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  1. Any thoughts from anyone on how they have handled werewolf PC's in Torg? The literature seems to frown upon voluntary transformation and makes it an extremely risky proposition. Just wondering how heavy handed any of you might have been with this character type that seems more disadvantageous than it might be worth.
  2. Spreading the word is half the battle. I appreciate you letting people know. I do have a PDF on my main site which can be printed and you could beg wheedle and cajole the owners until they let you hang it up somewhere! http://www.rpgcartographer.com/images/game%20or%20comic%20shop%20flyer.pdf
  3. I had checked in here a few weeks ago when I was thinking about making a spaceships sourcebook and wanted input on the open license process. I have since decided that rather than go through exhaustive playtesting, I would try a different project. So, I'm running a Kickstarter to produce maps in modern settings, with Hex or Square grids. Good for Torg or any supers or zombie or spy game. Please check me out: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1290264864/rpg-cartographer-full-color-waterproof-maps-for-yo
  4. Just google images "Volcano Lightning" and that will keep you busy for a minute or threee. Very cool pictures, very good for visualizing a reality storm
  5. Just realized that it is something I want to read and with WEG gone, I don't know how to get a copy. I'd prefer PDF so I don't have to wait for shipping.
  6. I lost mine in a foolish bet. The winner is still called by his Native America Indian name "Two-Torg-Dice" from time to time.
  7. Jacinth Troll Barabajagal Hascil Kelton Jaffries Thadius Black
  8. I remember years ago thinking of them as zombies for the most part, but as I'm spinning up a new campaign I want them to have a little more bite to them. I remember punching up stormtroopers when running SWd6 to make them more than just throw aways but was wondering how others deal with gospog? How do you describe their look? Are they intelligent? What level of complexity can they understand when it comes to interaction skills? Bluffs? Taking Orders? Giving orders???? Weapon usage? Also, if you are treating them like zombies in any fashion, are they slow (Night of the Living Dead) zombies, or fast (28 Days) zombies?
  9. PERFECT! That's what I really needed to get the tone. Bond plus Bladerunner. Particularly the Bladerunner part. I get it now. The source book doesn't convey that type of setting to me based on the artwork, but now I get it.
  10. Well, with work and other commitments eating up time, I'm still reading the Kanawa book in my spare moments. I can see issues and there are some things I just don't like, so I'm not yet sure what I want to do. I've run Torg campaigns based out of Nile, and US, and a brief one that was in Orrorsh and just want to tackle something new. Aysle is out because fantasy has been done to death, and I don't care enough about France to want to go Cyberpapcy. So, I'm kind of thinking it is Nippon or South America and Space Gods stuff but I've played in enough space campaign settings as well and really don't want to isolate my player's characters so much geographically. Still reading, still thinking, still plotting
  11. So, does anyone have anything they'd be willing to share with setting a campaign in Nippon Tech realm? I'm seriously considering it and am reading the NT source book but was wondering what others might have done with this realm.
  12. Bought my Revised and Expanded off RPGNow last night. Now I just need to find a way to print and bind it.
  13. New here, just registered, but I've been around WEG games for a long time (actually did some writing for you guys years ago and have my name in a couple SW:RPG products) Anyway, my buddies tell me they want to spin up a new Torg campaign. I dig my books out tonight and find not 1 but 2 Torg decks. One with rounded edges, and one with square (I believe from the original boxed set. Plus I find 2 master decks, one still in the shrink wrap. That was the good news. The bad news is that my TORG rule book's binding has basically detiorated out of existence and I've got basicaly a cover with a bunch of loose pages in between. Anyway, I'm hoping to see and be seen around here a bit now that I'm starting up a campaign again.
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