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    OGL Books Link

    I am going to try to add the links here Please dont post in this thread except for new OGL books when they become available
  2. Sense Roll(3d6)+0: 3,4,6,+0 Total:13
  3. I am moving this weekend so will be spotty
  4. Xanthe for a moment loses herself thinking about slavery to a Hutt then nods after the humans words and encouragement. "Definitely, it is worth far more to you than to the trandoshan, so it should work out." Something about the story seems odd though . . . . why bet something like that she would not want to bet? ((can I try rolling Drink Mixology for the Gungan, is she just normally drunk, or does she seem drugged? If I can roll please roll for me))
  5. Do I know where Nonai is?
  6. Xanthe cringes a little at the sadness radiating from the gungan feeling it herself. "Who were you playing? Ah, who is your brother?"
  7. Ah if you could that would help
  8. Ah, no, I'm here and have cleared my mailbox some . . . . I didn't really get that this first post was actually a cue to start, thought it was just scene setting with no cues yet
  9. Kalzazz

    Looking for something new...

    There are sadly no deck plans, but are a zillion ships on this site http://www.rpggamer.org/
  10. I actually haven't had this problem to much in Star Wars . . . . other D6 games, but not Star Wars. Weird
  11. "Well . . . I also wanted to try seeing what if anything I could find on the computer. I mean, Facebook or such"
  12. Kalzazz

    The Wild Die

    I reserve the right to add amusing things based on the wild die, but usually I find adding/subtracting to be fine. Adding things every third roll? Ugh . . . . that would add up to LOTS of things over the course of a single fight! Im not THAT creative
  13. Kalzazz

    Precinct 13 OOC Thread

    I didn't realize Cole had a mustache For some reason I now imagine him as Todd Jones
  14. Kalzazz

    Combined damage idea.

    One house rule I've had great success with is and consider mandatory for any games I run is 'You are not, under any circumstances ever or whatsoever, permitted to have your main attack do less than 5d damage. Any character who does not comply is summarily rejected' This forces that on average rolls, 2d mook soaking 5d damage hit, the magic 9 over happens and mook goes down Most of the time I end up with characters rolling 6d+ as there base damage, potentially with upwards mods, vs enemies rolling from 2d on up to lots soak . . . . this usually works out fine. Basically eventually even if soak exceeds damage a bit people will eventually get lucky . . . . . and if soak exceeds damage by a lot, this is perceived by cunning players as a reason to use alternate strategies than just flinging repeated generic attacks
  15. Kalzazz

    Combined damage idea.

    What are you trying to accomplish? I also have combined wounds and hit points (I refuse to use the term body points) in the past My goals basically are 1. A Brawny Wookie in armor can laugh at feeble sidearms and take bunches upon bunches of blows to go down 2. But he will, still, eventually succumb to 'Death of 10,000 Papercuts' 3. That same wookie when staring down the barrel of a tank cannon knows fear 4. Squishy 2d humans squish quite reliably Pure body points works very well for Objective 2 But work very poorly for 1+3 combined. I want the wookie to (usually) go down when smacked by a 12d blast from a AT-AT. I want the wookie to shrug off a bunch of 4d blasts. Unfortunately setting his body points low enough that he goes down in a 12d blast means he also goes down in say 6 4d blasts. Not cool. Setting his body points high enough it takes a more reasonable 20 4d blasts and he can take a few 12d blasts to the nose and keep on trucking. Also not cool My current solution is HP = 2 * Str Dice ^ 3 (so 16 for a 2d human and 432 for a 6d wookie) AND also, you roll normal Star Wars soak and use its results as well This means that wookies still respect 3d sporting blasters and eventually go down, but that also they go down in a single shot from an AT-AT
  16. "Oh yes, computers are my specialty. I even graduated top of my class in the UC Empire City Comp Sci program. But then I worked at dot coms, which failed. Many times. So I joined the Force because there will always be criminals, they are the most renewable of renewable resources. Oh . . . that thing? You can browse on it and all, but it isnt really the best for coding and content analysis or spatial regression"
  17. "I also think it would be fun sometime to see if any of these characters show on Facebook or the like"
  18. Pansy nods and uncuffs the woman, "There you go"
  19. Kalzazz

