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  1. Sounds good. I know how rough it can be switching even between versions of MS Office. Hang in there!
  2. Perhaps the best thing to do with regards to toughness is to break down the units into purchase parts. You purchase: Armor, Weapons, Skill/Toughness This way when your PCs build their units, you have a rough cost for how much the squad costs to field. Also, it makes for infinite combinations.
  3. I'm thinking yes. A win by melee is them getting their shields up in time, keeping in formation or whatever, but since ranged units are out of range for them to attack. Then, even if they win, the archers get to slap them with attrition.
  4. Project fell through for me. I might pick it up again soon, but not sure. When I do, I'll probably be borrowing a lot of what you have there Grimace.
  5. It shouldn't be hard. Instead of having wounds on a 1-16 scale like with standard wound levels, they'll have their Health Points, and as those diminish, they start accruing wound penalties. They have the mechanics already listed in D6 Fantasy. It just becomes % of max health = x wound level.
  6. With my upcoming games, I'm planning on combining wound penalties/levels with health points just to make my PCs a little bit tougher. Before I forget to mention it: damage resistance rolls are never penalized for wounds and I don't think strength damage for outgoing damage is penalized either.
  7. Wound levels work as a series of penalties based on wound severity. Every hit deals damage - (strength/physique + armor) Then you go onto page 64 and look at the middle column on the table on the right-hand side of the page, labelled "Wound Levels". Compare the damage to resistance total. If it's 16 or more damage the character is killed immediately. 13-15 the character is mortally wounded, if you look down at the bottom it tells you what penalties the character suffers at this stage of wound. 9-12 is incapacitated, the character is allowed to attempt a mettle or stamina check to stay conscious, wound penalties are applied. Severely Wounded only happens if a character is (standard) wounded twice. 4-8 damage is a standard wound. -1D to all actions (except soak rolls) until the wound is treated. 1-3 damage the character is stunned which is a temporary -1D to actions for the remainder of the current round and the next. 0 or less means the character is bruised. Their toughness absorbed all actual damage. Each additional wound moves your character 1 step more severe, a character only suffers penalties from their most severe wound level, you do not compound wound penalties. Hopefully this makes sense.
  8. That was going to be my suggestion Munkieboi.
  9. Durran


    I like the idea of getting to pick which to take. Maybe a fair balance would be that if they roll dodge, their evasion is calculated at -1D.
  10. This is very useful, thanks! A lot of my research was coming up with very little. How would you work masts to speed relationship?
  11. Durran


    Very cool! I'll check out the updated stuff when I get some time. Long day at work today.
  12. Durran


    Post it up! I can think of a couple people who might be interested.
  13. You essentially put together a kit of advantages, disadvantages, special abilities from the character options section. Each has a Creation Point cost associated. Depending on how many CrP your racial build ends up costing that is the overall creation point cost for the racial template. Now, if you're doing attribute and skill dice, you want to come up with minimums and maximums for the various attributes, this gives your players guidelines to work between when spending their 18D attribute dice. As for racial kit of advantages, disadvantages, special abilities, use the conversion of 1 creation point = 1 skill dice. This way if you can still use the math above, but will be able to apply the template by only affecting skill or attribute dice. Hope this helps!
  14. Okay, so since no one has replied, I'm going to assume the project is dead, and I'll muse my notes here for cooking up ship stats. I'm sure @Grimace will have some useful suggestions, since he always seems to. So, being a total dummy when it comes to stuff from Age of Sails, I'm going to start simple and then increase the complexity as research and suggestions roll in. I'm thinking about doing 5 Basic types of ships: Gunboat, Schooner, Brig, Frigate, Warship. Stats at this point will include: Crew, Cargo, Speed, Maneuverability, Cannons, Hull, & Scale. If there are any other suggestions that anyone has at this point, please let me know!
  15. Thread Necromancy! I recently was considering doing a D6 Pirates type campaign and have been looking for some ship stats if anyone has cooked anything up. Has somebody cooked up detailed ship stats for D6? Was this project ever completed?
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