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  1. Wednesday works for me! And as for healing, I can't think of any Torg adventure that has a few days off in the middle for PCs to heal up... "sleep is for the weak and you can rest when you're dead" seems to be the general philosophy.
  2. There's an Infiniverse II in this nearly-complete Torg lot on eBay. I'm half-tempted to bid on it myself...
  3. That's good to know. When things get quiet in a chat-based game, I worry they're stalling out and try to say something to make sure that doesn't happen. So I'll keep in mind not to do that so much.
  4. It was indeed fun. A first session is always going to be a bit rough as the players and GM get used to each other, but it'll smooth out. I should have been more aggressive in stopping the cab to check out the shot-up Porsche... I thought it might have just been local color to show how dangerous the city was.
  5. After the Wak's thread here and on RPG.net and the chance to play in a chat-based game came up, I started picking up some more TORG books to replace my mostly-stolen collection. Even though I still had my box set (with possibility-rated D20), I picked up the Revised and Expanded hardcover, along with Citybook Berlin (which I missed the first time, despite being a big Nile fan), a replacement Land Below, War's End (which I also missed when it came out). I've replace my Nile Empire via eBay and picked up the Living land and Character Collection at the local used bookstore.
  6. Wednesday works for me, I'm free most of the day (Pacific time zone). What time works for everyone?
  7. Back online! I'd actually prefer a text format to a chat-based one. It makes it easier to log, and to do dramatic poses.
  8. Today is looking unlikely too, the store is saying "Maybe tonight, if it gets less busy, otherwise tomorrow" at 4PM local time. Sorry for the delay!
  9. Sorry all! The whole HD needed replacing and the part wasn't in stock. It should, in theory, be back with me on Friday evening (4/24). I'm on a very tiny borrowed netbook as I post this. We're doing the chatroom here, correct? I'll need to install openRPG again, and that will probably be a nightmarish process again.
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