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  1. I'm a little confused on how to create my own races for a fantasy setting using d6 fantasy. It's not really clear how it works concerning point costs and die limits with the examples provided. Maybe I missed something or I'm over complicating it, but either way I think I'm doing it wrong. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. So for the fantasy setting I'm working on I wanted magic to be super versatile like mage the awakening's system where with the right skills and enough knowledge you can do anything. But since I'm still new to d6 system I could use some suggestions on how or if I should proceed. I know I'd have to put some limitations in place to keep the magic users from being to dominate like higher target numbers or slower casting times depending on how powerful the effect attempted is, ect. If anyone has any input or knows of something similar they could point out I'd appreciate it.
  3. Yea I saw that not long after making this post. Sorry that was a dumb question since I hadn't read far enough to answer it myself. Thanks for not giving me a dumb answer to my dumb question though happy xmas to you too mate
  4. Quick question about using the funds die instead of converting to cash. In the d20 modern rpg, they had you roll a d20 against a difficulty to obtain gear, ect during play. Is there a way I could do something like that with the funds dice to avoid the math and keep things simple in game?
  5. Totally helps. Thanks mate. Great suggestion that I'll probably use as presented. Simple and exactly in tune with the genre
  6. Hi. First time here and just started with d6 system. Just learned of its existence a few months back. Yes I thanked the person who moved the rock I'd been under but better late than never right? So my first project for a d6 fantasy game was to do a low fantasy swords and sorcery game. Usually in the stories of that type I've read, the characters usually don't have much money. They use their wits more and what gear they find. So my question is would lowering the funds attribute be a good way to limit the PC's reliance on things? Like I said I'm new so please, be gentle ;)
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