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  1. Thanks for the comments. Thanks marsuniversity and Grimace! While thinking about the subject, i concluded that marsuniversity's first option of creating the specifics effects (making them a pre-made effects tree to catch the Good and Evil flavor) would bring the Pnp RPG closer to the "spirit" of the videogame system. I guess that's what i was looking for. Great idea, marsuniversity! Thanks for the reply!
  2. Hello everybody, I'm a big fan of D6 Powers. Since the release of Infamous:Second Son for PS4 (a setting that i'm a big fan too), i was looking for a mean to translate, not so much the scenario itself, but the moral system that causes a reflection in how a power may behave. Are you familiar with the Infamous setting? Perhaps a system like the dark side points from the Star Wars RPG (West End)... I was looking for suggestions on that and how to bring those "karma points" into reflection to the powers. Thanks a lot for your time!
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