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  1. I think luck works better as a special ability or just the use of Character and Fate points.
  2. See if you can get some folks to play test and run it online. Unless you dont have time at all to game.
  3. in Star Wars, Martials Arts and Boxing are speciality skills under Brawling. I know with the Martial Arts each time you gain 1D above the Strength score, your character gets another martial arts technique (combat option). These are details in the REUP version of Star Wars D6 by Womp Rat Press. They are not bad.
  4. Renown and infamy would be advantages and disadvantages but they could be included in specific packages.
  5. I like it. I have several groups that would be packages to buy with one's starting dice.
  6. It looks like you have all the bases covered there. But one could easily name character classes in D&D to match everything in that list.
  7. Is this magazine still being published? Issue 6 was from 2014.
  8. Right now I have one message in my inbox to one user. If i attempt to send a 2nd message to another user, I get a message that my inbox is full.
  9. In addition to only being able to have 1 private message in my inbox. It doesn't seem like I can even send private messages. They keep just looping back with the required messages for To, Subject and body.
  10. This isn't an answer but an observation. I am having the same issue as well.
  11. Well those 2 games aren't really RPGs, they are simulation games. A lot of members of my family aren't into gaming but they like sports. It's a bridge between the two worlds.
  12. Hi. I'm glad to find a d6 based forum that isn't dedicated completely to Star Wars (although there is nothing wrong with that). I'm a long time gamer, cutting my gaming teeth in the beginning with D&D and Traveller when both were new games. Just so you know with Star Wars, I have seen every movie to date in the theater on the original release. Gaming wise I have played in or GMed a ton of games and systems. My favs are d20, d6, and Fudge. I do techie stuff for a living. I have already written 2 games using d6 Legends. I am going to write another game as time and resources allow and it will be an RPG.
  13. This is an ancient post. Is there still a chat room?
  14. Hi all. I created two D6 Legends based tabletop simulation games of (American) Football and Baseball. Both are available on Here are the links too: