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  1. Hi, By chance, I've read a news about Nocturnal purchasing WEG. They are not clear about the OpenD6 licence... Someone knows what (will) happen with od6 ? Thanx (I've made quick search on the forum but didn't found anything : maybe i'm dumb or else, thanks to moderator to move my post if necessary)
  2. Hi, I like your idea of Archetype, Motivation and Flaw costing no point, it's easy, intuitive and let players being creative with their background. Well done. The only drawback i see is for the GM to balance it if his players look for minimaxing, but nothing unbearable. But i like it !
  3. Hi, here is how i should play "luck", mixing od6 and gurps rules : Luck (3-5) Once per hour of game play, the player can use any 5 on wild die as a critical result and reroll it like she does with a 6 as usual. For 5 points, the player can reroll on a 4 or 5 on the wild die. Also as an alternative, she can dismiss a 1 on wild die, once per hour, and reroll a d6. I hope i'm clear, (english is not my native language) Regards
  4. Thank you both of you for your advice. I'm going to read attentively these minisix rules and try to make a new fan ! Regards
  5. Hi all, I'm a dad, old rpg player, and I think it's time to introduce my 10 yo daughter to rpg. I thought first to play some D&D (the first one, red box !) because I know and remember well the "core" rules, but finally I'd like to begin with D6 system instead. So my question is : does it exist somewhere simplified OD6 rules to begin with kids ? Thank you in advance for you're help. Regards, from France
  6. A year later... Happy Birthday... again!

  7. Hi, You've done a great job. This is good to have some different point of view concerning magic. I'm working on my own magical d6 system too, but i think you'll give me a lot of inspiration. If i publish my own on my website, i'll not forget to put a link to this page.
  8. Happy Birthday!

  9. Hi everybody, hello Eric, happy to read you again ! Maybe I'm wrong and misunderstand this thread, but if it's still needed I propose you a name to replace "D6" : Hexadice It can be easily translated (in french, italian, spanish, german, etc.) without losing its meaning : "Hexadé" is ok in french Better, the ancient greek "hexa" is known quite well in many languages to mean "6". Just my 2 cents (of euro). Regards
  10. Impatient to see what will come next !
  11. From GURPS Ice Age : Armoury (stone knapping) Axe/mace [melee skill] Axe throwing : this weapon cannot be thrown Cooking Disguise (animal guise) First Aid : use bandaging rules instead Survival (terrain) Theology (Rituals ans ceremonies) Tracking Bow and Palette Flint Sparking Herbalist (phy shkil at stone age) Mimicry Weather Sense Hope that helps
  12. Hi all What difference between this "D6 Fantasy (redux)" and the one I've bought a few months ago at rpgnow ? TIA
  13. many thanks (i've bought on rpgnow fantasy books two months ago to support the cause ! ^^), but it seems it doesn't works, at this time, for some publications : 51005 The D6 System: The Customization Roleplaying Game (a.k.a. the D6 Cookbook) 51012 D6 Space 51019 D6 Gamemaster Screen and Aid 51020 D6 Fantasy Locations 51021 D6 Adventure Creatures 51022 D6 Space Aliens I 51024 D6 Vade Mecum of Magic Is that normal ? Regards
  14. Dès que le SRD sera publié, je compte me lancer dans une traduction pour l'hexagone. Peut-être qu'il y a moyen de s'entraider ? As short as SRD will be published, I'm going to translate it for France. Maybe there is a mean to share the task ?
  15. You're right, I'm a little bit impatient...