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  1. Happy Mother's Day!

  2. I have a TORG game on our site...and am playing in it. The first time i've ever played TORG. It was a bit of a challenge finding enough players to fill all the slots, but by the time we were done, he took one more than he'd expected. So, it can be done! You might try posting on EnWorld if you haven't already. I think we got a few players from there. The game I'm in, uses collaborative writing tools, so it's not the same exactly as a pbp. ...but it caters to the more elaborate posting style that you mentioned, which I enjoy. ...but I'm full up as far as gaming commitments go. Good luck! And if you still need people, I'd be happy to post your player call on my site, I don't know if it would get much interest, but it might! (We're pretty small)
  3. Me too. I'm wondering if the pool has wi-fi. How sick am I? Although the glare on the screen would likely kill me. *groan* I really don't know how to manage my real life summer responsibilities and my computer addiction. *grin*
  4. Hey Guys, Just checking in. I've been super swamped lately, with school letting out for the summer, schedule changes and general business. Just wanted you to know I haven't dropped off the planet! Hope everyone is well and that the games are doing great. I've started playing in my first TORG game. I was playing and all of a sudden the GM mentions that my character, Barbie, has trouble remembering how to open a car door. Ha! Cracked me up. It's kind of fun learning the system in purely character driven terms.
  5. *claps* Love it! Seriously, I love body casts for a game. It really enhances the experience for me. *grin*
  6. I never allowed myself to get involved in any, cuz I have such an addictive personality.
  7. I didn't even know that such a game existed. I love those silly movies.
  8. It does seriously pique my interest and that's the truth. ...my time commitment is a concern though. I've got my mouth full in the 'bitten off more than I can chew' arena. I've always wanted to play the damsel in distress type in a western game. *grin* ...and the completely useless nature of such a character, wouldn't round out a small cast very well. ...but ...I'm still following along and, perhaps if there's opportunities for secondary characters or minor/major NPCs... that might be something that I could do. Cuz, I do check the site multiple times a day. *shrug* I just hate making any commitments that I can't follow through with.
  9. I've had a couple of books, that have a GMs vault in the very back, which I enjoyed. But that would only be useful if the book contained setting. It had things that the players wouldn't know, that would help spawn ideas. Very helpful to me, in any system, is a GM Screen, or quick reference page. They never seem easy enough to find. Something that outlines on one page or two the things I have to know to navigate through a combat or skills resolution, the bare bones stuff. (initiative, modifiers, any pesky forgettable details).
  10. Thanks for the explanation. I like the sound of it and I like the old west setting as well (assuming that's what you mean when you say noir west). This could be fun and make a great story. The difficulty might be more with finding the kind of players interested in driving such a story based game, more so than creating the stystem. I actually like the idea of the narrative points for good role play and such. If this gets off the ground I'd like to read along, methinks. Another great thing about a story driven game is the pace can be quite a bit faster than a traditional pbp or pbem, because the players feel empowered to write further w/o GM input. Sometimes entire scenes, that could bring a pbp to a grinding halt, can be written effectively by the player that introduces his own challenges and such. There are some great examples of story driven games at my site, a new one is ICONS, and while I don't run it, I think the GM is doing an even better job than myself at driving the story. Then again...I'm insane and am juggling 13 characters in my game, so it's a mad house, keeping up. *grin* I can't say no!
  11. I just wanted to chime in here and say that I feel this is a great idea. And I know from personal experience that this style of game play can work. I'm a bit vague on what noir means. Seems like personal introspection...but I might be way off. I'm also a HUGE believer in build it and they will come, campaigns. Basically meaning, that if you're really passionate about an idea, AND are seriously committed to running it... if you build it and put out player calls in the right places, you'll find a handful of eager participants. I'd be happy to help you recruit, this story driven style might appeal to some of the players in my site as well. If you make an official game call, I'd be happy to post it there for you. I also have a list of some other places that welcome game calls from GMs. So, don't be discouraged if you don't get a lot of people interested, if you're REALLY passionate about it... I really think you could get some players. ON THE OTHER HAND. *grin* If you're just wanting to run a fun game for your existing chums, then disregard what I said. I know how much work a game can be, especially the building it part. Just some random encouragement. *smoochies*
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