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  1. Well, to be fair, it's a direct conversion from the Monster Manual using an online guide I found for converting D20 to D6.
  2. Here are the few Mook Monsters that I've converted. I went to look at my other creatures by challenge rating and found I'd only done Bats and Toads. 🤣
  3. Glad to see I'm not alone here. Thanks for popping in! I've just found that sometimes it's easier to get more constructive feedback in a forums setting rather than over on G+ or someplace else. I've got a hectic next few weeks ahead of me, but I'll try to post a couple of the conversions that I've cooked up so far: monstrous insects and the like!
  4. Hard to believe that it's taken 4 years to come back to this forum. I lost the e-mail that was sent with the new link to the forum and it was only through a cruel and ultimately funny twist of fate that I found my way here again. I'm not sure if anyone is still here checking the boards, but I may just post some more of my musings in this topic. Progress over the last 4 years has been pretty non-existent. I've had to re-evaluate my hierarchy of priorities, and my D&D6 project has been put on the far back burner along with most of my hobbies. My daughter, wife, and work have been pushed to the forefront, and it doesn't leave me a lot of time, and little energy for creation. But, I haven't given up on my ideas yet. Instead of going through the Monster Manual alphabetically like I was originally, I shifted gears and started converting monsters by their 3.x challenge rating, which made things significantly easier. I haven't quite made it to CR1 yet, but have made rules for all kinds of monstrous vermin! I figured that most GMs would be starting their beginning characters with weaker creatures anyway, and as such this approach would be more useful for play-testing. A friend of mine who I was working on a fantasy setting with has decided to abandon the project and left the rights (and work) to me while he explores other ideas. So, with my numerous projects already, I'm adding on completing a bare-bones setting to throw players in, and will use some, if not most of the monsters I'll be converting to "populate" the world. Anyone who reads, thanks for taking the time to look in.
  5. Durran

    Bushi d6

    I think I need to change my forum template or something, because I couldn't read the difference in font color for your link built into your post. Apologies.
  6. Durran

    Bushi d6

    Is there a new link, or does the link above have all of the changes included?
  7. Durran

