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  1. Hi, avoided Covid-19, waiting end of confinement, play rpg with my children. Stay safe, stay home ! Regards
  2. Hi, Unfortunately, download link above is broken. can you give another link ? TYIA
  3. And a lot of dices to roll in your adventures !
  4. Thank you Grimace for your idea, and even if this is different of what I was thinking first, you gave me interesting elements to work with. Tell me what you think about that : 1) I split many existing skills to have a wider palette of possibilities and fine tuning for pcs 2) for rare/very complex skills, I use advanced (A) rules from SWREUP 3) for quite complex skills, I use your idea of progressively increasing cost and limiting progression. Comments ? Have a good eve ! Regards
  5. No dumb question, only dumb answers !
  6. Hi, That exists too in opend6, take a look at fantasy, adventure or space for "funds" rules p.14 (in all 3 books), then take a look at the "equipments" chapter. Have a good xmas
  7. Hi, In Fantasy p47, it is writen "Whenever any player, including the gamemaster, makes any roll, (...)", so per the rules, it concerns all rolls, then all npcs. But, as a GM, i consider only major npcs (sort of, equals to pcs) could have a chance of major success (6s on wild die), minor npcs are only there to warm the encounters. No rule is written in marble, so you do as you wish and follow the only true rule : make everybody happy !
  8. Hi, As i'm also playing GURPS beside od6 (fantasy), i wonder if there is a mean to make some skills harder to learn than other ? I explain : In gurps, there is 4 "levels" of difficulty to learn a skill, depending if it's easy (savoir-faire, brawling, gun), average (broadsword, Electrician, Public Speaking), hard (Mathematics, karate, Forgery) or very hard (Surgery, Alchemy, Computer Hacking), so a skill "default" or start at attribute -0 for easy, -1 for average, -2 for hard and -3 for very hard. I like the idea a skill is harder to learn as it is more complex to study. In od6, all skills seems to be "easy" as they directly add to attribute, weither it is a simple (say levage) or a very complexe (say hyperdrive repair) to learn. I know it exists, in SWREUP the Advanced skill, which start, sort of, at "no default" ; interesting idea but it sounds a lot like those pseudo attribute like Magic or the like. So, how to improve difficulty to acquire (at start) and learn a skill in od6, depending on its complexity ? Thanks in advance for your comments ! Regards
  9. Happy New Year, all ODsixers ! I wish you plenty OD6 games this year 2019.
  10. Maybe you could take a look at opend6 "Adventure" and 'Adventure locations" to get some ideas how to adapt your background. https://ogc.rpglibrary.org/index.php?title=OpenD6
  11. We are alive ! Nice you use opend6 for your game. Merry Xmas (from France) !!
  12. Installed Very interresting and useful. Miss a "how to" make custom template : any tutorials ? Tank you again
  13. That's really a good project. Is there any mean to print characters ? Any pc version ?
  14. i'm not a programmer, but if i can help in any way, i'll do. Possible to help for en possible french translation, if this is envisaged doing. Regards
  15. Well, I agree with that, there is no reason of PB bonus, it doesn't really make sense ; for distance shot, there is aiming bonus (+1D per turn) and i think that's enough. I know you use a mixed wounds/body points with target making Physique roll + armor vs Physique+weapon, so I would like to know about your own armor system : is it balanced compared to Fantasy original ?
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