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    Hi How long does it take to be able to post into a forums and access ones own member page? (also pushed contact admins button to no avail)
  2. Hi I'm relatively new to using D6 and did a few test games, before I went down the way to modify/create my own version of D6 (aka creating a game system that is using open D6 as core/base). Now atm I'm trying to design a supernatural race which has a unique power. To come back from the dead with a downside attached to it. Namely that they grow weaker when they do so. At its base I used immortality special ability (7 cp) from the open d6 core rules. With that I'm quite happy (modified it a bit so that the resurrection is not instant and there are some ways to kill those who have this power). So I ruled they come back within 3d6 days with 1 body point remaining and no wounds of any kinds on their bodies (thus all limbs back where they belong again). I added +2 cp there for that. What I'm not so sure about though is the penalty of this power going active. Especially when it comes to the system paradigms. In the horror systems I normally play in (as vampire, demon,....) or high supernatural games (gods) when something has the ability to come back then they permanently loose 1 point from their power stat. But there the whole system supports this and is built around that. Here I'm just not sure if such a thing is fitting. Thus I'm currently contemplating which of 2 variants would be more fitting for D6: 1.) Whenever that being comes back it looses 1 pip of its extranormal attribute permanently. (5 CP limitation - based on burn out disadvantage with 1/2 of 9 points for the modified immortality) 2.) Whenever that being comes back it looses 1 pip of its extranormal attribute for 1 week. (2 CP limitation) Now my questions are here: 1.) Would the first variant be fitting for D6? Or would it be more like variant 2? Or does it not matter at all? 2.) Are the point costs I took as base there fitting? (the +2 for healing all wounds and recovering to 1 bp and also the ones for the limitation)? Thanks kindly