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  1. Watched all of season 2 and 3 as well as what exists of season 4 and I think my fave season is #3. Season 4 is just not grabbing me yet, mostly as the Time Paradox aspect surrounding Peter Bishop just isn't really feeling properly dramatic rather than strangely anxious. Nina Sharp seemed to gain a slightly more sinister cast in this version of history right at the very end. I'm now properly caught up and awaiting January 13.
  2. So, the observer cameos are like an "easter egg"? Sounds like fun.
  3. Yeah, I've encountered the "Glyph code" already, it was mentioned on the Season 1 DVD somewhere. So, I went hunting.
  4. I just googled up some stuff for you... link 1 link 2 link 3 Some of this might get some of your early questions answered.
  5. I have gotten Fringe Season 1 and only have about 5 episodes left to see before the big Season 1 finale. Been great. Ive been REALLY noticing how the "Watcher/Observer" keeps popping up all over the place -- did not notice that back when it was on television...
  6. Just got Fringe Season 1 a few days ago, finally picking up all of the "Watcher/Observer" sequences I had not realized were in the show. Will be finishing up Season 1 soon and then seeking out Season 2.
  7. How many out there saw the terrifying season finale? The Doctor escaped an INESCAPABLE DEATH, with a newfound mission to "be less blatant" in his travels through history. Plus, a revelation that the Doctor's NAME might be a crucial reveal next season -- it is somehow insinuated that it has been a vital part of the meta-story since 1963 "Doctor Who?" with the question mark has in fact supposedly been a driving point of the title and referenced even in certain older stories with characters wonder who he really was. This grand reveal might truly be Earth shattering, as some great war on some plains or other will force the reveal upon which will hinge some multi-dimensional cataclysm affecting all time and space. The Doctor also only has his current 11th incarnation plus his 12th and 13th remaining, thus the series may eventually reach an inevitable conclusion OR a story will extend the lives beyond 13. Either way, fans of the show may find the next season unmissable AND unwatchable -- knowing "THE SECRET" may change EVERYTHING.
  8. What are these PREQUELS you speak of, I know not of them. There is only part 4, 5, and 6. I determinedly know of no others.
  9. Wow, might have to go look at that. Season 1 of X-Files seems almost to not quite have the "formula" yet. The formula that later seasons really followed to great effect. Also, my copy of season 1 seems a bit more dingy in its coloring than many shows I've seen both from before and after that era -- hopefully season 2 corrected that a bit. Warehouse 13 is now complete in my collection with both season 1 and 2. I haven't a clue if 3 is available yet, but it did not seem to be on store shelves even. I recently bought "Batman: Year One" on DVD, which really seemed an odd choice of storyline to adapt to video -- even so, it worked nicely. Year 1 is a bit more PG-13 in my mind exactly for Selina Kyle beginning as a prostitute (along with some 13 yr old "younger sister" character also in the same business) but they seemed to handle that well. (Identically to the original comic storyline actually) But yeah, a PG-13 cartoon. Totally knocked me for a loop. I actually went back to the Year One book to see if there was much changed to the overall tone of the story, and found that they lined up alarmingly well. I really enjoy the "DC Universe" line of cartoon films: justice League: New Frontier Batman: Gotham Knight Superman: Doomsday Green Lantern: First Flight etc. All of the stories thus far seem to be more "self contained" which allows for a more "outsider" appreciation than the actual Batman:TAS/Superman:TAS, Justice League/Justice League Unlimited/Batman Beyond meta-series super-arc might otherwise allow. I do have seasons 8 and 9 of X-Files "on the way" so I'll see the Doggett and Reyes episodes, finally. I never saw them before as my access to the FOX channel had been extremely sporadic for a bit. I think I might have missed much of the show after about season 5 or so. I also want the Millenium series as the show gets its own resolution within X-Files which was a good set of X-File episodes. I can't wait to see the X-Files/Cops crossover episode again as well. Which season were they each from, I can't recall...
  10. Once again, a reminder of why you are the TORG GURU. It does seem a better fit as subplot rather than as a transient "screw you" to another player (rather than towards the character). I'll consider updating my card appropriately as well.
  11. Yeah, just what I thought. A little steep for me. I roughly have maybe a $2 to $3 a month available to set aside for such a large purchase. So in how many months might I get that? Roughly a year from now? Whee...
  12. I'd like to think such could be possible... Yet my pessimism constantly pays off while optimists NEVER get any reward for their view at all.
  14. I really would have liked some of the Masterbook worlds to have been complete with optional information allowing them to be made into TORG Cosms... sort of a niggling issue after all these years but its mostly too late to do much about now. Marl got a D6 treatment as well and did hear it was good enough to add to Masterbook Marl. Well, maybe I do have some more books to seek out.
  15. Sad thing was, while I found Masterbook a weaker version of the TORG system, I loved the absolute hell out of some of the worlds they had available: Tales From the Crypt is a fave of mine, and I am a fan of Lumley's Necroscope as well so having that was a must. Unfortunately, there just doesn't seem to be a sufficient means of applying a cross-over of of certain system elements: Trying to move the Vamphyri over to the Species book or that there are several versions of psychic powers strewn throughout the different games and no real consensus on how they could play well together. ...All naturally based upon my possibly unreliable memory. Getting Shatterzone is about the only NONTORG book I'm still missing of those I want to have. (Or maybe there might be a few Marl sourcebooks I still lack as well...)
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