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  1. another magic system (first draft)

    Just checking to see if this was ready yet to be viewed
  2. materials health ?

    Good memory there Savar for being without your books. I do have mine however. In D6 Adventures it gives the following examples for object toughness Object Construction Toughness Flimsy (plywood door) 1D Tough (hard wooden door, most guns) 2D Sturdy (bolted steel door, personal safe) 3D Very sturdy (a few layers of steel) 4D Reinforced (numerous layers of steel) 6D If the attempt is successful, compare the skill total with the object’s damage resistance total (its Toughness modified by size, thickness, flaws, supports, etc.). Items that take at least 13 points above their damage resistance total are severely damaged, if not destroyed. Items taking less than that are weakened, and another attempt may be made (with the object having a reduced damage resistance total and possibly other problems). Toughness is an ojects Physique. Body Points: If your gamemaster is using this characteristic, roll your character’s Physique and add 20 to the total.
  3. materials health ?

    here are some examples from the REUP Star Wars rule book Sample Protection Body Strength Flimsy wooden door 1D Standard wooden door 2D Standard metal door 3D Reinforced door 4D Blast door 6D This is on page 94 of that book.
  4. game ooc

    I haven't seen any posts for over a month. Is everyone that busy or is the game in limbo?
  5. MiniSix Options

    on page 19 in the Mini Six barebones book. There is the optional rule for automatic successes. That states the following: Halfway There To help speed up the game, if the number of skill dice in any skill is equal to half the Target Number, the GM may consider it an automatic success. So does that mean the total number of dice for a skill (including the base Attribute) or is that just the dice put into the skill above the base Attribute dice?
  6. Diseases & poison generic rules ?

    starting on page 103 of the REUP rules for Star Wars from Womp Rat Press has both rules for poisons and illness/diseases. I would just use them since someone already took the time to write them out.
  7. Stormglass links

    Yeah that is a good description. I already have it downloaded.
  8. another magic system (first draft)

    Is it ready to be seen?
  9. Stargate

    There is a Mini Six game that is very similar called Stormglass. And I have found a number of D6 crossovers for Stargate itself.
  10. Perk unarmed combat

    I would say 3 given how some of the other perks out there operate already.
  11. Sith Temple, act 1

    Alaric eases the ship within range and holds waiting to either make a hasty retreat or to continue onward.
  12. Sith Temple, act 1

    "The problem with flying through asteroid fields is even our presence disrupts the harmony of them. But this one has navigational beacons." Alaric says with a smile. "We should be able to get through it well enough."
  13. game ooc

    Sounds good to me really
  14. Characters

    Alaric Festil is a human male in his prime of his life. He dresses in the finest of clothes befitting his station on his home world as a high lord and because of that he does carry a vibroblade sword. He doesn’t flaunt authority but his piercing grey eyes tend to grant it. His hair is dark and kept long and braided at the back of his neck in a 4 strand braid. It is of religious significance on his home world. Alaric isn't a great pilot, but he does make a living in the galaxy as transport pilot or co-pilot.
  15. Chat room

    Here is a chat room that can be used for those interested: http://kiwiirc.com/client/irc.otherworlders.org/d6
  16. another magic system (first draft)

    Mine is pretty much the same way. Here is a copy of it. Magic.pdf
  17. another magic system (first draft)

    Sadly not. Only in the lab as it were.
  18. Stewart Wieck has died

    Yes it is very sad news
  19. another magic system (first draft)

    Looks a lot like something I was working on using similar sources for inspiration as well.
  20. allocated

    I would like to see that when it's done
  21. Character

    Rhysem de Anlarye Might: 2D+2 Knife: 3D Agility: 2D+2 Bow: 3D Dodge: 3D Throwing: 3D+1 Wit: 4D Language: 4D+1 Magic: 5D Medicine: 4D+1 Charm: 2D+2 Command: 3D Ride: 3D Ht: 5’11 Wt: 175 lbs Hair: Red-brown Eye: Grey Species: Human Sex: Male Quote: “Hurt not where holding is enough. Wound not where hurting is enough. Maim not where wounding is enough. And kill not where maiming is enough. The greatest warrior is he who does not need to kill.” Perks: Sorcery Complications: Personal Code Static: Block: 8 Dodge: 9 Full Dodge: 19 Parry: 9 Soak: 8 (10) Move: 15’/30’ Gear: Knife, dmg Might +1D Bow, dmg Might +2D+2, range 30’/100’/300’ Leather Armor +2 Healer’s satchel bag with various powders, wraps & bandages, and other ointments Horse w/ saddle, saddle bags, stirrups, rope, & other necessities Known Spells: Charm, ESP, Slumber Character Points: Hero Points: 1   Histories and Details: Rhysem is a human male in his mid 30s. He has red-brown hair past his shoulders but usually has the back in a 4 strand warrior’s braid. His eyes are a piercing grey as if they can see inside your soul. He is generally in leathers of green and gold, his House colors. His only weapons are that of a knife and bow. He comes from a family of sorcerers of some renown. His magical training is generalized and tailored to the personality of the individual. He has also been trained in war and functions as a diplomat, an officer, a warrior, and healer battle-surgeon. Due to his healer training, he has a personal code of honor when engaged in combat and does not believe in needless-violence.
  22. Maps Nowhere Village

    FYI .. Mini Six uses feet for move and ranges not meters. Quick and dirty conversion of 3 feet to 1 meter or accurate conversion of 3.28 feet per meter. Or just use feet/yards for the scale
  23. Maps Nowhere Village

    is there a scale?
  24. Character Concepts

    That means Rhysem will have 3 spells. I'll update my list.
  25. Character Concepts

    Even looking at the stock characters that seems to be the norm as well with 2 exceptions. The Apprentice Mystic has 5D magic with 3D wit and only have 4 spells. The Priest has 4D+2 magic and 2D+2 Wit and has 4 spells. The Knight Mystic has 8D Magic and 3D wit but only 9 spells but should have 10. And lastly the Wizard has 6D Magic with 4D wit but has 6 spells and only should have 2.