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  1. Thanks a lot for your detailed explanation, that was everything I needed! Me an my players just wanted to play some sessions on vanilla version but it seems, that we need some upgrades right away I was checking only "Rules Upgrade", but didn't touch the "Companion".
  2. Hi guys! I have so much trouble finding these information that I finally decided to post a new topic. In 1st core rulebook it is stated that for standard blasters you roll only 1D damage against starships (2D for heavier weapons) but I couldn't find anything about grenades and thermal detonators. I just played my first session (the Rebel Breakout adventure from the book) and it happened that an Imperial threw a thermal detonator right on my player's ship. Is there any suggestion in official books? I just read those two from 30th anniversary edition and me and my players wanna st
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