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  1. Here is what I got so far... Mecha Creation Rules; Step 1: Choose Base Model Warrior Class - The Warrior Class of Mechas are heavily built and are designed for smashing and wrestling oponents with their bare fists/arms. Though, they trade maneuvability for extra armor and strength. Scale: +4D Skill: Mecha Pilot Crew: 1 Passengers: 0 Cargo: None Maneuvability: +0D Move: 2D Body: 6d+2 Weapons: Punch/Fists (6D+2), Shoulder Gatling Gun (4d, 30/100/350) ****** Scout Class - The Scout Class of Mechas are a lighter built and more maneuverable. They were designed for guerilla warfare and reconnisionce missions. They trade armor for speed. Scale: +4D Skill: Mecha Pilot Crew: 1 Passengers: 0 Cargo: None Maneuvability: +2D Move: 3D Body: 4d+1 Weapons: Punch/Fists (4D+1), Light Auto Cannon (5d, 100/350/500), Light Rocket Pods (4D+2, 50/150/400) ****** Hunter Class - The Hunter class of mechas are designed for variable mission operations but excel at tactical insertion operations or search and destroy missions. Scale: +4D Skill: Mecha Pilot Crew: 1 Passengers: 0 Cargo: None Maneuvability: +1D Move: 2D Body: 5d+1 Weapons: Punch/Fists (5D+1), Heavy Auto Cannon (6d, 100/350/500), Heavy Rocket Pods (5D+2, 50/150/400) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Step 2: Choose Perks After base model is chosen, players have 7 perk points to customize their mechas. (1) Reinforced Armor: +1 Armor Rating (1) Extra Weapon: The mecha was designed with space to carry or hold an extra weapon or for specialty weapons (2) Percision Targeting: Reduces multiple action penalties by -1D (2) Advanced Neuro-Net: +1D to Maneuvability (2) Plasma Weapons: +1 pip to weapon Damage (Maximum total on any weapon is +3, this does not cause in increase) (2) Standard Melee Weapon/Fist Reinforcement: +1D Melee Damage (3) Increased Reflexes: +3 Bonus to Dodge Rating (3) Defense Programming: +3 Bonus to Parry Rating (3) Stealth Technology: -5 to opponents Gunnery Skill when targeting this mecha and in low light/dark areas or at night -1d to all attempts in tracking or searching for this mecha. (3) Improved Targeting System: +1D TO Gunnery Skill (3) X-Ray Vision: Mecha can scan through material no thinker then a wall (4) Power Melee Weapon/Fist Reinforcement: +2D Melee Damage (4) Atmospheric Flight: Mecha can fly at twice the rated speed (4) Next Generation Frame: Increases Body by +1D (4) Specialty Weapons: Mecha has been equiped with a specialty weapon. (such as a Rail Gun 7D 100/350/500, Megaton Warheads 8D 200/700/1000, Plasma Melee Weapon +3D, Tank Hunter Cannon +9D 100/350/500, Anti-Mecha Rockets 6d+2 50/150/400 +1 Gunnery Skill when targeting other Mechas, and Tactical Low Radiation Yield Nukes 10D 200/700/1000). The downside to some of these weapons are limited ammuntion. (5) Space Flight: MEcha can fly at twice the rated speed but can operated in space (5) Large Frame: Increase Scale by +1D (5) Armor Pericing Weapons: Choose one weapon, targets soad is considered 3 less when determing final damage (5) N.I.N.J.A. Wirering: Mecha Ignores -5 Penalty when choosing to Dodge at Point Blank Range and in Melee (6) Particle Scanners: Mecha pilot ignores opponents cover bonus up to 75% cover. Reduces active camo bonuses by 4. (6) Active Camo: Mecha gains a the 75% cover bonus when not moving and the 50% cover bonus when moving or in active combat. The mecha gains an additional +5 to the cover bonuses if actually using cover as well. (7) Force Field Generator: A Force field surrounds the mecha, granting 10 bonus body points where damage is subtracted from first. Once the field is depleted, the remaining damage taken is taken by the mecha itself. The field generator takes 24 hours of rest to self recharge or if damaged must be repaired before it can be used again.
  2. I am a little lost. What scale gets how much dice? How do you use the extra dice? Is there rules for large weapons?
  3. Not even for the good of your fellow gamers?
  4. That is Awesome! Made me laugh so hard. Ya, I would love to see a D6 powers for mini six. Do we have any official word that it is on the mix? I still enjoy Godsend Agenda, but it is a little overly complicated. Great setting though, I tend to use bits and pieces of the setting a lot.
  5. Ya, I am tempted to get the First Edition, they are still selling it. From when I talked to ADB is waiting on the outside contractor. Does anyone know who this is? I just kind of figured it was Eric Gibson, but I guess I am wrong, it sounds like it is a private author of sorts...
  6. So, I have stumbled across this Star Trek game called Prime Directive. It looks pretty sweet. There is a GURPS edition, a 3.5 edition, and a D20 Modern Edition. It says on their website that a D6 edition is coming soon. So, I called them up and asked if the D6 system was still happened and they told me yes, they are just waiting on outside contractors. So, I am wondering does anyone know more about the status of this awesome project? http://www.starfleetgames.com/pdindex.shtml
  7. Ya, I have tried the search and the website on his website is no good.
  8. No one? He is not around or no one knows who I am talking about? I wish I had a valid e-mail address for him.
  9. I am trying to get a hold of the person that did the Matrix D6, Appleseed D6, and all of that other jazz. I tried to use the e-mail of the site but I got a failure to deliver message. Thanks again.
  10. I would not mind at all giving some help. It might be limited because I am working on a D6 Judge Dredd and have multiple Savage Worlds projects going. PM me
  11. "When I use the Wild Die I used it SPECFICALLY for the minus or addition of dice. A 1 always takes away itself and the highest die. A 6 always "explodes", adding to the total. I never use it to add a difficulty or a spectacular bonus. I use the rolls to determine that. If a player rolls 6D and gets a 4 when the difficulty was 15, I'll have something bad happen because of how poorly they failed. If a player rolls 3D and gets 36 when the difficulty was 20, I'll have their success be a little more spectacular or beneficial because of how well they rolled. But I don't automatically make bad things happen on a 1. If a player rolls a 1 on the Wild Die and still gets enough to succeed based on the difficulty, then it's a success. If a player gets a 6 on the Wild Die but still manages to not make their required difficulty, they'll still fail. So it all comes out in the wash. So when you're looking at "gritty", you have to look at whether you want "gritty cinematic" or "gritty realism". The for the former, keep the Wild Die but require an additional roll to "verify" the occurrence. So a 1 is rolled, roll it again. Another 1 means bad stuff. Anything else and it's just a 1. A 6 is rolled, roll it again. Another 6 means you add a D to the total. Anything else and it's just a 6. Still "gritty", but also has an element of cinematic, just not so rare as "all dice coming up 1 or 6". If you want the latter, then just completely remove the Wild Die. Expect no variances, work specifically on a well established bell curve and tell people "them's the breaks" when they simply can never get a 19 on 3D, no matter how many times they roll...it'll always be an infinity away." This is how I roll.
  12. Yes, Sanity is very very overrated. Anyway, is t he guy still around who did this conversion? I have played a few one sessioners and I like it. After seeing Zombieland, I am very inspired.
  13. When will we see anything to sink our, uh dice into?
  14. Well that blows. Does anyone know how to get a hold of him? I mean I just did a quick and easy conversion for an AVP game for the Savage Worlds engine but I wanted to see what his D6 was turning out like.
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