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  1. Wednesday works for me! And as for healing, I can't think of any Torg adventure that has a few days off in the middle for PCs to heal up... "sleep is for the weak and you can rest when you're dead" seems to be the general philosophy.
  2. There's an Infiniverse II in this nearly-complete Torg lot on eBay. I'm half-tempted to bid on it myself...
  3. That's good to know. When things get quiet in a chat-based game, I worry they're stalling out and try to say something to make sure that doesn't happen. So I'll keep in mind not to do that so much.
  4. It was indeed fun. A first session is always going to be a bit rough as the players and GM get used to each other, but it'll smooth out. I should have been more aggressive in stopping the cab to check out the shot-up Porsche... I thought it might have just been local color to show how dangerous the city was.
  5. After the Wak's thread here and on RPG.net and the chance to play in a chat-based game came up, I started picking up some more TORG books to replace my mostly-stolen collection. Even though I still had my box set (with possibility-rated D20), I picked up the Revised and Expanded hardcover, along with Citybook Berlin (which I missed the first time, despite being a big Nile fan), a replacement Land Below, War's End (which I also missed when it came out). I've replace my Nile Empire via eBay and picked up the Living land and Character Collection at the local used bookstore.
  6. Wednesday works for me, I'm free most of the day (Pacific time zone). What time works for everyone?
  7. Back online! I'd actually prefer a text format to a chat-based one. It makes it easier to log, and to do dramatic poses.
  8. Today is looking unlikely too, the store is saying "Maybe tonight, if it gets less busy, otherwise tomorrow" at 4PM local time. Sorry for the delay!
  9. Sorry all! The whole HD needed replacing and the part wasn't in stock. It should, in theory, be back with me on Friday evening (4/24). I'm on a very tiny borrowed netbook as I post this. We're doing the chatroom here, correct? I'll need to install openRPG again, and that will probably be a nightmarish process again.
  10. I am having computer troubles... my hard drive died and I'm offline at home. I'm seeing about getting it fixed tonight. Lack of further word will indicate I wasn't able to get it done. Argh.
  11. You know, one could merge Marketplace and Tharkold's ideas... a big, conspiracy-minded company is selling great, advanced products, some of which are made from demons or parts thereof. They begin coming to life and killing or posessing people in all sorts of horrific, mysterious ways. The killings and creatures are always covered up by the marketing department. A bit like the Architects of the Flesh from Feng Shui/Shadowfist.
  12. Try looking for the old Shadowrun minis... they had both trenchcoat cyberpunk types for Nippon Tech (plus some executives) and some Native Americans, who'd be handy for the Living Land. The Warhammer Fantasy minis game has a lizardman faction, so that'll get you both Edienos and dinosaurs. Pulpfigures.com has a variety of neanderthals, who would also be handy for Living Land humans who have transformed. Orrosh Victorians are easy, there's plenty of historical figures around for them, especially soldiers RAFM does a line of Call of Cthulhu investigators... there'd be plenty of people who would work for Core Earth people there too, at least guys, since suits haven't changed too much over the decades. For the Cyberpapacy, perhaps some of the Warhammer 40K marine tech-priest types? Just don't put on all the big shoulders.
  13. Skills updated and edited in here, eliminated Science and Intimidate to bump up Weird Science and Trick to two each. While the "science detective" title was borrowed from the later issues of Doc Savage's magazine, it's hard to run a "light" version of him... "Master of Every Skill, physical and mental giant" is hard to reduce down to PC levels, that's for sure. The Spider, and Lobster Johnson, provided the inspiration for the Hazard Brand, while the basic attitude came from, of all people, Darkwing Duck.
  14. Bumping up Weird Science was my first thought. How much in the way of gadget construction are you interested in handling? Searching for the components, drawing up plans and making rolls to put the gizmos together is a big diversion from interesting things, and it also can cause power creep. I was picturing more of a Green Hornet or Sandman type rather than a Doc Savage "invention for every situation" one. Perhaps some special bullets, like the typical "mercy bullet" that doesn't do lethal damage, or one loaded with radioactive trace powder to track down things shot with one. Ah, indecision. I'll finish up shortly.