    I have you now

    Sounds good. I'm glad you approve!
  8. Durran

    I have you now

    Hey Whill, My first set of dice I ever got was of that color scheme by Chessex, I'll be happy to send you my D20 from the set for the cost of shipping. The numbers are all in pretty good condition. Send me a PM if you're interested. Edit: On second thought, I'll send it your way as long as the postage isn't outrageous. Just send me a PM with your address or at least your zip code so I can price check at the Post Office tomorrow.
  9. I've been a little out of my groove with the project lately: a move, dealing with my munchkin dictator who won't sleep except when it's the least convenient, getting the new house set up before my wife starts in on the heavy scholastic lifting, and finally being asked to help out on a couple of projects for the Star Wars medical source book on the rancorpit forums as well as some statting work for someone making a home brew, possibly published Fantasy setting who has opted to use the D6 system. Right now I'm almost done with the Astral Deva stats, and will be picking it up as soon as I finish the last 11 races for the Fantasy setting. So, I'm distracted, but have not abandoned the project yet.
  10. After reading through the Mass Combat rules from The Brown Book, I'm coming to the realization that I'm probably going to have to make my own core rule book with all of the little tweaks and additions I'm planning on incorporating. So, yay! More work for me! On a completely unrelated note, I converted over a Mind Flayer without any plans for putting in the finished publication, if it becomes a publication. However, someone on the G+ community seemed interested in what it would look like, so I gave it a go. Feedback is welcome even though this is a just for fun conversion: Typical Mind Flayer: This strange humanoid-shaped being stands about as tall as a human. Its flesh is rubbery and greenish-mauve, glistening with slime. The creature’s head looks rather like a four-tentacled octopus, made all the more horrible by a pair of bloated white eyes. Agility 3D: Dodge 3D+2, Fighting 5D, Stealth 5D+2 Coordination 3D: Marksmanship: Psychic Attacks 5D Physique 2D+2: Lifting 3D, Stamina 3D+1 Intellect 4D+1: Scholar (Any 1) 7D Acumen 3D+2: Disguise (Acting) 4D+1, Search 5D+1, Hide 6D+1 Charisma 3D+2: Bluff 6D+1, Intimidation 5D+2, Mettle 6D+1, Persuasion 5D Strength Damage: 2D Move: 10; 10 flying (levitation) Fate Points: 0-1 Character Points: 0-5 Body Points: 19 Wound Levels: 2-4 Scale: 0 Advantages: Disadvantages: Special Abilities: Fast Reactions: +1D to initiative rolls. Natural Armor (Hardiness): +1D to damage resist rolls. Natural Hand-To-Hand Weapon (Tentacles x4): Strength +1D damage, hit engages in a grapple check. Gets a +2D to grappling rolls when tentacles are attached. Mind Drain: When a Mind Flayer makes a successful grapple attack with its Tentacles, they wrap around the targets head and it begins consuming the target’s brain. At the beginning of the Flayer’s turn while grappled, it makes an opposed grapple check against its target. For every 4 points over the opponent’s defense roll, he drains 1 pip from his target’s Intellect as he begins sucking out the target’s brain. When the target’s Intellect reaches 0, the target dies. It is up to the GM how this attribute drain should heal. Natural Ranged Weapon (Psychic Blast): A mind flayer can create an 18m cone of powerful psychic energy that causes 6D stun damage which is resisted by a target’s mettle skill. This blast causes a visual distortion in the area and any target that is aware of the attack may attempt to dodge the blast. Psychic Powers: The Mind Flayer has the following natural psychic powers: Telepathy (30m): A Mind Flayer can use his telepathy to detect the presence of any living creature within 30m by rolling a Search check versus the target’s Mettle. It can also freely communicate telepathically. Charm Monster: A Mind Flayer can attempt to telepathically charm other creatures. The Flayer rolls Bluff versus the target’s Mettle skill to attempt to sway its view of the Mind Flayer. When used against a player character, the character must make an opposed check to attempt to harm, or allow harm to come to the Mind Flayer. If used on an NPC, the NPC becomes completely enthralled with the Mind Flayer and will do any reasonable task. Levitate: A Mind Flayer has the ability to move objects, or itself with a form of Telekinesis by rolling its Mettle skill. If attempting to lift a person resisting, it rolls an opposed Mettle check versus the target’s Mettle or Lifting skill, whichever is higher. Plane Shift: Some Mind Flayers possess the ability to travel between dimensions to alternate planes of reality. If the Mind Flayer makes a Heroic (29) Mettle check, the Mind Flayer transports up to 600kg of matter within a 5m radius to that target dimension. Knowledge of the dimension takes a Scholar check of at least 20. Suggestion: A Mind Flayer can make a Persuasion check versus a target’s Mettle skill. If the Mind Flayer beats out the target, he implants a simple suggestion that the target feels compelled to do at its earliest chance. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I opted to rework the "Mind Flayer succeeds at grapple check, you die" mechanic for something I feel is a little more menacing. With this mechanic, the Mind Flayer has to beat out the target's grapple by 24 to instantly kill a target with 2D knowledge. The template was based on the Life Drain special ability from D6 Fantasy Core rules (pg. 35). While most of the other abilities are based on Spells from the D6 Magic book.
  11. Durran

    Bushi d6

    I also just browsed through this recently and would like to possibly run it with my group some time.
  12. Thanks, I'll glance through it when I get a chance.
  13. The Orc tribes unite under a new war chieftain and invade the kingdom. So players versus Orc hordes. I'd be curious to see what the mass combat rules look like, especially if they use only D6. I seem to recall Song of Ice & Fire having some rules for running armies, so I may look into incorporating some of that.
  14. I was going to run an Orc Wars campaign at one point or another with heroic large scale battles akin to Lord of the Rings levels of heroism, however, D20 is just not cinematic enough to allow for an enjoyable telling of the story. I'm hoping to rekindle that game using D6 Fantasy after this is complete.
  15. Thanks for sharing these. I'll take a closer look when I get a chance.