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  1. Durran


    Very cool! I'll check out the updated stuff when I get some time. Long day at work today.
  2. Durran


    Post it up! I can think of a couple people who might be interested.
  3. You essentially put together a kit of advantages, disadvantages, special abilities from the character options section. Each has a Creation Point cost associated. Depending on how many CrP your racial build ends up costing that is the overall creation point cost for the racial template. Now, if you're doing attribute and skill dice, you want to come up with minimums and maximums for the various attributes, this gives your players guidelines to work between when spending their 18D attribute dice. As for racial kit of advantages, disadvantages, special abilities, use the conversion of 1 creation point = 1 skill dice. This way if you can still use the math above, but will be able to apply the template by only affecting skill or attribute dice. Hope this helps!
  4. Okay, so since no one has replied, I'm going to assume the project is dead, and I'll muse my notes here for cooking up ship stats. I'm sure @Grimace will have some useful suggestions, since he always seems to. So, being a total dummy when it comes to stuff from Age of Sails, I'm going to start simple and then increase the complexity as research and suggestions roll in. I'm thinking about doing 5 Basic types of ships: Gunboat, Schooner, Brig, Frigate, Warship. Stats at this point will include: Crew, Cargo, Speed, Maneuverability, Cannons, Hull, & Scale. If there are any other suggestions that anyone has at this point, please let me know!
  5. Thread Necromancy! I recently was considering doing a D6 Pirates type campaign and have been looking for some ship stats if anyone has cooked anything up. Has somebody cooked up detailed ship stats for D6? Was this project ever completed?
  6. I've found that a flat decrease of a single difficulty level is sufficient, or add an extra difficulty level without the tools. It typically works out to roughly a +5 bonus to their skill check, which is ample. Masterwork or magical tools might reduce the difficulty by 2 levels, or give the single difficulty level reduction with a +1 to +1D to the skill check. YMMV.
  7. A few days late, but Happy New Year! I hope the best of last year is the worst of this year for everyone!
  8. Happy to be of service! I hope you'll let us know how the game progresses.
  9. I run it that way, I only give the wild die to major NPCs.
  10. First off, Welcome! It's good to see someone else here. Sword and Sorcery tends to have people starting out broke at the beginning of each adventure. Funds dice represent the overall buying power of characters through bank accounts, investments, trade goods, etc... If you want to keep players from simply buying whatever, then I suggest doing away with the Funds dice completely. Switch over to coinage, and remind players that in the setting, they're adventuring to live the good life whenever they can. Between adventures, they sell, trade, and give away their loot so they can stay in a fancy place, drink the best wine, and sleep with the most beautiful professional women. After each drunken bender, they're broke again and need to head out and find some more riches, but give each one a fancy new piece of equipment that they've been wanting which they could have bought, stolen, or won. Also, if you want to avoid a lot of the record keeping with coins, have the items sold be gems, jewels, artwork, or something that has a value not really set like coins. I hope this helps a bit, it was the way that my old GM used to run his Conan games, and we had a lot of fun doing those.
  11. As the title states, this will be where I muse about converting equipment from D&D to D6. More to come.
  12. Bookmarking this, since I've been converting over level 1 adventurers to test class builds. I'll post more here once I've converted over various class templates.
  13. I was thinking about taking XP and CP and splitting them up. XP is used for improving the character, while the roll improvements are retooled into something like Karma or whatever. Characters get Karma for completing objectives, good role-playing, and being heroic. Being an a-hole can lose a character Karma, and at negative levels, they'll suffer social penalties with decent folk in the world. I want to encourage characters to be heroic, and discourage the typical murderhobo behavior. This seemed like an easy way to do it. XP, I will also be tracking, and level will be just used for approximate character benchmarks. I was thinking about taking the level scale in 3.5 and dividing it by 100 to get my D6 levels. 10XP earned gets you to level 2. 1900 gets you to level 20. Even though I'm dumbfounded about the idea where a character manages to use 1900 points for improvements, but I'm trying to emulate D&D in the D6 system, so there has to be some high level play involved. These will get adjusted after play testing, of course. I'm in the middle of my work week right now, so I'll have to come back to my conversions during the week if I get some time to work on it. My wife has also started classes again, so my free time has dwindled to only a couple of hours a week. I'm starting to remember why this ended up on the back burner. 😁
  14. For some reason it won't let me edit the above post. Found some formatting issues which I fixed on the source document. 🤣
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