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  1. Is anyone running Shatterzone right now?

    I'm running a shatterzone campaign right now. I 've had the books for a while, but never played... I've run torg for a campaign, so i wasn't afraid of the masterbook system. It's not perfect, but it has its charm. The MasterDeck being the coolest part of the system. I had started a first game with rpg beginners, who died after a few sessions, pertaining to bad luck in combination with bad decisions... Be they were so hooked that we only stopped for a dinner break and started immediately a new campaign: We play on new earth (Grymsyn sector's "capital"), in a city i named NovoVostock (being modelled on Vladivostock's city plan). I've give my players the black market gun distribution for the Abramov familly (a mafia familly from russian descent). Not much offworld interraction yet, but a very fun game
  2. contacting admins about problems

    I was trying to join this forum, but couldn't post, beacause i wasn't vetted yet by the admins. And as i wanted to post i hoped i could post here to raise attention to my case: registered but yet not free to post Problem solved, by the way :-D
  3. contacting admins about problems

    How long does it typically take between inscription and joining of the forum ?
  4. * Introduce Yourself *

    Hi WEG-fans Community ! I'm a 32 y.o. french guy living in germany. My first contact was with TORG (quite 20 years ago) and Star Wars D6 (expanded & revised - french translation) which is the game system i read and mastered the quickest in my "GM-career" (5 Days from buying to running a game My WEG-mania came much later. Bloodshadows, Necroscope and Shatterzone are now part of my collection and i'm still on the search for some books. I came here in search of infos on Shatterzone, my new gaming project. Specifically on psionic powers. And apparently there is not much directly for Shatterzone. At least i have now the confirmation that i have all the books on psi for shatterzone.... I plan a mining-exploitation-management campaign for shatterzone, with sandboxing aspects. I've registered here thanks to/because of Kansas Jim, and his fame in the TORG community (and his dedication to developp a better masterbook). But i've to say i also love the D6 system, so this forum is a boon for me Last year i've run a "Star Wars - The clone Wars" campaign with D6-system, with a group of 4 Jedis. Who paved the way to the construction of the death-star, retrieving some parts of the mega-planetdestroying-weapon. One of the first campaign i ever finished paying.