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  1. In reading The Destiny Map again, and preparing to GM it again, I was struck by how little the Cyberknight deVris brought to the story. He's around for one scene in the first act, then disappears until Act IV, when he ambushes the Stormers. I guess he was supposed to be cyber-flavor, but he could do so much more. There's no opportunity to work with deVris to foil Wu Han, or even for deVris to recruit the Stormers. So I'm thinking of making deVris either an Inspector Clousseau character, or maybe someone more along the lines of Morpheus, from The Matrix. I agree that Act III could tell a better story of the Living Land. While my Indiana will be in primordial blizzard conditions, I'm still going to have a scary chase sequence, as the Stormers try to outrage Nile Shocktroops, Ninjas and coyotes.
  2. Transforming Nukes

    What happens to nuclear weapons and nuclear submarines in the invasion? I live in Norfolk, Virginia, Navytown. In the TORG campaign I'm running, I'm considering having the entire Chesapeake Bay in the Living Land. But then I have to ask myself, what happens to all the aircraft carriers and subs? Do some of them get transformed? If so, into what? Do the ones that don't get transformed just rust away? Then I started thinking about HMNB Clyde, the big British Navy base west of Glasgow. What would happen to the nuclear submarines and missiles there, in the pure zone? Would they be transformed, too? If so, into what? Viking long boats and/or dragons would seem most appropriate, or perhaps kraken. "Loose the kraken!" -Wes
  3. Disconnection clarifications

    So in a Mixed or Dominant Zone in, say, Northern Ireland, which Axioms are in effect for Stormers? Can a Core Earth Stormer use an M16 in Northern Ireland without creating a contradiction, because Core Earth axioms are still in effect? Could that same CE Stormer use an Aylish magical item and only create a 1-case contradiction, not a 4-case? The TORG books are filled with illustrations of dwarves and Edeinos using Uzis and such, but in "real" play, that would be pretty dicey- players would continually be creating contradictions.
  4. contacting admins about problems

    Hey Guys, thank you very much for getting the admin tech stuff sorted out. I've been waiting a couple of months now to join the forum. And a big thanks to Kansas Jim!
  5. Is there a good timeline I can follow for placing the Relics of Power Trilogy into the Infiniverse?