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  1. ooohh.. overlooked that :(( 😉 Thx again, Iam checking to many sources at the same time for info.. seems like I got lost in the woods looking for trees 🙂
  2. Hi again.. Being occupied doing quiet a lot of converting and re-editing PFRPG adventures for my D6-Group. Obviously with some succes as they keep on turning up to gamesessions (i hope it´s not the free drinks). I am currently thinking fo a way to include the meta of Spell Resistance.. Does anyone already have an idea or suggestions? Thx
  3. Indeed.. ..and after I bought it I first wanted to give it an minimum/bed evaluation, however the guy changed a few very minor aspects ..and what´s more important added quiet a few conversions of monsters and many pregenerated spells.. so I chnaged from 1 to 3 out of 5. It is not a new system nor a new approach but saved me a hel lot of time, as I just wanted to start playing. My group liked it .. I do not gain money from adverstising ;-) However, there´s always still a lot of work to do converting premade adventures :-( By the way, I have a question concerning Body Points of monsters: Are they really calculated like PC Body Points. I could understand that for medium huamoid creatures.. how about an ogre? Gargoyle? i know I am the DM and could in- or decrease as I like it, however I´d like to stay as much in line as possible (to the games and the gamers advantage?
  4. Someone did a HELL LOT OF WORK.. I bought it and it saved me muuucho work as it is a very nicely done conversion from d20 to d6. Not mainly monsters, but spells, races and others.. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/190833/Open-Fantasy I hope linking it does comply to the forum rules.
  5. Thx for sharing.. @Durran: for the v2.0 @grimshaw: Having used only four stats seems that this has been done for MiniD6? I´ll start by using classical d6 FRPG (6 stats), but these conversions give a slight idea.
  6. I did,.. ..paid the worthy price and found it nice to get ideas about how to possibly use magic in a campaign.
  7. All of it 🙂 Especially Creatures and spells .. weapons are not much of a concern or work.. I´d very much appreciate any help that´d lessen my work of converting things.. I could offer converted creatures myself as soon as work is done on them, if wanted!? Which forum then?
  8. Thanks a lot for the link.. I could discuss wether the solar angel would have greater stats. However it is exactly this problem of balancing wich concerns me most. In D20 it is quiet easy to see by Challenge Rating or Character Level how tough an encounter would be. The CR system helps a lot to create on the fly encounters. Is there a solution which would be compareable in usefulness for D6? I have to admit that my experience with D6 Fantasy is very limited (and SW D6 hasn´t been used for quiet some time). Thx
  9. There´s still hope.. Being a looong time gamer (since the late ´80s)playing mainly D&D in various editions and loving the WEG SWd6, our group recently became a little bored with d20 and we decided to change to d6 Fantasy. Being the main GM for these fellows I do see the work in front of me, as there a nearly no pre-made d6 FRP adventures. I do have copies of a nearly complete Pathfinder RPG collection and would be VERY interested in the conversion guidelines you mentioned in your last post. And.. of cause in the vallues of the already converted monsters!!! Would you mind to share? Greetings from Germany
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