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  1. Jerry, one might think you were a gaming geek. Oh, right...you are.
  2. If you think about it, typical high fantasy gaming is basically superheroes, but you have cleric super powers, wizard super powers, your warrior has high strength, etc. So, my idea is to drop all pretense and just declare it 'super powers in a medieval fantasy world'. It greatly simplies many aspects of a super world when you take away the advanced technology. It definitely makes the alien robot stand out.
  3. The book arrived in the mail. Despite the web site's dire warning that the book could take a LONG time to get to me, it didn't. Saved me a lot of money on shipping. Over all, I approve of this book. Good stuff. I will be using it to introduce a new supers campaign to one of my gaming groups later this year. 4-color supers meets medieval time era.
  4. Armored Super Arcane and Modern templates...labporatory?
  5. Yay. (Do I really need to post anymore than that? )
  6. I have read through the PDF at least once now and I like it. I especially like the expanded lifting table.:cool:
  7. I did it. I placed the order. In a way, feel blessed. This is my one and only gaming purchase for the entire year. In an effort to cut back expenses, I had slashed my gaming budget to $0. But, I did want this one book.
  8. I have been meaning to introduce this to my big gaming group. I will scrounge together pennies for the new revised and expanded edition that use THAT to show them that D6 can do more than just Star Wars.
  9. The whole tone of Bloodshadows...I think it would work very well with the Basic Roleplaying System.
  10. Basic Roleplaying. The two top system I run everything in are BRP and D6. GURPS is 3rd. If isn't one of those three, I convert it to one of these three. This is the main reason I don't want to see Shatterzone as a Torg game.
  11. Drop the cards. They don't add anything to the game. And keep Shatter Zone distinct from Torg. It is a fine game by itself without having to be attached to a multiverse.
  12. How about asking hellsreach to just release it for open sourcing? Then not only will we have OpenD6, but we will have a free sci fi setting to immediately play with it.
  13. Will the R&E be offered up on e23? It is my preferred PDF source.
  14. This weekend, I will get out my Serenity RPG book and see if I can offer up something useful. But, I must ask. Are we going for a conversion of the Serenity RPG to D6, or just using the Serenity book as background source for a D6 RPG?
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