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  1. I played TORG when it first came out. Bought all the books as they expanded and eventually stopped. TORG was in many ways revolutionary with its usage of the deck for randomness as well as the combinations of genre in one relatively cohesive background. It really wowed me and from the first time I played it, I fell in love with it, or maybe better to say the idea of it. After some time with the game you start to see all the things wrong with it. This invariably happens with every game system, with few exceptions. Most systems come out with a second edition to address these issues. Most of us Torg fans have been waiting for that second edition for well over a decade. In that timespan we have had dozens of teases and promises about a Torg 2.0, none of which came to fruition. That all being said, I still want a new Torg. But for you to ask us to be optimistic or even less bitter is, I'd argue, an unrealistic request. And I rarely get involved in this. I have basically lurked at the edges trying not to get my hopes up. I can't imagine how bitter I'd be if I was here talking it up and joining in on a regular basis. BennyG
  2. Thanks Eric, for the update. If you don't mind me asking did they buy the entire TORG property from you or just a piece? (i.e. digital publishing rights for video games, or non-print media, etc...) I am with skel on this one. If we see a product in the short term, either they pretty much had a product in place and just needed the intellectual property or they threw together a piece of garbage and slapped a TORG logo on it. I highly doubt the first as most people won't work on something without the knowledge that their work will come to fruition and I hope the latter isn't what we get. I would rather them take 5 years and put out a fantastic TORG product than to slap together a crappy system to try and make money off of it. BennyG
  3. I saw the post from Eric saying that he was in the final negotiations with another company who would get the TORG license. That was months ago. Does anyone know who owns it now? BennyG
  4. I am really here because I am psyched that a Torg 2.0 might be on the not too distant horizon. I can only hope that the new system does the setting justice but systematically is an evolution from the old one.
  5. Howdy all, New to the forums here. I have been waiting for a Torg 2 for quite some time. As for which Cosms to keep, I would leave in Aysle, Living Lands, Cyberpapacy, Nile Empire and Orrorsh. I was never really impressed with Nippon tech. Nor was I impressed with any of the later players, Tharkhold, Land Below, Space Gods or Terra (Terra was ok but it should either replace Nile Empire or not.) As for change, catch them up to the modern era, make the core of the system more streamlined so that adding future product won't take system rewrites and fix the reality issues and I will be happy.
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