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  1. Update I'm working on the core functionality at the moment. All of the testing for this stage is automated and OS agnostic. Aside from responding to tester offers and little updates like this, there won't appear to be much progress. I was considering making a developer vlog - maybe uploaded once a week. This is something I have never done before and would like to learn how to do. Would this be of interest?
  2. @Jeffrywith1e Thank you for the offer of financial support and more importantly, with the offer to help with testing - especially on Linux. @anlarye Thanks for the offer to test on Linux. @Mavelic Thank you for the offer to help with testing. You don't have to be a programmer to help. In fact it's better if testers are not programmers. I hadn't considered providing multiple languages however that is a good idea and your help as a translator would be great for a French version.
  3. @Grimace and @Durran Hello and thank you for your offer to help with testing. I mentioned my plan to set up a Patreon account in the future simply to be upfront about my plans to monetise my work. I'm concerned that (given you both have mentioned how you can't help in a financial sense) this part of my original post seems to be a pitch for financial support. This isn't my intention. You both have more experience of the members of this forum and the D6 community than I have. Do you think I should remove the reference to Patreon or clarify this aspect in some way? Again, many thanks for your offer to help with testing.
  4. Hello :-) I am a retired programmer and an active tabletop RPG player and referee since the late 1970's - mainly D&D and Traveller. After many years developing Java backends, I am free to develop whatever interests me and I have decided to develop an application which enables people to create RPG campaigns and adventures, plus hold gaming sessions using peer to peer networked sessions. As an ex-professional developer, I am aware that this is a big task however I have the time, skills and experience to take this project on and deliver it iteratively. Rather than pottering around the garden (which is a very pleasant way to spend a retirement) I want to spend my days building this. I have decided to use the OpenD6 rules because I like the rules and as they are open sourced, I can legally use them. I don't want to create my own rule system, just code an application that uses an existing rule system. The application will be free to download and use. This I see as my contribution to the OpenD6 community. I will also be producing a programming course that teaches people how this application has been developed, which will help to fill a strange void in the JavaFX tutorial world as there is a dearth of high quality tutorials detailing how to use complex JavaFX applications. That will be my contribution to the programming community. I will be monetising this project tangentially by setting up active Patreon and Maker Support accounts at some point in the future. I am looking for people who are willing to test each iterative release and provide bug reports and user feedback. There will be a set of requirements - around ten to fifteen - that each release is intended to satisfy and these will need to be tested for compliance and reported on using a simple online form. I need a set of people who use Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Although I have spent the last six months getting up to speed with JavaFX from a technical point of view, aside from small tutorial applications, I have never built desktop applications before. I was a backend coder. So the first thing I will be focussing upon is ironing out any teething problems relating to packaging and distributing a simple 'hello world' application that is easily installed onto Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems. From that point onwards, the project will fall into a standard iterative development and release cycle. If any of you are interested in testing my work, then please comment below and thank you in advance. roy kinson
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