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  1. Just thought I'd update, I'm massively playtesting a new format as I'm turning this into a heavy dungeon crawl with rules specfic for that. Also the name is changing to "Open Fantasy d6" so keep your eyes out for more updates!
  2. The ogl and ogc can be confusing but to answer your question: you can't take something that is ogc and say it's not ogc unless you have ownership or the rights to that IP. You can make rules, such as your skill, based off ogc that is not ogc itself. The material its based off of will remain open content but the new rule or skill does not have to. Hope this helps!
  3. Got all the races stated out. There's 10 races each with 10 subraces, so lots of options! Will be working on dungeon creation rules and some dungeon monsters for the game in the near future, once the race write ups are done!
  4. Just saw the previews of the cover design, very cool I must say! Definitely gives the feel of a dungeon crawl which is what I'm hoping to go for with this sandbox game. Hopefully you'll agree!
  5. Got covers and interior designs being worked on plus art for the playable races. Editing and rewrites continue as well!
  6. Welcome to the d6 forum! Hopefully we're able to help you!
  7. No real influences that come to mind. If I think of some I'll let you know.
  8. Not yet but once I know, you'll know.
  9. Well I'm introducing Combat Actions where you get a certain number of actions per round. A way to use stamina to increase Body Points, a few more steps in character creation, item modification and different scale rules. There's a few more possible additions but you'll have to wait and see!
  10. My fantasy d6 game Magic & Flintlock is moving into the art phase and is looking great! Some new elements were added such as Combat Actions and increasing Body Points. But more to come soon!
  11. Looks good I think. Doesn't really show any gothicness to me, more Lovecraftian, the art is fantastic though.
  12. It happens to my group quite frequently. We meet online and although I don't really care for online gaming it's the only way to pull my players together. On a side note, I'm hoping to work on a new d6 sci-fi game in the coming future, it won't be the awesomeness o Star Wars but it'll offer new material for sure.
  13. Here's some links for you: Horrors in the Night: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/146826/Horrors-in-the-Night-d6 Fungi Mine: Adventure and Sourcebook: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/155442/Fungi-Mine-Adventure-and-Sourcebook
  14. If you're looking for more psychic powers you can check out my d6 game "Horrors in the Night" and an adventure called "Fungi Mine" for the aforementioned game. There's quite the lists for both in both books combined. Both are avaialbe on DTRPG from Solace Games.
  15. The link is still good. I'll definitely take a closer look at these. Currently working on a d6 fantasy project and then will probably work on another supplement for this. Got a few books paritally written, just need to sit down and complete some of them.
  16. Love it too. Hopefully the system as a whole can make a come back!
  17. Another way to do it, is to have the character roll a stamina check each round and for each failure they either suffer in damage or else loose a number of pips or D in an attribute. There are many ways to go about it, just pick one that works best for you.
  18. Hi all, I'm new here and am the producer of the d6 horror incarnation "Horrors in the Night" by Solace Games. I was wondering, if you're familiar with the product, what would you like to see in this horror line? Monsters, adventures, locations, spells/psionics, different types of magic, villians, etc. Also what type of horror do you want to see? Lovecraftian, supernatural, occult, slasher etc. Let me know what you're looking for and what kind of input you can give! Thanks!
  19. Hey all, I'm new here and have some questions about where this community would like to see this horror d6 game go. Would you like to see monsters, spells, adventures, locations etc. Also what kind of horror would you prefer? Lovecraftian, supernatural, occult etc.? Let me know! Thanks!
  20. Hey all, I'm new here so hi to everyone! Next, in the last few months I've put out a new version of d6 Adventures called "Horrors in the Night" and while I'm not advertising in this post, what I'm asking is where would you all like to see a horror d6 game go? Would you like to see more monsters, magic, advantages/disadvantages/special abilities, locations, adventures ... etc. What would peak all your interests? Thanks!
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