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  1. I'm going to get such crap from my GM if he still reads these forums. . I will note, this is a pretty heavily changed TORG Campaign, modernized to heck, so there are some differences, and different skills for the characters. Anyway, for the past...gods, is it 4 years already?... I have been playing a modified Ravagon, who, through a course of events unknown to him ended up plopping him on Core Earth a little over 2 decades before the invasion in human form, without any memory of who he was or how it happened. In our game, they can look exactly like humans. He has been piecing it together since the Invasion. Most of my Roleplay comes from that interaction. I mean, I'd like to start buying up other skills, but we're coming more and more across situations where our mage can't use magic, a few others have been tinkering with other skills, and since some of our other characters have left, being replaced by new ones with lower skills and lower damage output, I'm kinda leaning to supplement our damage output, mine has become a little anemic since stacking gun damage gets progressively more and more difficult. Dex: 13 Dodge: 9 Fire Combat 3 Heavy Weapons 1 Maneuver 1 Stealth:2 Unarmed: 2 Tou 10 Per: 12 Air Vehicles 1 Find 1 First Aid 1 Land Vehicles 3 Languages 2 Japanese 2 French 1 Scholar/Engineering 3 Scholar/Computer 3 Scholar/Arcane Lore 1 Tracking 1 Contageon 1 (Core Earth Damaging Occult Magic / Voodoo) Str: 7 Mind: 9 Evidence Analysis 3 Science/Engineer 3 Char: 8 Sympathy 3 (Core Earth Helpful Occult Magic / Voodoo) Spirit: 9 Reality 4 Possibility Rip 3 Skill Rip 1 (See above, only really difficult) Attribute Rip 1 (See Above, but basically requires a Glory) Annihilation 1 (Physical Damaging, each point is an increase to damage)
  2. So... if I survive this adventure in Orrorsh (Early, we're rescuing an ally, not really directly going up against the Gaunt Man, so I'm hopeful), I could use some advice on skills. My dodge is currently a 9 My Dex is currently a 13. Toughness: 10 (+5 Armor) Its kinda a running joke with how hard it is to hit my character. Is this a decent set of defenses for a mid-level long range character? Should I focus on my Ranged Damage, or should I focus on my short-range combat abilities which are kinda anemic right now... Notes: The character started out as a long range hard to hit sniper, but kinda split in terms of character evolution, so now I'm trying to juggle Melee/Spirit and Long range Capabilities.
  3. So, I stumbled across this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vexille While looking around, and it sounds pretty close to what Nippon Tech might be in the reboot if they ever decided to nix the secrecy. I always played it more like a Bladerunner, James Bond type mix, but the idea is pretty cool. (And the movie is on Hulu. =P)
  4. I was in a campaign where we had to pilot the Constitution away from Boston during a living land assault. We actually retook the harbor in her a little time later... I've always subscribed to the fact that ships are where so many men and women worked, lived, put their hopes and dreams into, and died on, that they became like entities of their own. Especially ships that performed heroic deeds during major wars and survived.
  5. Kinko's is awesome for stuff like that, if a little pricy...
  6. Ok, so, I'm doing a little research into some of the weirder parts of the Cyberpapacy, and I stumbled across Spirit Chips again, I had a few questions on how they would work under certain circumstances, as they are almost certain to come up. 1: A spirit Chip contains a character within it, is this programmed or is it considered (As far as the World Laws, Axioms, Cosms, etc) an "Alive" Character? 2: A Spirit Chip is installed on someone who for the purposes of the argument is Core Earth, they have a Reality Bubble up. The spirit chip character tries to make a roll for whatever reason, the reality they are in doesn't support them, if they disconnect, what happens? 3: A spirit chip is installed on a character who is caught in the midst of a reality storm, would the storm try and remove the chip from the user? If not, what happens to the chip if the user is transformed? Depending on the answers, I might have a few more questions.
  7. Everyone has that copy of a new cosm sitting around on their computer somewhere, a half finished idea or something they actually used, I'm curious to see what people made, and I'll even post one I worked on a while ago and actually played with... It was fun to visit, but more suited for a Campaign game involving all the cosms...
  8. One of my favorite characters was a Librarian in a game I played a while ago, she later became a Cyberdecker, but its a fun character concept... and a great support character concept. I always prefer custom characters unless someone Really wants to use a template, simply because I like the creativity, and I've found people get more attached to characters they make themselves.
  9. I'm lurking, actually, my work picked up pretty heavily, as did my workload at school as I just started the actual new part of Calc 3, and its not going easy on me... Good thing is I've had time to start working on a few campaigns during my down time in the student lounge. If people are interested, I can put it to a vote, I'm willing to run a game on almost any terms, my personal preference is core earth, but its not fair to push it on everyone else... So with that, lets hear it, where does everyone want to play?
  10. Did anyone see it? A bunch of my friends have recommended it to me, probably due to the LARPing and they know I'm a LARP-Nerd, but, despite the quality of the Boffers they use (Which are probably not game-legal) all I see is fodder for the same, usual jokes thrown at LARPers. Is it worth seeing at all?
  11. Well, if you look at what the author said, "The couple behind me argued for 45 minutes about who was who and what was happening and why is that man blue and was this scene happening now or did these events happen in the past and, holy crap, why are we now on Mars; eventually, they gave up and laughed their way through the exit doors. (And they were not shushed.)" I'll factor in 15 minutes for the setting to sink in, so lets say, an hour has passed, its not possible for this to happen, Dr. Manhattan went to Mars some hour and a half into the movie. Therefore, its not possible for this event to have occured. As for "Laughing as they left the theatre", If they did this, and it wasn't a comedy they must be pretty low brow anyway... I've never seen anyone make that much noise trying to leave a theatre, they save it for the hallway outside. Sounds like this guy spent too much time observing the people inside the theatre, and not the characters on the silver screen.
  12. Yeah, I don't want to nail down a time until we have about 4 people interested in having a go.
  13. I'm actually not surprised, they're still finding Sword props and things in New Zealand from when they filmed Lord of the Rings...
  14. Apporition magic won't be activated until your character comes into contact with a Aysle character that teaches/transforms him or her. We're using Core Earth Characters to start, so its out of cosm, and the rule of 1/4 applies.
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