big so I'll just link to it instead of displaying it here: http://www.sdc.org/~ksjim/REB00.JPG
  19. Kansas Jim

    I have you now

    I'd never noticed that the PDFs were missing the back cover. Weird. I've been trying to take a picture of the back cover but it's so glossy I'm always getting reflections and glare off of it. I'll keep trying, maybe someone else will have better luck.
  20. Kansas Jim

    possible errata - shotgun

    It's not an error; the Atcheson is capable of automatic fire but its normal rate of fire is single shot so I listed the single shot DV. If you add three, you get the DV from the KPW.
  21. Kansas Jim

    Aztec Heavy Weapons?

    My recollection is that Aztec warfare was centered on personal combat and the capture of prisoners so it's unlikely that they ever developed any heavy weapons. But if they've moved on to naval fighting then they probably would develop weapons that could be used to incapacitate other ships, which would then be followed by a boarding action. They did use spear-throwers (atlatls) and bows so something like a ballista doesn't seem an unlikely development, especially if combined with a similar upgrade to the crossbow for personal weaponry. A variant that might work with their interest in boarding ships to capture prisoners would be ballista that fire grappling hooks for tying ships together.
  22. Kansas Jim

    WiFi and the Net

    Shadowrun underwent a similar 'upgrade' a few editions ago IIRC with lots of wireless tech, virtual interfaces and whatnot. Most modern sci-fi RPGs it's now as ubiquitous as cyberspace used to be. I don't know if going from wired to wireless is a big enough jump to require an increase in the Tech axiom, it's probably all in the same axiom level with wired at the low end of 26 and wireless at the higher end. Tharkold might avoid wireless not only because of hacking but because the hardware might be considered less durable and less reliable on the battlefield, and too easy to jam with RFI.
  23. Kansas Jim

    Cyberpapacy Miracles

    I don't see why not. The rulebook says under the entry for Spirit axiom 11 that "The community of faithful may imbue an item or place with spiritual power. Items (swords, talismans) may be imbued with spiritual energy that can aid in the creation of miracles later on." How the community does this was never really defined, the closest I found was in the Clerics' Sourcebook under the Space Gods entry it mentions that this can be done with rituals or invocations. I'd run it as a ritual, Spirit axiom of 11. I'd put the result points from the faith total though the Power Push chart to determine the bonus the crucifix provides. The CP SB mentions Malraux has one that grants a +5 which seems a good fit with the PP chart. Malraux has a faith skill of 30, a +5 on the Power Push is 12-14 RPs, subtract that from 30 is 16-18 which sounds like a good DN for the ritual. Community Rating somewhere around 10-12 perhaps. (I'm assuming that Malraux would make his crucifix himself instead of using assistance, wanting to keep its power level a secret.) Duration is probably permanent, or so lengthy that it might as well be considered that. Or perhaps the duration is indefinite, it keeps working so long as it is in the possession of someone with the appropriate faith skill but if it's defiled by the touch of a nonbeliever its power is lost? Yeah, that sounds good.
  24. Kansas Jim

    The "Laws" of Hope and Glory

    Seems like a reasonable approach. That's been covered in the rulebook section on the mechanics of invasion (p175 in R&E), the axiom wash of a new reality flooding into an area has a much higher incidence of transformations than would otherwise happen in that short period of time (the equivalent of months of time.)
  25. That's a very bad idea IMO. It's a small step from saying that to saying that characters from low Magic realities become immune to fireballs by putting up a reality bubble. If I can hurt you with my mind's control over magical fire, I can hurt you with my mind's control over psychic or spiritual energies too.