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  1. materials health ?

    Thanks to both of you. I've found similar rules in Fantasy too, well hidden page 69. The "main" difference is it needs 10 pts above damage resistance to severely damage objects.
  2. materials health ?

    Do you mean material body strength as Physique, adding 20 to the roll ?
  3. materials health ?

    As i'm using hp for creatures and not "wound" levels, how much hp would you give to materials ? I still keep dices as strength as in SW reup. TIA
  4. materials health ?

    Thank you, i look at that
  5. materials health ?

    Hi and merry xmas I'm looking for simple rules for materials health : how many hp has a wood slab, a sword, an iron bar, a 1 meter thick wall, etc. Someone use this kind of rules ? Thanks in advance.
  6. D6 character creation tool

    Very nice ! It needs some function (like reset points) but it is a very good start. I can translate in french all skills, adv, etc. names. Tell me what kind of file you need.
  7. Diseases & poison generic rules ?

    Got it, thank you, i'll read this carefully. Another house rules ?
  8. Hi, In fantasy and D6 books, I don't find any generic rules for diseases (and poisons). How do you play this ? Home rules ? Regards
  9. another magic system (first draft)

    Not yet, the page layout is far from being finished. Also, it's all writen in french. I'll upload it on my website when it'll be ready.
  10. another magic system (first draft)

    Hi, After some testing, it is a good magic system IF your players know well usual "spells" in many rpg, then IF they are experienced players. If NOT, this is a waste of time for the table, as GM (me) lose time to suggest this or that spell effects to players. It is something to take in account when trying "low rules" magic. Finally, i'm back to classic spell lists, took a lot of time to complete, adapt and rewrite my own "grimoire" for my game, inspiring from gurps magic, rolemaster, D&D and Grimace's M&M.
  11. * Introduce Yourself *

    Salut et bienvenu ! Je suis français aussi (mais je continue en anglais). Basically, D6 rpg is Star Wars core system (appeared 1987 ? I played first time in '88...), but like GURPS, it became more "generic and universal" with "D6 system" rules. Now it's a totally free system under OGL names OpenD6 since april 2009. You can find all books you need for most game settings there : https://ogc.rpglibrary.org/index.php?title=OpenD6 If you're looking for a simple D6 based system, then i think mini-six is made for you. http://www.antipaladingames.com/p/mini-six.html for orignal version http://www.rune.free.fr/de-roulant/Mini_Six_FR_v1.pdf pour la VF. Enjoy
  12. I think you're right, your spell is very powerful with that change target. Why don't you go for a large area spell ?
  13. Fantasy in D6 - explain it to me

    Sorry for raising this thread from the abyss, but those links seems to be dead, even after some research. Can someone give me good links ? TIA.
  14. another magic system (first draft)

    As I said in point 7), i tested with my 2 kids, i let them think about "effects" (they dont know anything premade spells as in AD&D or the like) and we calculated in short games situations, it was ok, fast and totally open to imagination (contrary to pre-made spells).
  15. another magic system (first draft)

    Hi, have you already tested in game your system ?