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  1. That is a very good question. I'm not sure the OpenD6 community has enough people with enough free time to do it quite honestly. If I had the time I would definitely be willing to do such a project. I just don't have the time. If all the people actually publishing, who seem to be able to get products out, were to combine resources and share profits, you might be able to accomplish it that way.
  2. Starting with a fantasy setting might be too big a first step. At that point you are competing directly against D&D and Pathfinder. I think going back to its first real popular product, space opera setting, might be a good first step. Maybe fill some of the other niche markets like supers or urban fantasy. Then once you have some teeth and momentum, then jumping into the fantasy market.
  3. OpenD6 is definitely a sleeping system. It may gather some steam in the future, but it would take a dedicated team with a dedicated setting that captures the imagination of gamers to do so. Right now my group is is playing with the system, and they love it. They used to be D20 fans starting out, but none of them would go back to D20 given the choice to play D6. It has the chops, it just needs a setting to display them in. A setting that is being expanded and actively supported, and that captures the imagination.
  4. Is definitely a fabulous idea. Especially the settings. I've always wondered if it might not be a bad idea to have an "open" setting that the community could get behind and add to. Would all of it be open, or would just the game mechanics be open?
  5. Hey all. I'm looking for a nicely formatted version of D6Adventure in .rtf, .odt or .docx. Like the D6Space versions here. If you know of a place I can find it let me know.
  6. Kids of any age should be fine as long as they have the attention span to keep pace. For GM'ing I would say podcasts like Fear the Boot, or a local gaming group. Maybe a convention if you have one close. If none of that is available, then just winging it and playing a lot. As long as everyone is having fun, that is the important thing. Darren
  7. I set up a system once that was similar. You received xp for using a skill. The twist was that the amount of xp was determined by the difference between your success and the difficulty. The formula worked so that if your success was too much higher than the difficulty, you actually lost xp in the skill. Built a small spreadsheet for it to make xp for using the skill integrated with the rolls. Was pretty smooth and I liked how it worked. Darren
  8. Have been on the road the last week, sorry for not being more active. I think I like the left hand structure better than the chapters structure. It allows for better navigation that way. Will you have a column for each of the 3 core books? Darren
  9. Good question. I would love to see original toolkit as the core of the SRD and then all the options for adventure, space and fantasy branching off of it. Darren
  10. I'm in. What structure will we want to use for our project? Something similar to the hypertext D20 rules? Or did we want to do something a bit different? Darren
  11. This sounds incredibly cool. What was the XML structure you were using? Or should I ask what XML structure would you use if you recreated it? :-) Darren
  12. Depends. I don't think Lucas Arts would allow it to be done under an open license. Just too scary on their side i would imagine, I know I wouldn't allow it if I were them. To get access to the D6 System would require the OK from Eric. Not sure if they could afford that and still make the game profitable for FFG. There also comes into consideration, what if Eric sells the system to someone else, or all of a sudden decides he wants more money for the license, or changes his mind for some other reason. I think in the end, the most likely result, is that they use there own system, or create a new one for it. Though I suppose they might also consider buying the D6 system from Eric. If they can afford the license, they might be able to also afford buying the system. Darren
  13. I would be happy to host anything you want at TheGameDistrict.com. Just let me know what you need from me and I will try to be as accommodating as I can. If you like I would also be happy to add as much interactivity as we can into the document. Darren
  14. I wonder if Lucas Arts would even allow their property to be used with an open system. Most big companies like that tend to get nervous if one error could open up their IP to the world. If they do use D6, my guess is FFG would have to go through Eric to get a license to use the D6 System, rather than OpenD6. Darren
  15. An average human is considered to have a 2D in his stats. So baseline average body points would be 27 points, weapon damage can be based on that. Darren
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