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  1. Interesting. I look forward to really looking over these when I get a few moments of peace. My family is post-move; everything is still in boxes and we don't have reliable internet, I'm using my phone as a hotspot to check in on my various forums. Feel free to muse here whenever you like, I haven't looked into 5th edition D&D yet, so most of my converted material is from 3.x.
  2. Upon further reflection, I feel like having dead take up a wound level makes sense, otherwise you're really limiting how "limited" the target it. So, if we include Dead, it would look like: 1-3 = Mortally Wounded 4+ = Dead Right?
  3. My first thoughts are to not include "Dead" as a wound level, that is the result of rolling higher than your table. So, I'm thinking that perhaps we'd count down from dead, so a mook with 2 wound levels gets: 1-3 = Incapacitated 4-8 = Mortally Wounded 9+ = Dead Would this be how you guys would handle it?
  4. So, I had a question about fewer wound levels, which is an option presented in the OD6 books. Which wound levels make the most sense to give mook NPCs? Do you start at the top of the list meaning Dead always counts as 1 wound level, or would you start at Mortally Wounded and work your way down? Or do you do Wounded, then skip Incapacitated and Mortally wounded then jump to dead? Also, how would you make a table for such results in combat. They give pretty clear direction on how to work it using the body point system, but less so with the straight wound system.
  5. I prefer opposed rolls, mostly from the mindset that the target is actually trying to avoid being hit or succumbing to whatever their aggressor is doing. Static defense totals, to me, paint a picture of people standing around twiddling their thumbs while their opponent attacks them.
  6. I'll see about taking a peek at it this evening!
  7. I try to check back every week or so. I've been playing and running various D6 games for 17 years or so. If I'm able to help, I will!
  8. Happy to help, made me double check that I had converted it over. Spell resistance is an ability that is pretty potent when ported over, on the weak end it adds a bit of difficulty, but against heavy hitting endgame monsters it'll likely end up making casting the powerful spells you need very tough since the difficulty to cast a high level spell should be pretty difficult. +14 to the difficulty is a huge difficulty boost.
  9. I have a section for Spell resistance in my conversion guidelines. It essentially gives a penalty to the caster's skill check to target them with harmful spells.
  10. Page 122 of the D6 Fantasy book talks about assigning body points to NPCs: On page 141, it mentions that only armor and other defense modifiers are subtracted from damage when using the Body Point system, so that's the big spot where scale will be accounted for. Scale will subtract from damage before being ticked off of their Body Points. Lastly, to answer your question for how many BPs an Ogre should have, Page 127 has a few sample monsters and such. A giant has 26 BPs and a Scale of 6, so I would imagine that an Ogre would be right around there, maybe a little smaller scale and fewer BPs. In the D6 Fantasy Creatures book, they have a Gargoyle in there, which is suggested at slightly smaller than human sized scale (0-3), and 18 Body Points. YMMV
  11. Looked at the full preview. Looked like a carbon copy of D6 Fantasy from the few pages they show off, with different artwork.
  12. Interesting concept. I've seen RPG's used for helping to teach languages. I hope the project works out for you.
  13. Welcome! I'm still here as well, I check back every couple of days unless someone replies to my thread.
  14. The good news is, that once I switched over my conversions, I've had to look a lot less stuff up. So, my Sunless citadel has maybe 5 or 6 more named creatures to convert, then I'm done. I'll post a link to my blog when I finish. I appreciate all of the help and suggestions folks have voiced (over the years)!
  15. I updated my conversion document to 2.0 including the new (A)Magic skills, and new weapon damage conversion guidelines. Conversion Guidelines v. 2.0.pdf
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