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  1. Happy New Year, all ODsixers ! I wish you plenty OD6 games this year 2019.
  2. Maybe you could take a look at opend6 "Adventure" and 'Adventure locations" to get some ideas how to adapt your background. https://ogc.rpglibrary.org/index.php?title=OpenD6
  3. We are alive ! Nice you use opend6 for your game. Merry Xmas (from France) !!
  4. Installed Very interresting and useful. Miss a "how to" make custom template : any tutorials ? Tank you again
  5. That's really a good project. Is there any mean to print characters ? Any pc version ?
  6. i'm not a programmer, but if i can help in any way, i'll do. Possible to help for en possible french translation, if this is envisaged doing. Regards
  7. Well, I agree with that, there is no reason of PB bonus, it doesn't really make sense ; for distance shot, there is aiming bonus (+1D per turn) and i think that's enough. I know you use a mixed wounds/body points with target making Physique roll + armor vs Physique+weapon, so I would like to know about your own armor system : is it balanced compared to Fantasy original ?
  8. Thank you for this fully detailed answer ! So, if i understand correctly, you would apply -5 range modifier to hand (close) attack ? I thought it was just for *ranged* attacks, not close combat. Thank you again
  9. Hi, Again I need a bit of explaination concerning ranged weapons combat modifiers. If my target has a base combat difficulty/passive defense value of 10 (Fantasy p.60), then if a pc shoot him with a long bow at long range, the base difficulty with markesmanship skill should be 20 (10+10) regarding Common Combat Difficulty Modifiers (p.61) ; if the shoot come from short range, difficulty becomes 10 (10+0), so from point blank the difficulty should be 5 (10-5)... OK, but... If the pc attack the same target with a sword instead, obviously from point blank (less than 3 meters away then), the difficulty to hit with melee skill is still 10 !?! There is not a problem there, a strong advantage for ranged weapons ?? Also, if pc use aiming time (up to +3D to hit), it becomes really easy to shoot a target from far. So, how you play/rule ranged weapon combat (medfant essentialy) ? Some exemple please ? Or I missed something essential ? Accustomed to GURPS ranged table (adding both speed+range), sometime what is obvious becomes not obvious to me... Thanks in advance
  10. Thanks. Interesting to compare your point of view with Fantasy Creatures book.
  11. You're not alone ! i'm eager to read you again. opend6 will survive
  12. Hi, The problem is that OD6 Vade Mecum of Magic is an unfinished book with almost no layout. Maybe the options should have been italicized later ; i guess they are there but which one ? You cannot find a clue in OD6 Fantasy (p.83+) ? Keep us up to date.
  13. Yes, I substract "big defender" scale number from "small attacker" damages. If the big defender has "real" armor, I make armor roll, add scale number and do as before. This is how i undertand the Fantasy rules, am I right ?
  14. Forget my stupid question ! the answer was clearly written in Fantasy p71, both in left column and in the exemple (right column) !
  15. Hi, i've a question in fantasy combat. Note i'm using Grimace hybrid system (hp + wounds). how i calculate "damage resistance total" for a big giant (scale +7) attacked by human (scale 0) ? If the giant has no armor, fantasy p63, it has no right to have resistance roll. Would you add it's scale as resistance and make a roll or not ? Thanks in advance for your advices.
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