  15. That was how I was picturing the skill working, so I'll keep it as we're on the same page. Switching out with Evidence Analysis lacked flavor, on further reflection. That might be a way to make Scholar (something) a useful skill... have it work like Evidence Analysis when the evidence is covered by the scholar field, and the success level is bumped up by one in the EA result descriptions. So if someone was stabbed by an Aztek ritual dagger, Scholar (Archaeology) or (Anthropology) would tell you more than Evidence Analysis. I may switch the Science add to bump up Weird Science, or maybe take Land Vehicles. My instinct is to spread the points as broadly as possible, I'll admit. The difference between 1 and 2 adds in a skill is not as great as between 0 and 1.
  16. I'm not sure either... The Science skills seem more concerned with the actual invention process... and Evidence Analysis overlaps with the practical knowledge of chemicals when one comes across the results of their use. "Looks like a molecular acid ate through this padlock!" That might be a better Tag skill for a Science Detective, actually... just put a scientific spin on the results he gets. I may be trusting the writers too much... the templates were written before the full Nile rules were available, and the core RAW treat the physical sciences just any other scholarly one, even though Science does cover it. While normal Science does have the tech 21 limitation, it feels wrong for him to be totally clueless (no adds at all) about "real" science, which is much more common than Weird Science. "This 'Television' as you call it has no Z-Ray outlet. I can't tell you a thing about it." I'll be making adjustments though... Regarding the theme song, it's a bit ironic that he has no adds in Drive.
  17. Doc Hazzard - Science Detective (Alias Roger Furlong) Age: 25 Height: 5’ 11” Weight: 165 lbs Gadget Hero Dex 10 Str 8 Tou 9 Per 12 Mind 9 Cha 8 Spi 11 Reality 1 (12) Acrobatics 1 (11) Dodge 1 (11) Fire Combat 1 (11) Lockpicking 1 (11) Stealth 1 (11) Unarmed Combat 1 (11) Air Vehicles 1 (13) Evidence Analysis 1 (13) Find 1 (13) First Aid 1 (13) Scholar (Chemistry) 3 (15)* Trick 2 (14) Weird Science 2 (11) Language (English native, French) 1 Equipment: Costume, Glue Gun (Web power, value 19), Browning Hi-Power pistol, 9mm ammo, chemistry set, hazard brand, 400 Royals Roger Furlong was a chemist in Mobius’s “Human Enhancement” labs, working on a variety of focusing fluids for strange ray projectors. Around the time when all the scientists were gathered together, there was a breakthrough and an explosion that resulted in the first and only success... A young woman who could fly. The blast blew Roger out of his everyday grinding stupor as well... Dr. Mobius was evil, and about to spread his wickedness to another world! He was abusing both people and science and needed to be stopped! Fashioning a costume, he created the heroic persona of Doc Hazard, Science Detective, and uses his brain to battle evil, both solo and with his flying friend. Roger was more comfortable with books than people for most of his life, always fascinated with science... that is his preferred solution to many problems, even when talking might work better. He affects the persona of a mysterious avenger because research shows criminals fear them... that’s what all the pulps show, and it does look neat. Despite the gravity of the invasion of Earth and danger at every turn, he’s never had a better time.... discovering new things and fighting crime are both quite exciting. He’s confident that science will prevail in the end. Doc Hazzard’s costume is a brown leather aviator jacket with a triangular electrical hazard logo pinned to the left side. A cobalt blue bandana is tied over his nose and mouth and he wears red-lensed lab goggles, along with a fedora. In his secret identity, Roger favors bland suits. He is 5’ 11” tall and has a thoughtful, studious air, but sees much more than he lets on. His notable weapon is his Glue Gun, an oversized handgun that fires a stream of special adhesive. His cigarette lighter is actually a thermite device that lets him brand the hazard symbol onto things (or people) as a warning to criminals. A quote: <sinister laughter> “You are about to encounter a serious hazard - Doc Hazard!” or “We just need to think things through”
  18. Well, we could toss ideas back and forth to get you unstuck! Where's the choke point?
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