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  1. While you can use the OGL material. You can not identify that material with D6 with out an STL. With out an STL any product you make might as well be its own entity. Or a "game that uses a system that was used for high adventure space games". I personally don't like that I may be working on a line for D6 that has an unknown STL in the works that could be pulled at the whim of the trade mark holder with out even knowing the conditions that it could be pulled under. So as much as I would like to use D6, I think its time to look to other systems for the time being.
  2. reason why this poped in my head I think is that my players loath to spend character points they could be using to improve their character just to help with rolls. While in games like true20 they don't mind using conviction points and in savage worlds they spend bennies pretty liberally. I guess its just because these are experiance points they are spending they just will not do it.
  3. This is just something that jumped in my head last night. Rather than spending character points to gain additional wild die what if you had a pool of points to draw from. I was thinking you could make it like an attribute. Say one that had a default for a given setting. For example I might start all my players out at 2D of luck or hero points. At any time a player may use one of those two die just like spending a character point on a roll. Once used it will not refresh until the next game (or game day, up to the GM). So after spending one of those two points the players luck/hero points would be 1D left. Hero Points 2D [X] [ ] Luck/Hero points could be raised like any other attribute with character points. I think cost would have to be adjusted to make up for the lack of pips. Not sure on that part of it.
  4. Thanks for the input. I was just trying to explain why I was doing it. Yeah I used the term player in the first thread. But it was just an example of the figures I was rolling around in my head. I'm not getting defensive over my Idea. Just clarifying my intentions for it. I had the idea to use it for every thing. But in the over all I don't want to take power away from the players.
  5. A lot of things I do are not really required. I want to do it. So I thought I would share the idea. Maybe some one else will want the idea for something else or to match their own play style. Sure I could just have no one dodge. And I could give all goons no matter how powerful the same stats. But I like variety. I want elites a bit tougher. So this is how im looking to do it. For that matter I thought about just assigning an arbitrary difficulty to hit number. But I think basing it on abilities and stats gives a little bit more variety. I'm not trying to say its better, Or "the way it should be done". I see a way to tailor one little aspect of the game to how I want to run it. And knowing me I'll most likely only use it for games were hallways full of stormtrooper types are the most common and not use it in other settings.
  6. So far Adventure is the rule book I have used the most. But most my games have been set in modern day. But I've used the other two once or twice each. I've also ran a few different games using D6powers (difference from adventure is these games used d6powers powers). Cant say one out of them is a favorite. But most used as a core would be in order: Adventure D6powers Space Fantasy
  7. I'm mostly looking at it in a way to speed up combat for a situation that might call for me rolling defense for say, a hallway full of stormtroopers. The idea of rolling a counter rolling for 6-8 nameless thugs/goons just seems like a waist of time. not that I cant do it, But why do it if you don't have too. Maybe I should'a labeled this thread, "splatting goons". That is one reason I was not to worried about character point investment. I assumed my players would still want to roll their defense and soak rolls. And I still want to for major NPCs. Why a formula is great because I can use other published works as is and just note the goons static combat stats.
  8. Couldn't you do this with out changing the wild die odds? Basically leave it 3-6, But still use pip to exchange other die for wild die in a roll. To me just having more wild die in a pool are well worth it just for their open ended roll possibility.
  9. The dodge skill is 5D. So that would be 10 doubled. Then add ten. I'm still working on the numbers. The whole thing started from a conversation with a friend about to many rolls against average goons. How nice it would be to have a system like this for them and use RAW for named NPCs. cheshire's x3.5+ pips looks good through out the possible skill range so far too.-
  10. Well its a little more than going away with pips. You count die successes rather than adding up a number of die. Doesn't sound like much of a change. But is a world of difference to some people. My friend who runs world of darkness (Old and new), And now mostly runs shadowrun 4th. Which are both die pool and count successes systems finds counting up 5D+ die pools something that slows the game down in heavy combat. From his point of view it does because he is used to looking at a group of die and counting which one are successes and which ones are not. Not adding them all up. Its a matter of taste really. I'm Glad that there is an alternative for people who want to run/play another way. I would not mind using d6 legends in setting that are combat heavy myself. Even if your a math wiz (which I'm not) or just able to add up die fast (now that I am). Not every one at every game will be. One more tool in the tool box I say.
  11. Sounds pretty good. Its just an idea I was toying around with. More toys in the sand box the better I figure. I also like the idea of having a standard "to hit" number that is just adjusted by range and conditions like lighting, movement, ect. But I though having the "to hit" number for melee based on your opponent weapon skill was well worth a look too.
  12. As posted already Im planning a cyberpunk'ish game. While it may or not end up as a print setting I may be working on another setting that has gotten me exited. A friend of mine who I have been gaming with for a long long time wants to relaunch a game that a group of us created a long time ago. I have suggested porting the game over to d6. Looks like we are a go. We just have to convert 16-18 years worth of notes and material into a coherent book format. Should be easy right? I posted about it in my gaming blog in my signature.
  13. Although I agree with your example using gaming material like D&D. Personally I think when 4e came out it made the over saturated spat book ridden 3e look like it was made of pure gold!
  14. I for one think a d6 legend would be more popular now than when it was released in past games. Namely that it is very close to the shadowrun 4th system and a d6 version of the NWOD system. I know a lot of players of it that hate the new direction of shadowrun 4th, But love the system. (Unless your one of my friends that love the setting and doesn't like the system.) I see a lot of review saying "I love SR 4ths new streamline system". And its so very close to D6 legend system.
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