    Grim's Magical systems for fantasy games

    Hello. This is a review for "Magic and Miracles" by Phil Hatfield for the D6 System, published by Keck Publishing (Disclaimer - I received a review copy) Magic and Miracles presents 3 ready to go out of the box magic systems for the D6 System, which appear that they should indeed be plug and play ready for any of your D6 games (provided you use hit points, they don't look as compatible with wounds, for instance a level 1 arcane spell does 1d damage . . . that won't hurt anything using the basic Star Wars wound system).\ The Arcane and Divine Systems seem (niftily or eerily) similar to ADnD, as spells including a floating disk, goodberry and others appear, as well as a fan spell that seems like burning hands. My only comment - why no color spray? Thats my favorite low level DnD spell! I am dissapointed that the arcane spells only go up to level 5, particularly when the magical steed references 15D or greater. Though with 10x current dice to raise magic a pip, that would take a while to get to. Overall the Arcane is definitely my favorite. It also definitely handles the problem of D6 Magic 'You can't hand out Spell of Foom, player can always just make Foom' satisfactorily, and I've always liked mages memorizing spells. I am saddened by the limit on spells memorized though and each spell taking the same amount of time to memorize. I would think as mages leveled they could memorize more spells (maybe a skill off Int instead of raw int determines spell slots) and also, it would seem level 1 spells should be less memorization and such consuming than level 5 ones. There less complex right? Divine I am less enthused with, as the description in the first part of the book does not match the mechanics. It says "There is thankfully no limit to how many times a faithful follower may pray. The only limit is the person’s Faith Power and whether their prayer is heard and granted by the higher power." This does not at all seem related to 'You get Wis pips spells/day' Also, it says "They may pray multiple times a day. Only prayers of the same type, done in repetition in a short amount of time, become more difficult to be granted." There is no mechanic for 'you need to vary your spells up' either. I really would like to see mechanics for 'as many tries as you want, but vary them up lest you annoy the gods', not 'yeah, ration the spells, X/day' As a minor note . . . I'd also like to see a list of the divine spells arranged by casting difficulty, since would be convenient for clerics trying to pick what to cast to be able to look at spells in their weight class specifically The Conjuring system does not at all seem related to ADnD (good or bad as you like), but is very odd in that it spends a lot of time detailing explicit game mechanics for what would seem to be background fluff (or maybe I am weird, and lots of games do involve spending a few years as their caster learns to actually be a caster). I am a little perplexed by the mechanics of learning new tricks also, but I am sure that is something which could be easily cleared up or I'm just blind. Conjurer's also seem even more rationed than other types of casters, as they regain only 3 MP per day it seems, and there spells can wind up requiring a lot of MP. Also, the spells themselves suggest that they can be varied, but how this varying occurs is less explicitly stated. Overall though this is a cool product. It provides 3 new magic systems to toss into your D6 games, 2 of which are definitely good to go as written (the third I think may need some clarifying erratas) and can definitely allow you to mimicish ADnD in D6. I would suggest tweaking damages some if your using a wound system instead of a HP system. I fully intend to allow my players to tell my players about this, and I think that with the convenience of 'memorize X spells and off you go' the Arcane system may well be a hit for players who heartily dislike the build your own aspect of D6. I will also at least try a character or two that uses it myself and see how it goes. I don't think I will like it more than the stock D6 Magic (which I consider a spell system in awesomeness second only to Earthdawn) but its worth trying out. And actually creating and publishing magic systems is a wholly neat thing, having had a variety of failures between disastrous and unspectacular with my own dozen or so efforts on the topic. I can't imagine offhand using this as the only magic system in a D6 game, but I think it is worthy of its place in the spectrum of D6 Magic Systems, so even if none of my players wind up using it I will have another set of choices for arming opponents for them to face, and that alone makes writing this review worth it Review overall 4/5 edit - I will post this to the site after people have the chance to comment here and I make any revisions to the review I deem appropriate
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    A New Kind of Magic

    I made this up a while ago for something which quasi works for Mass Combat http://dimfuture.net/d6universe/?p=52 It mainly is intended to allow the DM to handle epic '1 vs zillions' fights so common in movies, but can work for Mass Combat also edit - I advise ignoring the part about tracking HP and decreasing there dice rolls as get to various % of HP . . . this gets overly tedious and slows the game down. I go with DnD style 'if it has positive HP its golden, if not, it dies'
  21. Kalzazz

    A New Kind of Magic

    I think it sounds pretty cool. I hope you also have a mass combat system designed to go with it. It seems similar to the idea of Priests blessing troops before they go into battle and such I do admit I am a huge fan of the stock D6 Magic system, but this seems pretty slick as well, and is simple enough may appeal to more players (I do add two house rules to the magic system in D6 though, 1. Magic skills cost the same to raise as regular skills, not double and 2. There is a spell design roll, both to reduce time spent designing, and to amuse the DM if they really roll bad or roll well)
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    Grim's Magical systems for fantasy games

    How do reviews or ratings work? I'm tempted. Do you have examples of proper reviewing?
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    D6 Space - using other D6 Attributes

    I do the same thing, but in reverse . . . . I use the Star Wars attribute set for anything and everything D6 and its worked fine But if you want to use D6 Adventure theres no reason at all it shouldn't work, D6 Adventure is intended for modern stuff which already has vehicles and computers and whatnot, so it should work right out of the box no muss no fuss
  24. Pansy nods. "Got it" She leads the woman over and puts her in the car, "This way if you please"