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  1. I never did come around to thanking you for yer input. So...thanks!
  2. I remember reading something about this in a d20 book. I can't remember exactly what the math was, but I do remember they used they used the price of a droid as a reference. A slave was twice the the cost of a droid doing the same task and a clone was something like five times the cost. How to arrange a memory dump from this I have no idea.
  3. From the "d6 for Super Powered Gaming" thread, in reference to using Body Points instead of Would Levels: I plan on running a d6 game that uses low level powers- call the hero minor super powered characters- and I prefer the wound system to body points. How does one translate body point bonus to wound levels when dealing with powers like regenerate & healing? What method was used, how much did it cost, etc for powers run this way? Extra wound levels were mentioned; is this another power, or something based off the Strength/Constitution attribute?
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