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  1. Right now a cinnamon porter, a bit late to do the Christmas drinks but moving prevented me to do it in a timely fashion, but should end up at a nice 6% abv. Also trying my hands for the first time to clone Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, I don't think its worth the $10/L we get to pay here as i make the same amount for less then $1/L with the right amount, still on the high side but importing hops turned out to be less then cheep. As standing I also have a Lager brewing, and as well I'm attempting a first and brewing it in accordance to the German purity laws. Note: For those who don't know what the German purity laws entitle. In 1516 it was included in law that in Germany you could only include water, barley, and hops. The same law also said that beer could cost no more then 1-2 Pfennig per Maß(1L glass beer mug) making it the best law in the world. It was thankfully changed 1906 with the discovery of yeast a hundred years earlier. It was first implemented as a means to stop brewers to raise the price of bread trough the use of wheat and rye. And to top it off as the best law in the world until 1987 in Germany Budwisser couldn't be legally called beer because 30% of the recipe is rice
  2. Lately I'v mostly been watching the best part about microbiology yeast do it's magic in my fermenter, because well real men make their own beer On TV it's mostly been Fringe, Big Bang Theory, Legend of the Seeker(really not "all that good" in relations to the books but I want to see where they take it), Stargate: Universe, Eureka. And giving that I like the last one mentioned I think I will be watching Warehouse 13 when/if it comes here. Sadly I no longer have our version of SyFy which airs Andromeda, Firefly and Babylon 5. Movie vise I had last Sunday/Saturday watching Star Wars, Star Trek, Fan boys(original and remake), Lord of the rings and got a bit nostalgic and watched the Never ending story.
  3. Well sins its brought back to life, might I suggest the Artemis Fowl series. They have it as such as the "people" live underground sins mud men is ruining the surface, LEPrecons still frequents the surface for.. recon(what a shocker). No "elfs(long tall legolas type)", orcs or most other loved races but different kinds of faeries, pixies, elfs, dwarfs goblins, all with different magical attributes or skills and various largly unintelligent creatures like trolls and such. Another species is involved but it is to much of a spoiler to mention much about that. The series makes a quiet nice continuation of common folklore. It was part of my inspiration when writing my last fantasy game, the pc's were a smuggling ring living in the lower elements evading the police and making the occasional sale on the surface.
  4. id say pictures are nice but a general description is usually sufficient unless its a) really cool or b) hard to describe. then ofc it would brake up the text and be a good way while quickly flipping trough to find gun x/sword y etc. as far as amount goes, the word "compendium" probably makes people think of a lot, what "a lot" means is pretty individual tho. personally id say 100 is a good amount. but really if its more then the pamphlets that some people sell for d20 with 10 or so weapons its good in my book, that is unless you rename it something like grimaces 10 amazing swords of doom.
  5. i generally let the players roll for how much money they start with, then let them buy gear based on that, il go trough what they want and either allow it or disallow it depending on the items themselves. iv always use that method and its almost always worked well. as greed pretty much is human nature it might take a while with some players until they get that i want them to cooperate even with the poor guy that started with small amounts because alone they wouldnt survive.
  6. its with rpgs as its with punk, as long as you understand the meaning and keep doing it, it will never die. there would never be a need for companies seeing as the fans will always write most of it themselves either way. and besides the industry has been dying sins it started out pretty much, a few generations down it should even become popular. lets face it how fun are the activities your parents/grandparents are doing? you have an imagination, as does most people, even if nothing was around you would "easily enough"("they" did before us so prof that my theory is plausible is in abundance) create something that would become at least playable with a few people in your close by area(that is as long as your not a eunuch living in a desert). the subject as a whole quite reminds me of the "will this be the year of linux on the home desktops?", the answer either case being unless something radical happens it will not happen for years.
  7. this being a horrific event still dosnt get to me that much, im probably pissed off enough that nothing is done to israel(just in case someone missed it a few ships with food and medicine was sent to gaza, israeli military boarded one of the ships on international waters and shot everyone, the same group later that week shot some fishermen). i mean a few companies always acts badly, but only a few times a whole goverment has gotten behind something as horrendous as piracy(which it becomes sins it was on international waters) and the killing of civilians(even tho they keep telling everyone they were scuba suites and fired automatic weapons towards a boat a few kilometers away, that alone would make any serious gun nut wonder a bit). i cant but value people over animals even tho i value people as animals, and many i value below even a speck of dust.
  8. good par to get me even more interested in buying it buying it is pretty much clear, it wont be before this fall tho, hope fully it will be done by then.
  9. now that its summers verification and seeing as i ddint get a job il be working on a advenur setting, il most likely even publish this one as "finished/work in publish thats usable"
  10. it really does sound interesting, iv figured out my next buy with table top rpgs would be d6 powers the we will see just how broke the nintendo 3ds will make me once its released hopeful around this christmas. otherwise id so get in the line for bestiary even tho il most likely get it at some point, cant get enough of pre stated d6 monsters after all
  11. just to carry on that, the therm speed of light, eg 299,792,458 meters per second would not get you where you want in the flash of as second(round the earth) or years(distant galaxies) thats portrayed in sci-fi you would for instantaneous travel go the "speed of time"(that would be the right term no?). lets use 300,000 kilometers (186 miles) in one second for ease of calculation. that would be, 1080000000 km/h now the 1080000000 light years Andromeda is from earth(at its furthers) would correspond, it would only take a hour to travel that far. yet space opera does some unbelievable feats eg star gate universe where the destiny would take about 1000 years to get caught up to with earth technology(which already has light speed capability) i would doubtfully call it "realistic". then again im just a hobbies, someone else will probably be able to prove me wrong(as according to current theories).call me out when it comes to inter stellar communications and il be of more factual help(granted it would be anything close to what we have now) edit 2: got to be geek enough to laugh out loud to that
  12. do you have the right ogl? was thinking sins the correct one is in d6 adventure and its not one of the ones you have linked already.
  13. right before fallout 3 was released i was working on something similar, i drew much from the series but not really all that similar. gonna see if its on one of my back up discs, had a few wipes sins then. either way the general idea was that mutans has always existed, every mutation was a genetic disease(i even named them tho iv forgotten all but dwarfism), all because of a parasite that lied resting under the north pole. the mutans were all killed off or put into hiding in a cleansing quiet similar to nazi germany. in 2030 the man who ran from office frutex(latin meaning bush ), managed to keep secret being a half orc. he systematically began to wage wars on every country. the collateral damage and loss of life was tremendous but rebels still existed, so he nuked most of the world, only offering protection to the ones loyal. the earths crust were revealed creating wast wastlands and the president himself was killed by raiders. everything was in disarray tribes and colonies emerged from the ones remaining, everyone wanting what little resources the others had, ex-governmental soldiers wanting control by any means. thats the just of what i remember, i have far to little time to take part in writing anything but thought id share what i did the last attempt i made.
  14. nairobie


    it is one of the currently 5 shows i follow. what really drew me to it was j. j. abrams writing and the hoard of excellent directors. it is kinda like everything i wish x-files was(or rather the direction i hoped it would take). one aspect i really like is that while things are out of this world most at least to me seems plausible.
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