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  1. Havard

    I have you now

    I have most of the original TORG line, but since I bought the main box used, I never got a TORG die or Eternity Shard.
  2. Havard

    New Now News and the new Torg Kickstarter

    I'm backing this! It is awesome to see how great this is going
  3. Havard

    Old Content

    The most important thing is that the information is ported over. Thank you for doing this. -Havard
  4. Havard

    Bringing back D6 Online

    Thank you for bringing this place back! I know how much work it can be running a site like this, especially when hackers, Malware and spammers begin piling up. I have missed this place though so I am really happy this site was not gone forever. I hope not too much of the old contents have been lost. -Havard
  5. Havard

    Fires of Amatsumra

    Yes, I believe it was inspired by Firefly. I agree that the freedom of working outside a movie/TV lisence can be an advantage. I'd be interested in seeing the setting expanded. At one point I toyed with the idea of integrating it with my Shatterzone campaign, though Precis Intermedia owns Shatterzone so an official combined setting of those two seems unlikely to happen. -Havard
  6. Havard

    Fires of Amatsumra

    With WEG having been bought by Noctural Media, would anyone be interested in seeing Fires of Amatsumara make a return? -Havard
  7. Havard

    Bloodshadows 2E Cover Ideas

    Love the cover! -Havard
  8. Hey, a couple of us just started a Facebook Group for fans of these two systems: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1705653356370820/ Drop by if you like! I will be promoting this forum over there as well. -Havard
  9. Havard

    Some new Torg news coming?

    TORG Eternity, coming out from Ulysses Spiele, designed by Shane Hensley (Savage Worlds, Deadlands) in 2016. B-) http://www.thepiazza.org.uk/bb/viewtopic.php?f=48&t=13841 -Havard
  10. The World of Aden/Thunderscape Setting was recently converted to the Pathfinder System. Even if you are not a fan of that system, the book is pretty good looking and well organized, compiling detailed information on the entire world of Aden. More details here. -Havard
  11. Havard

    Fires of Amatsumra

    That is actually a pretty interesting idea. I have been hoping that Precis Intermedia would release new (i.e. not reprinted) material for Shatterzone at some point. A conversion of Amatsumara would require some conversion work, but still not require a fully new product to be written. I agree about Amatsumara having a definite Firefly wibe to it. For some reason I always saw Shatterzone as more gritty than Firefly, but then again the Firefly Universe (The 'Verse) is pretty gritty when you think about it. Not a bad match at all -Havard
  12. The World of Aden was originally publushed for Masterbook, but the setting book also included Conversions to D6. Recently the World of Aden was ressurrected for the Pathfinder System. Does anyone here have any experience with this setting? -Havard
  13. I really hope they will be doing more than just a couple of PDF adventures... -Havard
  14. My impression from the announcement is that they will be released in English, but I guess I could be wrong... -Havard
  15. Havard

    Winning the War by Playing the Game

    Yeah, we were mainly into just "fighting the bad guys" too. We did gain a couple of Glory points while fighting in Norway as I recall. I think the whole Infiniverse concept helped make it feel like we weren't alone in the war though. Even if our group could only achive some minor goals, there were plenty of other Storm Knights out there. I wonder what that would have looked like if the WWW had been widely available back then -Havard