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  1. I made a small test module with the main core mechanics. I found that people who at first claimed to be interested simple were not. So this project is on the back burner. I'll continue to work it, but in to new ideas.
  2. The link just goes to another link about your event schedule.. not to "higher resolution photos and descriptions" as you stated. These are some great models and I'm glad you shared them. Would love to see what the link was intended to share.
  3. Thanks so much everyone. Very helpful! I'll be exploring and then start creating soon. As a precaution I sent in a permissions request from the Church itself. Best to cover all my bases.
  4. At the bottom of the OpenD6 license it states: "The D6 System; the D6 trademarks, the D6 and related logos and any derivative trademarks not specified as Open Game Content; and all cover and interior art and trade dress are designated as Product Identity (PI) and are properties of Purgatory Publishing Inc. All rights reserved. Open Game Content: All game mechanics and material not covered under Product Identity (PI) above; OpenD6 trademark and OpenD6 logo (as displayed on this document cover page)." Does this mean that any art that I create or have created independently are no longer mine? You will notice this wording " and all cover and interior art and trade dress are designated as Product Identity (PI) and are properties of Purgatory Publishing Inc. All rights reserved."
  5. Here then is what I want to do. As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I accept a book called The Book of Mormon. It contains over 1000 years of people, places, events, and adventure. My goal is to create an RPG within that environment. It offers a complete coin/money system, timelines, groupings of people and various cities. I would like players to be able to interact with given characters, but you couldn't BE an established person... if that makes sense. You can meet and work with Han Solo, you can't BE Han Solo. I'm liking the D6 idea because regular dice are readily available from dollar stores and Walmart. The game is for a targeted group but could be enjoyed by non-members as well. In fact that is part of my goal. To allow those not of the faith to interact and gain an understand through role-play. So there it is in a nutshell.. You could be a simple Nephite farmer called to join the local militia to fight off 100's of attacking Lamanite warriors, or you could be sent by your father to retrieve special items, perhaps you and some buddies are upset that the Gadianton robbers have stolen most of your stuff, so now you want to arm yourselves and go into the nearby mountains to find their hideout and get your stuff back. Maybe you want revenge on the low-life that raped your wife and daughter and then sacrificed her to some idol? There's much material to draw from, and I want to help make it much more interactive. Any assistance would be appreciated! No, I'm not here looking to preach. I literally have a goal to create this as an RPG. I even made a logo Hope to hear from any of you soon.
  6. Hmm ok.. maybe I'm not asking clearly. Can I legally modify the D6 system to create my game? I think Fudge requires credit and a fee of some sort.
  7. Merry Christmas to you as well! I've not used any system as of yet. I did try the fudge system but lost that work sadly. I'm here to explore the D6 system and figure out what I need to get started from scratch again.
  8. My bad, I should give some context and history. I've played the Star Wars d6 but mostly non-d6 games like Rifts, Recon, TMNT, Shadowrun, Vampire the masquerade, etc. AS for this game.. well, its from scratch. Its a very specific target group and I want something both playable and simple. Ideally I would like to create a full blown core rule book and a simpler more spontaneous version as a mod. I can give you more specific details if you like, I don't want to bore you.
  9. Great advice! Do I simply download something like D6 Adventure and modify it?
  10. Greetings from Canada! I am wanting to create my first RPG ever after years of playing various games. I've chosen a D6 platform for simplicity in that people can obtain six sided die easily. That said, I've not written a game as of yet. I have a core premise, and a focused topic/player base. I am looking for suggestions on how to start and move towards play testing. What do I need to purchase as far as licensing to use the D6 platform? Can I simply take an open D6 reference and modify it for my game? In short... Hello! Anyone still here? How do I get started creating? :)
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