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  1. Hmmm, we like the CSI’s and the Law and Order’s, Criminal Minds and bones. I like Numbers too. We also watch Dancing with the Stars, Survivor and American Idol. I never thought I’d be a reality TV watcher however we do enjoy those three shows..
  2. I love Southern Gospel Music! I went to the National Quartet Convention in Louisville, Kentucky in Sept. It was a week long, concerts morning noon and nite....DR. David Jerimiah and other guest speakers were there. Absolutely wonderful, uplifting. I can't wait to go back next year!
  3. Well, I think looking back at Wolverine's past will be interesting, because honestly Wolverine is the most amazing human to ever exist. Otherwise, they really can't do much, seeing as the other X-Men have pretty boring lives before they became X-Men, and they killed off several (although Xavier is apparently coming back) of the main characters, including Cyclops and Jean, pretty much killing any ideas for a sequel.
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