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  1. I did something similar some time ago. Feel free to compare against mine. I'll be happy to look at yours. http://www.sycarion.com/rpg-downloads/open-d6-download-links/ I have it in Excel and ODS formats. I highlighted in green where my calculations differed from what was printed in the book.
  2. Here are all the spells in D6 Magic and D6 Fantasy in spreadsheet format. One of the worksheets has all the spells broken down using the spell creation system. If you prefer, here's the same thing in LibreOffice. Hope that helps!
  3. Happy to help. Pardon the awful grammar in the first post. Not used to auto-correct yet.
  4. It's been a long time, but I wanted to let everyone know that I took all the spells in D6 Magic and D6 Fantasy and put them in a spreadsheet for easy reference. One sheet is every spell in alphabetical order done in the Spell Design Worksheet format. http://www.sycarion.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/D6-Spell-Spreadsheet.xls I made some corrections to spells that different calculate difficulty correctly. Anything is Green is what I changed. Feel free to tell me that I made tons of errors, egregious or otherwise. I hope it's something that others find useful.
  5. Just doing my part. Game Knight Reviews has posted their review as well. (Can't link to it at work.)
  6. I had a heck of a time doing the conversion some time ago. I, for one, would appreciate it if it is not too much trouble.
  7. When I did Fantasy D6 some time ago, I had to make some changes to the text. I never went back and fixed them. Thanks for doing this, it is a great help. I'm going to change the Six-Sided Fantasy Reference Document page on my site to point to yours. Just so you know, I will slice and dice the RTFs a little bit to make it more like the d20srd.org page, but there will be a link to you. Thanks again!
  8. They certainly can be, some of the results I've gotten are just downright weird! In any case, it's important to me to attempt something different. I figure that even if the setting is completely implausible, at least the attempt will be fun. That makes sense in that realistic could mean that a mutation needs to have some type of natural cause. Descartes preceeded this time era by about 110 years, but it could be relevant. He believed that the soul had a physical location in the body. (Specifically, IIRC, it was the pineal gland.) To make it more in line with the setting, mutations could have their root in abnormalities of the pineal gland. Great idea about all mutations not necessarily being beneficial. I think the 'scarred ones' with obvious mental or physical abnormalities can even become a central part of the game as troops used by the British. Thank you for the feedback. I'll post more as the idea developes. Chime in anytime.
  9. The Big Goal I've set for myself is to use Instant Game to generate settings for Open D6. I hope to accomplish a few things by doing this: 1. I want to contribute to a system I like. 2. I want to demonstrate how easy it is to adapt D6 to just about anything, even for a complete newb like me. 3. I want to learn all the options available. For example, learning the whys and why nots of using the wound system versus using the health points option. 4. I want to provide some fodder for folks to fill in holes in the Open D6 rules. 4b. I want to contribute to the wiki I'm hoping that I can generate these settings at the rate of 3 or 4 a year. I'll do more if I can, I'm hoping that some of the results will be more fluff writing than rule writing. Anyway, the first setting to come up gave me these key words: Boston 1770’s, Realistic, Supers, War This conjures images to me of an alternate Revolutionary War where a few people (on all sides of the conflict) begin to develop super powers. I'm not sure how Realistic and Supers go together, so I figured it would be something like Captain America (up to one dice above maximum physical human attributes), Green Arrow (Up to one dice above Maximum Human Coordination to pull off arrow shots) and folks with only one power like Golden Age Flash (Fast, but not breaking the sound barrier or time travel fast) and Shazam (throw a mounted cannon or the Liberty Bell, but not building or a ship in the harbor). There may even be a witch or two in Salem. There probably should folks with some kind of fire or water power. This would mean a small list of super powers and a system to handle them. So far, my thoughts lead me to handle super powers like every other extraordinary ability. For example, a witch could have an Extraordinary: Magic attribute with a few spells. A Human Torch like person would have a Control Fire attribute that could work for any attempt to control a fire, shoot out flames, etc. But the creative player could, at character creation, add one or two 'stunts' with an extra pip or two. What do you think?
  10. Great to be working with you, Eric, instead of apart from you. Looking forward to the STL and what will hopefully be a D6 Renaissance.
  11. Scratch what I said. Prime Evil has it covered. I'd go along with it, especially the 5% part.
  12. I like the name of The 6 System. I looked up System Six, but that refers to some Apple software a few years old. I was trying to come up with a cool logo, but the best I could come up with is this: 6 Otherwise, thanks for the compliment. I hope that my original post wasn't construed as sarcasm, it wasn't. I like the name of The 6 System.
  13. That would be a cool logo! Man, I wish I could draw.
  14. If I had to come up with a different name, it would be the Cubes System As in, Anti-Paladin Games brings you the latest games based on the excellent Cubes System, Mini-Six!
  15. AH, now I follow. Makes sense to me. Make mine... um... let me go to the other thread.
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