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  1. We all know that OpenD6 is based off of the core books like D6 System Book, D6 Fantasy and so on. And any material found within those core books are fare game in regards to the Open Gaming License. The question I have is how much can we change the system from the core books? I've seen several examples such as mini 6 and so on that do this but what is the real limit that you can change and still be in compliance with OGL.
  2. D6 is heavy on character templates were the player selects the template and then uses his 7d to customize the skills. Since the templates already had skills listed under the attributes the player is generally stuck with these skills. What I'm wanting is a process for selecting these starting skills with a set minimum and maximum number for each attribute. Any suggestions would be helpful.
  3. Happy Birthday

  4. 1. Litigation Support Specialist and Network Admin 2a. Nothing. 2b. Was a History major but decided I didn't want to teach and I liked money. 3a. Writer/game designer 3b. Design something. See if it floats. 4. To be content? 5. Albert Einstein 6. A combination of Intelligence with Wisdom 7. Godzilla because here size does matter.
  5. So what would the best way to get your product noticed. Say you’re working with POD and PDF. Word of mouth only goes so far. Are there any types of advertising that one should do. I’ve seen several associations out there that caterer towards small self publishing RPG companies. Would joining them help one out?
  6. That's a great reference site. I'm sure it will come in very handy.
  7. Yes happy 4th to all but, remember that the word Independent as in Independence best describes all of us WEG heads from all over the world. Light'em if you got'em.
  8. I would have to say “himself”. The Jedi pools the power from the force but it’s what’s on the inside that makes the man good or bad. I’m sure it’s a constant battle raging inside of the jedi’s mind to control his emotions, his fear and his anger. Not an easy path to be sure. Don’t think I would be a good candidate for Jedi training. Besides my gut hanging out would surely slow me down a bit when I try that cool flip that they do.
  9. In a game environment it would be impossible or nearly so to calculate all the variables that effect rounds, penetration and so on. I thought about using Hatcher's Theory of Relative Stopping Power. In short he created a system that rates the effectiveness of pistol ammo in regards to incapacitating a person. Sort of one shot one kill. The higher the RSP value the greater the damage. I know a lot of people have issues with his theory but it's something I'm looking into. The Formula is simple enough RSP = m * A * F Where RSP is the Relative Stopping Power M = Momentum of the bullet A = Area of the bullet squared F = Form Factor
  10. Name: Captian Quint Age: 50 Occupation: Fisherman Height: 5' 10" Weight: 210 lbs Sex: Male Hair: Salt and Pepper Blond Eye color: Blue Reflexes:2D Brawling 3D Coordination:2D+2 Marksmanship 3D+2 Piloting (Fishing Boat The Orca) 4D+2 Physique:3D+2 Knowledge:2D+1 Navigation 4D+1 Perception:3D Know-How 4D Repair 4D Presence:4D+1 Command 6D+1 Willpower 5D+1 Move: 10 Body Points: 27 Strength Die: 2D Character Points: 5 Fate Points: Disadvantages Age R2 Enemy R2 (shark) Quirk R1 (vengeful) Advantages Authority R1
  11. This could point me in the right direction. Thanks Rerun941. I look forward to looking at it.
  12. I'm working on a project that takes place during 1940-1950'ish and my question is about firearms. Are the damage values in D6 actually based on some type of formula or are they just educated guesses? I’m not real keen on using values based on similar types of weapons. I like to have a little more control. So what I’m after is way to calculate damage values based on different variables such a muzzle velocity, penetration and so on. Anyone know how I could achieve this?
  13. Sounds like fun. I'm thinking Barney Fife Crow T Robot Tom Servo or Alex Delarge (from A clockwork Orange).
  14. Yes too many options can bog things down and can get very confusing. I think most Game Masters create their own options with “House Rules”. As for content I’m using D6 as a framework and merging my concepts and rules from my percentile base system together. It’s still OpenD6 but it has my take on it.
  15. As much as I love the show I think Mythbusters is inching up the ramp. And look they even had several shark specials.
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