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  1. Hi there, I'm planning to GM a number of D6 one-shots on roll20, more details can be found here. My basic goals: I want to test the roll20 web-based app to see if it a viable option for tabletop gaming. I want to test a custom OpenD6 game with other groups to help iron out any potential issues, so it would be helpful to have some experienced D6 role-players who can provide some mechanics-related feedback. What I am looking for: I would like interested players to have fondness for a narrative, character-driven style of play. I would like players who are friendly, mature, but like having fun. Players will choose from 6 pre-made characters, which you are free to put your own spin on. Parties will consist of 3 players (for game pace reasons) but more than one run-through is an option if interest is high. End Goal: Refine a system for a project I am passionate about. Use this process to find a group of 4 players and then run an ongoing, regular campaign in the future. Thanks for reading
  2. Typically in a heavy role playing environment balance between player characters isn't necessary at all, however for the sake of allowing each character a chance to shine during the game the difficulty I have currently is finding a way of putting equal emphasis on all governing attributes so that, for example, heavy "Knowledge" characters still feel somewhat useful. Perhaps this all boils down to GM style, because what I have found so far in my GMs method of running a Star Wars D6 game is that there seems to be a heavier reliance on the Strength and Agility attribute. This is partly because he comes from a D&D/Pathfinder background where campaigns are more combat orientated. How would you, as a GM or designer of your own open-D6 mod, deal with these issues? - What do you do during the game to ensure all attribute and skill options are useful? - Do you use custom rules to give other attributes a bit of a buff? Currently in my mod-ed D6-post-apoc setting I have (you can probably guess the IP i've set it in if you're a geek): Strength Passive - Roll to resist damage done by weapon against you Use - Increases damage when fighting with a melee weapon or unarmed. (half the D rounded down) Perception Passive: Instinctual roll to see if you notice something you are not immediately aware of. Use: Rolling for initiative order in combat Education - Passive: Alters the time needed to study\learn skills from a trainer\book for technical skills that require training\study to increase - Use: Spending a doubling of time to perform actions for +1D to a max of your Education Attribute. (3D = x3 time for +2D) Charisma - Passive: Initial NPC attitude (lower charisma characters are likely to be ignored outright and higher charisma characters may not get attacked immediately or get better service at shops) - Intentionally or unintentionally getting the attention of someone/people in the vacinity Ingenuity - Ability to guess the function of a mechanical construct - Ability to repair mundane items not covered by skills (covers plumbing, locks, clothing, building, etc) Use: Roll to repair (highest difficulty will be hard - 20) Agility - Balancing and general coordination skills Use: Roll to catch an object in the air Use: Roll to maintain footing Passive: Apposing roll against an enemies perception to see if character can make a reaction action before the enemies action comes into effect (duck behind cover, run out of sight) - This basically allows the character to perform a reactive action just before the enemies action. This replaces the reaction/dodge mechanism that in some games I found a little broken. What is happening is that some characters have a huge dodge skill and would just stand in the open and dodge constantly. This slight change I think would make initial positioning in combat a little more important and careless positioning a little more dangerous (which means characters hopefully will have to think more). Both characters declare their action/reactive action and then their apposing rolls are made, and then the declared actions are resolved in that order. Using a reactive action overrides your next action, but you are considered in cover/dodging until your next action. What are some of your ideas?
  3. Dromed


    I'd be interested to read your new take on cybernetics, as I tend to agree with you regarding the current D6 space rules. I haven't quite found an alternative myself in my games yet. Looks good so far!
  4. I realize this thread is old, but I've just started RPing in D6 about 3 months ago and just found this forum. I'm wondering how the above wound level modification has been if you have been play testing it. The reason I ask is because I want to do something similar to my own mod for a post-apoc setting. It seems a little powerful to me though, as a character with high STR already has the benefit of rolling more dice when resisting damage. Have you found standard resistance to not be enough? It just seems to me like I would probably go straight for a high STR at character creation, as you may never die. Even when a high STR character fails to resist all the damage, they still have a higher would level hierarchy also. I can see the benefit of it being modified for powerful monsterous NPCs that all the players are fighting against, 4 against 1 for example. Maybe the wound levels can get larger if the character/npc is a larger scale.
  5. Hi everyone. I'm not sure how active this forum is but I'll be glad to be involved. I recently started roleplaying using the D6 system about 3 months ago with the star wars 2nd edition book. Being mostly a d&d and pathfinder roleplayer I found the simplicity of the D6 system very refreshing. I prefer the exclusions of classes, as it gives participants flexibility and the focus on roleplaying and storytelling suits my style of gaming. Recently I've been working on a homebrew mod of D6 for a setting I'm creating as it is shortly going to be my round to DM. I'm looking forward to gaining some insights and ideas and possibly sharing my own.
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