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  1. Newer version. some bugs removed. I use the value 4 for each Body Points "die". New space for modify the Body Points. Acrobats skill added (I had forget it). godsend_agenda_character_generator_3.ods godsend_agenda_character_generator_3.xls
  2. Vankman

    Dodge Specialization

    We are playing Godsend Agenda d6.
  3. Hello, Here are two spredsheets to help during the character creation for Godsend Agenda d6. They are in .odb (openoffice) and .xls (excel 97 - 2000). With you find any error or other things, just comment. Thanks. godsend_agenda_character_generator_3.xls godsend_agenda_character_generator_3.ods
  4. Vankman

    Dodge Specialization

    Hello, Yesterday, during a game test, the PC called for Dodge. He have dodge 6d and specialization (guns+3d), but there was three thugs with guns, 2 with knifes and one with bare hands. How the active defense would work in this situation? Thanks.
  5. Hello, I'm starting a new campaing with Godsend Agenda d6. I ran a little simulation of a 120 points hero against 3 thugs. the hero did 3 attacks and cutted the guns of 2 thugs, the 3rd thug shot him, twice, 4d6 max (24 damage!!!) and 16 damage the second. the hero felt in two shots. Is it normal?