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  1. The poll only allows 10 entries, so I needed to be selected with my choices. We can run off at least 30 movies without any problems I think if we wanted too. So if your movie isn't on the list, sorry.
  2. Not really sure. Sorry. I stay away from those evils. I myself am twitter, myspace, and any other service of the like free. I don't believe in them. I can check for you if nobody comes up with an answer.
  3. Eric, what do you think of Godsmack and Disturbed? Two of my Favorite bands.
  4. When asking the question "What type of music do you like?" A common response from most people who say "I listen to anything" almost always include the following next statement. "Except for Country or Rap" Strange. I find myself saying this as well. But yet I would never listen to folk or gospel music to name only two. Perhaps it is the big mainstream genres that only count, who knows. I do find myself listening to a very selective and small play list of country and rap. The point of all this, I haven't a clue.
  5. Again never even thought of the old batman, which I thought was aweful. And Ironman was my favorite until I saw the new Batman, Dark Knight. Yes the joker won me over.
  6. Well the Kindle just got an upgrade with a huge screen now. Looks fantastic but with a price close to $500, no way would I buy it. I own the eReader from Sony. Great for books/novels but horrible for pdf's.
  7. Hmm, know what. I wasn't even thinking the original superman, but the new one which was horrible I thought. But yes, the original one was pretty good.
  8. 1- What is your long term plans for Septimus? With Torg, it was said to only last a few years. Septimus will run as long as there is interest? 2- How often will new material be released? 3- What type of material are you looking to see published in the future - more source books, adventure books, other documents? 4- Will you listen to the fans if they majority voice for such and such to get release, will you be inclinded to take their suggestions? Or is this your creation and you have a vision to where it is going. 5- Given that the Dyson sphere in Septimus has infinity amount of land space, does your material somehow deal with this in the storyline? Or does your source book only really talk about hot spot like cities and resistant camps and the other million upon million of miles aren't really talked about. 6 - With your career being so highly regarded with so many great games, how do you stack Septimus up with some of your other successes? Some off the top of my head.
  9. Which do you think is the best comic to movie yet? Since there are only 10 options in the polls, and there are dozens of movies to list, I had to be selective. For spider and others where there are multiple films, just group them as a whole and such.
  10. LOL, yeah I can see how that would be a problem. A character generator, would that be something you guys would use? Or would it be a nice novelty to try once or twice before getting bored with it.
  11. Eric, Do you see a larger group of people more excited about Septimus than you did last time? Or was the buzz about the release pretty much on the same line as it was last time?
  12. Everybody is so fixed on that die. I went through my dice bag, yup I got one. Yeah for me! But should we really get that excited about a die?
  13. I should be saying holy moly, It's Bill Coffin ! Welcome to the boards, glad you are out of that cave you were hiding in. But I can see why you have been quiet. I hope you enjoy the blog. As I have stated, since I do not have a great deal of background information for Septimus, I had to roll with some imagination. I believe somewhere it might have been mentioned that the game concentrate mainly on life in the Sphere, but I see this as wrong. There is so much that can be done outside of sphere, I couldn't ignore starting my story there. With the entire universe in choas and a growing rumor and mystery of this sphere making its way from planet to planet, I find a story starting with a person trying to piece their life in order and decide what to do was important to capture. I also took the liberty of having fanatic groups pop up as a cult following to the sphere as if it is a God. There are people outside the sphere who possess a little more information than they should have and how they got this information is the growing mystery that is the main link between the sphere and the outside universe. The last blog I wrote with Barr's child seemingly going crazy and murdering his mother is directly related to the sphere somehow. But I see endless possibilities with outside the sphere adventures as well as even more inside the sphere. On my site I will concentrate on presenting a detailed background for the outside universe (even if it is in my own vision). Again Glad you are here Bill. Hope you come by offen and enjoy my blog and website (once it is up and running).
  14. Give me a little time and I will try my best to answer whatever question you have about the game. With that said, I too have only been priviledged to read the same quickstart guide as you. Much of what I imagine is best guess assumptions and are based on the little info supplied to us thus far. At work right now, so a little hard to write now. But I will soon. I see the game consisting of two playable scenarios quickly. One being the struggle outside of the sphere with people needing to deal with a government in the midst of a collaspe and the harse reality of surviving from day to day. The other being trying to adapt to the life within the sphere and the alien technology and it's secrets. more to come...
  15. You dont know how happy I am right now !!! When are we able to physically get this in our hands? My Website will live once more. Have I mentioned how happy I am right now!
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