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  1. Sure there is plenty of material to design a Chinese Nippon Tech, but it don't have the legs of Japanese cultural references. No one needs to be pointed to a movie to know what a Ninja is; they just know it because it's a cultural icon that has circumnavigated the globe. I'm not saying that a Chinese Nippon Tech can't be done, just that the cosm will suffer greatly in recognition value because of it, and therefore suffer in the interest that people have in it. Yes, there is a wealth of material for a Chinese Nippon Tech, but I'd bet there's also quite a bit of historical data for a Moroccan Nile Empire as well. Which one will be easier for people to picture in their minds without explanation?
  2. I did not say that Chinese culture is not old, or doesn't exist. I said that it is less interesting: and that is mostly because it is less known. Obscure does not make good RPG fodder: iconic to the point of almost being cliche does though. Most GM's outside of those with credentials in ancient history couldn't come up with a story based on Chinese history, but just about anyone can picture in their mind a hundred reasons why a ninja would be creeping through a misty courtyard in the middle of the night. I site Tarantino as a first rate example that you don't need to know anything about Japanese culture to write a story about it: iconic to the point of cliche. It may not be true to life historically, but it’s easily translatable. That is Torg bread and butter.
  3. John, that seems like the most likely route, but even though the Japanese economic/nationalistic invasion is outdated, I think the realm suffers from lossing the Japanese cultural elements (Samurai, Ninjas, Shogun, etc.) China does have Kung Fu, but that doesn't fit the realm as well, and tends to be less interesting in general. I'd have no problem leaving it as is, although I hate Anime, so that I didn't even consider, and I think I would just ignore the realm or re-write it if that's what Ulises ends up doing.
  4. send me a PM if anyone wants a copy still, can't attach it at this point
  5. tempting, but I think I have to pass due to lack of free time. GL.
  6. Good thinking...A few hundred miles northwest and you could invade with the mantra: "Ich bein ein Berliner"
  7. http://www.darkspace.net/ If anyone wants to try it out let me know, we could get together on their ventrilo or TS and see what it's all about.
  8. Anybody ever play DarkSpace? It's a SciFi MMO, that's supposed to be really good, but small, since it hasn't broken out yet. I've been looking for an SF MMO that's more Space Combat Simulator than RPG, as computer based RPG's seem very boring. I looked at Eve, but it seems to be the same thing, except you fly around from quest to quest rather than walk. When I heard about DarkSpace, it sounded close to what I was looking for but no where near ideal. I haven't had the heart to check it out yet, though.
  9. I might be interested. I have a game starting up soon where I'm just meeting most of the players for the first time, but if that doesn't work out, I'll be looking for an online game.
  10. I should have saw that one coming.
  11. ... and if either of you are heading north for the winter may I suggest packing a nice heavy coat and some rosery beads.
  12. Assuming that it is legal, how were you planning on automating the cards?
  13. If I were French, I'd consider it. But then again, if I were French, I'd probably be too cool for Torg. I do need a new drama deck though, I noticed I'm missing a few cards.
  14. ...and that makes Europe look too crowded. St Patrick's Cathedral, NYC, NY.
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